Why the Canadian Left need to confront and denounce #ANTIFA



Twice in the last two years the so called ANTIFA or Anti-facsist group in Canada has put on recruiting drives for the right wing. Displays of violence that have caused people in the center and soft left to rethink their positions. They have almost destroyed the once strong and vibrant street protests in Québec in a very deliberate and planned out strategy to enforce their dogma on social movements across the board. I didn’t read this in an article I know it because I have occupied the same space on the street with the ANTIFA. I was with Concordia University TV and covered the 2012 Québec student strike and many other social movements Live on the street. I was doing that because I’m a lifelong “Lefty” so this criticism does not come from the Right but from a lifelong NDP voter.

screen shot 2019-01-27 at 8.37.07 pmI know who ANTIFA are and what they believe. They are almost exclusively white middle class college kids who’s parents paid for them to be fed the poisonous Identity doctrines that have swamped our Universities for a decade. These doctrines extol them to violence classing some opinions, and indeed some skin colors as inherently violent and repressive. They believe that the way forward lies in violence and the complete dissolution of society.   I watched as their attempt to rebrand Neo-Marxist theory completely decimated the protest movement in Montréal to a point where only the merest whisper of resistance was offered as the G-20 dined in Quebec city last summer.

The images you will see are from an earlier Montréal ANTIFA “anti racist” demo in Québec city 20 August 2016. Most regular protesters who wanted to go where directed to buses arranged by the ANTIFA.

screen shot 2019-01-27 at 6.38.29 pm
An elderly man after having his head slammed into a concrete abutment by the Montréal ANTIFA

They checked peoples social media as they arrived by making them turn over their phones before even

Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 6.43.49 PM.png
Montréal ANTIFA Aug 20th 2016

allowing people on the buses. These buses were boarded by masked males who demanded to know if anyone was media.  Most of the people taking the buses were social activists protesting in favor of immigration and had no idea of who their chauffeurs were and what they planned. What happened that day is shown in the video below. Several people were assaulted randomly, one senior being seriously hurt. Many more were threatened or sprayed with water guns filled with paint and urine.






Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 7.25.52 PM.png
After the Montréal ANTIFA’s violent demonstration in Quebec the right wing group they were protesting gained 1000 members in 20 hours.


“As anarchists, we initiated attacks in this space because we’re not struggling for less murderous police, but for the destruction of all forms of policing. When the police kill someone, sexually assault someone, imprison someone, we believe in vengeance, but we don’t want to stop there. By opening up space and time in the streets through attacking the police, people create the conditions to destroy other components of the material infrastructure of colonial society. We believe this is an important step to nurture the relations of care, trust, and reciprocity that are essential to any rupture with the colonial, capitalist, and patriarchal control of life. In the particular setting of this demo, we acted to open the possibility of complicity with Indigenous people who see the inherently colonial institutions of Canadian policing, in their entirety, as enemies. While aware that some Anishinabe participants were calling for a peaceful protest, we hope that others recognized us as possible future accomplices.”

Statement on “Montréal counter-info the Montréal ANTIFA website

This incident is greatly responsible for the lack of protest at the G-20 and contributed without doubt to the election of the most right wing government in Québec in 50 years.


Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 6.18.04 PM.png
ANTIFA thugs threatening Independent media in Montréal

They brand themselves as antifascist and gorge themselves on revolutionary “Gender theory” They label all who disagree with them as fascists and thus open to violent attack. And they have repeatedly employed violence against peaceful protestors. Constant, seemingly sanctioned, calls to violence on social media. They have been  sanctioned by the Canadian Left and Canadian Media who choose to ignore their nihilistic calls to violence in favor of the perceived winning of “woke ” points in the new church of intersection. I cannot stress the danger of this enough. They are branding all progressive movements with their violence. They are forcing people to polarized positions which is true to the roots of Marxist revolutionary theory.  Spoiler alert Marxism has not worked out well in any society that has tried it. This has resulted again and again in the rise of right wing populists in the US, Ontario, and Québec.

Whatever you think of the Yellow Vest movement the display of thuggery put on in Hamilton against peaceful protesters will enlarge it. On no planet in this solar system does this help soften attitudes toward immigration or any other social issue. It does show that the so called “progressive” Left in this country has lost its way. It has traded dialogue for violence and pejorative labels. Social media mobbing has replaced constructive engagement as the hallmark of “Progressive” politics. We are guaranteeing a huge swing to the right by doing so. The recent fiasco in the United States involving hat wearing students and a pathological liar, which many continue to back, should serve as clear warning where the dogma of Butler, Macintosh, and Chrenshaw actually lead. They have lead us to have to deny truth in favor of dogma, to celebrate violent attack on fellow citizens who disagree with us. These doctrines must be ripped out of our politics and the ANTIFA must be confronted and decried for the worthless thugs they are by the Progressive left or we face sure and utter defeat politically and socially. If you actually care about progressive social causes more that you do winning woke points then we must denounce them and push them and their supporters out of social movements.




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