William Ray
I’m the one with the green helmet band and shitty mustache


I am a ten year veteran of the Canadian Forces. I was with the 2nd Battalion PPCLI in Croatia in 1993 when they where awarded both the Governor General of Canada’s unit commendation and the United Nations Secretary Generals citation for halting ethnic cleansing in the Medak area.
I started as a Journalist with community radio and writing articles. In 2009 I began working with CUTV Montreal. During the student strikes and subsequent social unrest I helped manage the Livestream ground teams. I am also a co-founder of 99media.org and the founder of 3RTV, both citizen media groups. I also collaborated with Michelle Moore on the documentary film Déception Durable which was selected for the 2014 Montréal International Film Festival, and Films That Matter in Calgary on resource extraction in Quebec. I am a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists. 

Arrested while managing the CUTV livestream team at the Anti-police brutality march 15,2013
Slugging it out for the story. Me at the Palais Congres Montréal Plan Nord meeting 2012
My youtube   


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  1. Hi I read your article on Quebec City, thanks. I have been feeling similarly. I have been involved in organizing and social movements for more than 40 years. I believe we have to build a movement of the vaste majority and the tactics of the Bloc and their friends make sure that will never happen. You can contact me at my email below for further discussion Eric

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