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Drones israéliens faits au Québec & payés par les contribuables Québecois

Les optique pour les drones utilisés dans israélien optique pour les drones utilisés dans israélien Apartheid dans les territoires occupés payés par le contribuable Québec.
Aeronautics est le 5e plus grand fournisseur d’armes en Israel. Ils subventionnent la recherche en télémétrie et en optique de la plupart des universités Québécoises en vue d’utiliser cettte technologie pour continuer l’oppression du peuple Palestinien et leur politique étrangère agressive. dans les territoires occupés payés par le contribuable québec
Aeronautics est le 5e plus grand fournisseur d’armes en Israel. Ils subventionnent la recherche en télémétrie et en optique de la plupart des universités Québécoises en vue d’utiliser cettte technologie pour continuer l’oppression du peuple Palestinien et leur politique étrangère agressive.

Human Rights Watch accuses Canadian trained Kurd forces of Ethnic cleansing

The Human Rights watch Report, “Marked with an X”

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 6.37.53 PM.png
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Canadians need to know

very clearly that we  stepped  much farther into this fight with Prime minister Trudeau’s 2016 shift. The consequences of which could be nothing short of cataclysmic. From the continued Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.29.26 AMhorrendous suffering of the Syrian people, which is seeing bodies of whole families washing up on European shores, to the possibility of igniting a huge regional conflict if the Kurdish forces we are training and equipping claim their homeland by forcibly cutting off pieces of Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq,. The possibility of sparking a clash between NATO and the Russian Federation, or with Iran is not impossible. I was a Canadian soldier for ten years. Training whole units for combat operations ,of necessity, involves leading them in battle. General Vance Chief of the Defense Staff warned as much at the Liberal press briefing ,

new-defence-chief-20150717“We want Canadians to know that we will be involved in engagements as we defend ourselves and those partners who we are working with,” Gen. Vance later told reporters. “You put more people on the ground in a dangerous place, it is riskier over all.”  General Vance Chief of Defense Staff , February 8th, 2016

That’s what Mr Trudeau means when he says “advise and assist”. Witness also the recent assertion by  Maj.-Gen. Charles Lamarre, director strategic joint staff, that Canadian advisers played a vital leadership role in defending then retaking ground near Mosul on December 16th of 2015. In plain English that means putting Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.34.17 AMrounds down range for Canadian special forces, it means Canadian soldiers personally leading platoon sized units into the fire of the enemy. As evidence of  ramping up of their operations the CF deployed of 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron  specialist Griffon helicopters. The highly aggressive troops of the JTF2 are on the offensive. The fact is we are excellent at this task, far more skilled than our American cousins, and that is why the Obama administration and the US pentagon welcomed Canada’s new mission.

If Canada is to pursue an independent foreign policy then the issues raised here should be talking points on our evening news. As it is the military and government are left to pursue their policies in the dark with little to no input from Canadians and perhaps little comprehension of the possible outcomes

Rex Tillerson father of Iraqi Kurdistan?

tillersonIn 2011 with Iraq headed toward chaos under the hardline Shia regime of Nouri al-Maliki Exxon mobile executive Rex Tillerson went looking in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish Regional Authority for new concessions. In 2011 after secret negotiations a deal was signed giving concessions to Exxon many n the so called disputed area that lies outside the boundary of screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-6-22-17-pmthe current Kurdish Regional Government area. This was viewed in Baghdad as solidifying the Kurd’s claim on the area and they are the same areas that Human Rights Watch claims of ethnic cleansing  is taking place. With Rex Tillerson now becoming U.S. Secretary of State. It is likely that the Kurdish claims may now have American backing.


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A letter to my American cousins

Cover Photo; Cori Marshall.

The experts say that the best time to intervene and help a family member become a better person is when they are in existential crisis. I consider Americans to be my cousins since my paternal grandfather Walter Ray came from Oklahoma to homestead in Alberta. So in that spirit here it goes.

Firstly though, I’d like to ask a quick favor. I ask politely because I’m Canadian after all. Can you please officially stop referring to your Presidents as “The leader of the free world”? I’m afraid to tell you that none of us has ever viewed your presidents as our leaders. But to refer to Mr. “grab em by the pussy” Trump in this way is so ridiculous even you must see it. And FYI we probably wont accept any of you moving here, most especially Lena Dunham. Thx so much.

It has been confusing to watch your spectacular reaction to the election of Donald J. Trump. Spectacular, because terror is not at all hyperbolic in describing the reaction of much of your population, the part notably that considers itself progressive and perhaps the 41.6% of you that didn’t vote. trump-protestFrom the apocalyptic countenances of newscasters and late night hosts, to the nightly protests apparently rallying against the results of your fellow citizens democratic will. Meanwhile Michael Moore seems to be screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-1-41-47-pmcalling for some sort of revolution to prevent Trump, the legally elected president, from taking office.

Confusing, because all of the things you seem so frightened that Donald Trump will do already are. I don’t think its Donald Trump himself that is causing your  massive existential crisis. It is I think because in him you catch an uncomfortable glimpse of yourselves. Like Dorian Grey you have finally been forced to stare into your own portrait. A likeness that illuminates in brutal detail the mortal sins that you have hidden from yourselves for so long. Donald J. Trump serves as the most accurate portrait of what America is and has always been. Like the mythical cousin who is gifted and capable of incredible things but hobbled until now by their inability to control elements of their basic makeup that are narcissistic, deceitful and violent. And you are as a group capable of some amazing heights. The heights of your science and arts are as bright as the sun but your dark side is more than enough to extinguish all the stars in the heavens.

The portrait in front of you has been painted with the blood of millions whose lives your nation state has destroyed since its violent, much storied birth. By many us-agressionestimates as many as 20 million lives since the the end of the second world war. But take heart, for in self-knowledge lies real change you can believe in, not just its rhetorical echo. You have just shown that you can elect anyone you want to control your government. So keep hope in the fact that if you take this opportunity to face some very bitter facts perhaps four years from now you can put someone truly visionary in that office. Someone who understands the interconnections of us all, and the immorality of war as a means of national policy. Someone who will create a society for you that puts the wealth of your nation in the service of its people rather than the 1% and your arms industry. Indeed, you have just proven that you as a people have the power to take your destiny back from the false Pepsi/Coke dichotomy of your recent politics. In short, you have the ability to create something so much greater than the fictitious construct you currently view yourselves and the world through.

You seem to be afraid that Donald Trump will make America more violent and less tolerant. Yet you presently live in a country where in large parts anyopen-carry-tools-292x300  basement-dwelling, mad-at -the-world teenager can open-carry a loaded assault rifle into a family restaurant. The only way the management of the restaurant could refuse this individual service is if he were gay and it conflicted with their religious beliefs.

You are afraid Donald Trump would make America less egalitarian. It never was. You were taught, mostly by fanciful Hollywood myths not your third-world education system, that America’s founding fathers created a utopian society after casting off their British overlords. In reality,they were a group of wealthy landowners and merchants. They utilized indentured servants, poor whites paying off their passage from Europe with years of serfdom, and slaves brought in chains from Africa to grow their wealth. Your founding fathers were aristocrats who simply wanted to keep getting rich without paying the British crown for the privilege.  “No taxation without representation” has more in common with Donald Trump’s calling for massive tax cuts for rich individuals and corporations than it ever did with a popular grassroots movement. After your revolution the only people considered citizens and therefore granted the right to vote were white, landowning, men. Your founding fathers would have been on the same page as Donald Trump pretty much.

“The way to make money is when blood is running in the streets.” J.D. Rockerfeller
  They were abusive  capitalists living in a world apart from their fellow citizens. Engaged in the business of the day agriculture and textiles. They ruthlessly exploited their laborers  to the point of provoking  Shays Rebellion and other uprisings. Later responses by your ruling political class to a desire by you, the citizen, for a bigger share include the Ludlow massacre.


Which leads us to the well documented fact that your entire nation was built on the backs of black slaves that you treated worse than animals This was absolutely acceptable to you at the time. You truly believed in your moral superiority and a special destiny that placed you above other inferior  races. You fought a long bloody civil war at least partly over slavery. But despite any progress you have made on this issue. Mostly through the incredible bravery of African Americans themselves. This is still obviously true for many of you today.

 Yet you still seem afraid that it is Trump who will ruthlessly persecute minorities. Odd. In truth  as your history progressed into the era you fondly refer to as the “old west” your story took a decidedly genocidal turn. The indigenous population that helped you the strange pale strangers survive their first few winters in North America. The Natives who taught you the type of warfare that would win your independence and fought beside you against the British.  You supposedly just  genocideremembered some of this on Thanksgiving. What you fail to remember is that your repayment was inhuman in its ferocity.  In settling the “empty’ west some estimate that over 80% of the indigenous population died, some 40 million humans. This is notstanding-rock simply part of your past as the militarized response to Native Americans at standing rock clearly shows.

 The genocide of the Native peoples of North America is unparalleled in human history but being an industrious bunch you also managed to occupy and seize most of Texas , and California from  Mexico after provoking war with Spain. You invaded Mexico twice afterward in 1914 and 1916 at the behest of American Oil interests.  You cringe at Trumps wall but there has long been a series of barriers along the Rio Grande. Many armed US citizens rove this imposed border  threatening to shoot those coming across. All of this is normal to you. You and your nation have always tried to keep Mexicans fleeing economic problems in large part caused caused by repeated American intervention from entering territory that was theirs to begin with. And now to that we can add the humiliation of their currency dropping 12% in one afternoon because of  Trump’s apparently rhetorical statements.

This is a good place to stop and discuss your fear of Trump’s effect on your “free press”. Firstly your mainstream media is in no way unbiased or “free”. Your media has always been owned by a small number of people who used it to advance their interests.  Though he never uttered the famous quote “just give me the pictures and ill give you a war.” Randolph Hearst, who virtually owned US media at the time used his press empire to push media-2for the Spanish American war through the Cuban ruse. This pattern remains to this day. Your media is owned by a very small number individuals and is still capable of sending you to war on false pretenses as any of your thousands of maimed perhaps homeless Iraqi vets can confirm.

Let us my wayward relative now proceed into the 20th century where you seem to believe you have been such a force for good . You started the century forcing your good on the Philippines. Your largess was best summed up by General Bell of the US Army who marked  Christmas  1901 with this cheerful message.

Philippines Massacred by US Army

“All able bodied men will be killed or captured. … These people need a thrashing to teach them some good common sense; and they should have it for the good of all concerned.”.

You news is full of Trump’s conflicts of interest. You seem afraid  that he will use the power of your nation to advance corporate interests. Much of your fabled American wealth was built by your corporations brutally exploiting peoples from China to Cuba and Africa backed by your foreign service, intelligence agencies, and military. The 1800’s were spent asserting your Monroe Doctrine’s claim to the riches of South America and the world.  One of your US Marine Generals of the era put it quite accurately;


Your media’s condemnation of Fidel Castro as a dictator and in some cases celebration of his death has been striking this week.  They mysteriously fail to mention that he came to power to rid Cuba of generations of domination by American corporations and gangsters. You brutalized Cuba’s people and left them starving peasants on their own land. Many of Fidel’s most repressive edicts were directly caused by the U.S.’s immediate and prolonged efforts to topple his government and return his people to servitude.. Thesescreen-shot-2016-12-02-at-1-12-45-pm efforts include sabotage, the Bay of Pigs invasion, and countless attempts to kill Castro himself. In relation to Cuba you should have a good look at “Operation Northwoods“.  As you read about the lengths your government and military where willing to go to justify a US invasion of Cuba keep your more recent history in mind.

To get a grasp on the modern era you need to stop watching “Saving private Ryan” and look into the links between some of your largest corporations Ford, IBM and the rise of Nazi Germany. Look into the fact that future U.S. senator Prescott Bush had his business ibmthe  Union Bank of New York seized under the trading with the enemy act for financing Fritz Thyssen the man who put Hitler in power.  You need to ask why Gen. Butler quoted above above was approached by some of your richest industrialists to form an army to take power in the United States in the 1930’s. You need to ask questions about what the effect of thousands of ex Nazi officers filling the ranks of your newly minted CIA and many other branches of your government after the war had on your governance.  When your leaders say you need to fear Iran you should  research operation “Ajax“. None of this is sweaty basement conspiracy theory there are academic papers on all of it. Finally you need to look up the definition of fascism and then compare it to a realistic view of your political system. There are some similarities you may find disturbing.

I wont bother belaboring the actions you have all been alive for, and at the end of the day did nothing to stop.The attack on Libya resulting in the dystopian wasteland it is today. The brutal, illegal and unnecessary invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. The latter of which led directly to an age of ISIS beheading videos. You need to care less about about the marriage of Brad and Angelina and more about role your National Endowment for Democracy played in the Arab spring that led to the war in Syria.

You are not the good guy. You never have been. It is you, not Iran or Russia that is the major threat to the peace of the world. At home you, the American citizen, throughout U.S history have suffered greatly and continuously from poverty, sickness, lack of education, lack of real social mobility. Lets face it despite the myths most rich people get there like Trump, they inherit it. You lack the most basic social programs, healthcare, childcare and many more that are taken for granted in all the other industrially developed countries of the world that you continuously profess to lead. All while outspending the rest of the world combined on arms as well as spending 1,728,125,548073* just in the last 15 years on foreign wars. The power to make a better destiny for yourselves and your children is obviously in your hands. For the first time in your history, take it and show the world not what you are, but what you can be.

*that number grows by 8.36 million every hour of every day. National Priorities Project

Turkish coup, A well planned job possibly with ties to US intelligence.

The last few Hours have seen a stunning coup in Turkey. This wasn’t a surprise to everyone this was expertly planned and executed. The chief of staff is under arrest and internet and phones have been cut.  President Erdogan is in hiding and martial law has been declared all within a scant few hours.

The amount of planning an operation like this would take under the noses of their own Government and NATO allies is staggering but it is obvious that it was backed throughout the military from its resourcing  and It also isn’t outside the realm of possibility that Erdogan’s dreams of a return to Ottoman greatness, or his recent  rapprochement with Russia, have displeased some in the western power elite so that this incredibly well oiled coup may not be completely homegrown. It is worth noting that Fethullah Gülen the prime suspect behind the coup lives in self imposed exile in the United States. Many have reported that he has strong links to American Central Intelligence. Nuri Gundes a former high ranking Turkish intelligence officer has made this claim repeatedly. If true it is reminiscent of Libya’s Khalifa Haftar, an ex CIA asset who helped turn Libya into the paradise it is today

What this means for Turkey’s ongoing struggle with the Kurds and its role in Syria and NATO remains to be seen. Canadian troops are currently training the Kurdish forces in Iraq in the fight against ISIS. This is seen as a grave threat by many in the Turkish military as the Kurds claimed homeland would cut a large chunk out of southern Turkey.

for more read


Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 8.23.42 AM
Canadian Forces Still in Combat.but for Whom?



Stay tuned






Canadian Forces still in combat, but for whom?

Finally almost 6 months after the election the Liberal government has announced its policy on Canada’s role in the growing maelstrom in the middle east. While there was talk Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.17.59 AMof “capacity building” and a commitment to humanitarian aid, the military part of Mr Trudeau’s earnest sounding speech speech is completely disingenuous.  The fact of the matter is “equipping, advising and assisting” is a combat mission.

Canadians need to understand very clearly that we are stepping farther into this fight, the consequences of which could be nothing short of cataclysmic. From the continued Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.29.26 AMhorrendous suffering of the Syrian people, which is seeing bodies of whole families washing up on European shores, to the possibility of igniting a huge regional conflict if the Kurdish forces we are training and equipping claim their homeland by forcibly cutting off pieces of Turkey, Iran Syria and Iraq,. The possibility of sparking a clash between NATO and the Russian Federation, highlighted by Turkeys shooting down of a Russian jet should be of massive concern to any sane human. At huge risk also is Canada’s basic sovereignty in military and Foreign policy.


I was a Canadian soldier for ten years. Training whole units for combat operations of necessity involves leading and assisting them in battle. General Vance Chief of the Defense Staff warned as much at the Liberal press briefing ,

new-defence-chief-20150717“We want Canadians to know that we will be involved in engagements as we defend ourselves and those partners who we are working with,” Gen. Vance later told reporters. “You put more people on the ground in a dangerous place, it is riskier over all.”  General Vance Chief of Defense Staff , February 8th, 2016

Sgt Dorian pictured above was killed on the front line in Iraq last year.  He was killed by mistake, apparently by the very Kurdish troops he was leading. The fact he and his unit were working on the front line during an engagement should be instructive to Canadian’s about what Mr Trudeau means when he says “advise and assist”. Witness also the recent assertion by  Maj.-Gen. Charles Lamarre, director strategic joint staff, that Canadian advisers played a vital leadership role in defending then retaking ground near Mosul on December 16th of last year. In plain English that means putting Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.34.17 AMrounds down range for Canadian special forces, it means Canadian soldiers personally leading platoon sized units into the fire of the enemy. There is evidence of the immediate ramping up of their operations as the CF announced this week the deployment from 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron of additional specialist Griffon helicopters. The highly aggressive troops of the JTF2 are preparing to go on the offensive. The fact is we are excellent at this task, far more skilled than our American cousins, and that is why the Obama administration and the US pentagon have welcomed Canada’s new mission.

JTF2 will mostly be involved, as they have been, in training and leading the Kurdish Peshmerga forces. This is of huge concern. The Kurds have been fighting since the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 divided their Territory between the new Turkish State,  Iran, and the Sykes-Picot creations, Iraq and Syria. The area they claim as their homeland involves territory of all these countries. Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.05.02 AMThe Kurds have been fighting Turkey for autonomy since 1974 with a campaign of insurgent attacks. This has now resulted in the insane situation; NATO member Turkey, bombing both ISIS and Kurdish positions since this last November. Iran has grave concerns for the rise of Kurdish separatism even though in the fight against Sunni ISIS they are allies for now. Given the murkiness of Kurdish internal politics it is hard to predict the eventual outcome. This hasn’t stopped us from creating within the Kurdish movements a military capacity they have never had, and we continue to arm them to the teeth. Turkey is now threatening a land invasion of the area around Aleppo, Syria as it is attacked by forces loyal to Assad backed by Russian air power and likely Russia’s “Spetznaz” special forces doing the exact same job our troops are doing with the Peshmerga. This could result in Turkish and Russian troops trading fire.  These potential cataclysms aren’t even on the radar of most Canadians and from the evidence their government isn’t very aware either.

This new mission will involve Canada’s Joint Task Force 2 in its largest operations since Afghanistan. This highly secretive unit has been operating all over the world since its inception in the early 90’s with little to no oversight of its operations. jtf2ig-roi2ri-05-en-medThere has been a huge increase in the size and budgets of Canada’s special forces in the last 10 years. In 2006 the Canadian Special Operations Regiment was created increasing the numbers of special forces tenfold. Its counter insurgency manual is a copy of American  doctrine, a doctrine that has left them losing every ground war since WW2. For ten years in Afghanistan JTF2 fought virtually under American command.  There are still many unanswered questions about that period from the military’s own “sandtrap” investigations never truly completed and so heavily classified as to hardly exist. The JTF2 have been all over Africa and South America. They were in Libya helping with Khaddafi’s bloody ouster that has left it a failed state. There is even talk of forming a permanent joint Canadian -American Task force.  This is the danger here for Canadians. The budgets and prestige of this new special forces industry depends on their participation in American led operations around the world of questionable legality, morality, and importance to Canada’s security. Since these highly specialized soldiers are the ones who advise the government behind closed doors it is likely they will push to continue this trend to the possible detriment of our real security.

It is hard to exaggerate the almost seamless integration at the senior levels of the two forces, reinforced by personal networks longstanding friendships. Indeed Canada’s generals and admirals tend to be more concerned with their relationships with their American counterparts than they are with their own politicians in Ottawa
“Canada in Kandahar, the unexpected war” p14,  Janet Gross Stein and Eugene Lang , Viking Canada 2007

Canadians should have some grave and fundamental concerns about the sovereignty over the whole of their own military. Starting with the ascension of Gen. Rick Hillier as Canada’s top officer in 2005, there has been a massive shift toward a level of joint training and matching operational capabilities with American Forces that borders on wholesale integration. General Hillier was a graduate of the US Army War College and did an exchange as 2nd in command of the US Army 3rd Corps in Texas,  General Walter Natynchuck who replaced him as Chief of Defense Staff  in 2008 had the same resume but Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.22.02 AMas 2nd in command of 3rd Corps was instrumental in planning that divisions entry into Iraq in 2003. General Walter Natynchuck then fired General Andrew Leslie as chief of the Army and replaced him with Maj.-Gen. Peter Devlin another US Army War College alumni who served with the 3rd corps in Iraq, he then commanded the misnamed Iraqi Multi-National Corps, almost wholly manned by American troops in 2007-2008. This corps is accused of war crimes by some in Iraq. It seems that close association with American forces is becoming a prerequisite for command in Canada. Not a good sign.

The shiny new Liberal Defense Minister,Harjit Singh Sajjan, did his second tour in Afghanistan as an aid to US general  James L. Terry deputy commander of US forces in Afghanistan. It is interesting to note that both LCol. Sajjan and General Andrew Leslie, a man who was highly decorated in Bosnia and Afghanistan at a much higher command level, and was commander of the Canadian Army, were both elected as Liberals in October. But it was Sajjan who became Minister of Defense leaving Leslie as Party Whip. This might be the second time Leslie lost out for his lack of American connections even though his pedigree is stunning. His father commanded the Canadian Artillery in Korea. One of his grandfathers was the famous General Andrew McNaughton, Canada’s best general in WW1 and the man who led the Canadian forces in WW2, his other grandfather was Brooke Claxton, Canada’s longest serving Defense Minister, both of whom fought on Vimy ridge. Perhaps Leslie’s loyalties lie too far north for some.

Interviewing Canadian military commentator Scott Taylor a few years ago he said to me “The Americans would like nothing better than for us to be a military adjunct to their forces…we are interoperable .. we even share common cultural references like “Family Guy”, and we are far far more skilled at small unit tactics.  General Roméo Dallaire agreed with him that inter-operability with the US was Canada’s new overarching priority.



So at present we are supporting both sides in a brutal civil war, training some rebel groups and bombing others. There is very credible evidence that ISIS exists as a direct result of US intervention in the region and was supported by the west, whether knowingly or not, in its early stages. The conflict in Syria could easily spiral out of control leading to a massive regional war over Kurdish autonomy or the beginning of a nightmare clash between NATO and Russia.

We need to immediately and aggressively start asking our government some much harder questions about the use of our Armed Forces around the world. We owe it to the men and women who serve, it is our duty as citizens. In these most dangerous of times we need to be a voice and a force for reason, to try and restore the peace of the world, not a “mercenary adjunct” of the U.S.

Read more about Canadian Military policy

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.22.57 PM


About the Author

   I am a ten year veteran of the Canadian Forces. I was with the 2nd Battalion PPCLI in Croatia in 1993 when they where awarded both the Governor General of Canada’s unit commendation and the United Nations Secretary Generals citation for halting ethnic cleansing in the Medak area. I started as a Journalist with community radio and writing articles. In 2009 I began working with CUTV Montreal. During the student strikes and subsequent social unrest I helped manage the Livestream ground teams. I am also a co-founder of and The founder of 3RTV, both citizen media groups. I also collaborated with Michelle Moore on the documentary film Déception Durable which was selected for the 2014 Montréal International Film Festival, and Films That Matter in Calgary on resource extraction in Quebec. I am a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists



The refugee drama is continuing with a Biblical migration from North East to Western Europe.

Written by Pavlica N.DobrivojeIMG_20150126_202311
From Novi Sad, Serbia


The waves of refugees breaking on the Serbian border have increased in last three days. On the 16th of September a large group of refugees tried to pass through border crossing Horgos 1 which is between Serbia and Hungary. The Hungarian government has sealed the border crossing with purpose for better controlling refugee’s. The  situation climaxed in early afternoon ,when clashes between riot police and refugees started.Police started using the tears gas and water cannons, Dozens of people were injured including  journalists and members of Serbian national TV team, even though they were identified as media. At another border crossing called Horgos 2  there were clashes of lower intensity. It is estimated there where more than 100 000 refugees passing through Serbia. As of yesterday,  17  September they headed to four border crossing which are between Serbia and Croatia.They journeyed through Serbia and places near the Hungarian border. It is estimated that there is about 8 000 refugees in early afternoon arrived in place Tovarnik on Croatian territory, Croatia is a member of the European Union. By late evening that number had grown up to 12 000 refugees. Croatian are overwhelmed by the huge numbers of people in short time. More than half the refugees were transported to large urban centers in the middle of Croatia . Another problem is a mine field between Serbia and Croatia which were not cleared after the Yugoslav wars of the 90’s. The refugees are crossing the border without that knowledge. Croatia has sent a team to help people who are crossing the fields. Many refugees upon finding no solutions for their accommodation  decide to go further into the EU countries, looking to get on the west on same way as the refugees passed in Hungary. There is a lot of  fear, refugees don’t trust European government’s after riot police in Hungary stopped them violently. In Croatia the plan is to refer them to Western Europe after the meeting of EU chiefs ,planed for the 23 of September in Brussels.  The E.U. has designated quotas for Croatia and other members of E.U. for disposal in longer period . They decided that Croatia has to provide for 3 000 refugees according to Serbian state TV. In the mean time Slovenia ,who is also member of E.U. and ex Yugoslavian republic has stopped the buses with 200 refugees at the border to Croatia. The situation is a serious problem for the E.U. states, but the refugees are strongly determined to get to Great Britain, Germany and to Scandinavian states. Most of them have relatives who are living there.That situation is not going  well,  the statement of Croatian Interior Minister Ranco Ostojic who said that Croatia will close all seven border crossings to Serbia, using the same method as Hungary to stop the waves of refugees. In response Serbian Minister of Labor, Veteran and Social Affairs warned that if Croatia does not close the border that Serbia will bring a case before the International Courts.  Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic said,

"If someone in Europe is thinking about safety and security, but also the survival of the continent it is time to finally say what will happen and what all E.U. Member's will do. He further stated that the "Serbian people are not selfish and will hold out as long as possible , as migrants who are forced to spend more time than planned and than it is normal". He further stated that "It is absurd that the highest standards of respect from a country which is not a member of the E.U. but member States that are out of control , and do not receive any advice , reprimand or instructions from Brussels. They are guilty for the situation.
Source Serbian State TV RTS 1.

Serbia has shouldered the largest burden of caring for the refugees. Given the recent history of the region wars ,destruction, and sanctions to Serbia,it is unfair and there is still  no support from the European Union. Serbia has massive unemployment and is hard pressed to afford care for its own citizens. Despite these facts Serbia daily gives 15 euros per refugee for the essentials during their accommodation. On other side some politicians  are speculating that Western Europe is looking for cheap manpower and that number of refugees does not exceed 0,11 precedent of total  E.U. population. Those politicians also  come from Western Europe.Does this signal a defeat of the E.U.foreign policy

There is disconnect at the top between EU member governments and the E.U itself.
The conclusion is that because of European disunity the burden will be shifted to smaller no-member states like Serbia. At the same time fear of terrorists infiltrating  grows.
European Union should be ashamed of its tepid response 
Written by Pavlica N.Dobrivoje

Dharavi slum tours and poverty tourism in India

Great Journalist . I had the privilege to work with Adam Bemma briefly at CUTV Montréal. The work he does in Africa is amazing.

Adam Bemma

At Mahim Junction in Mumbai, India interviewing two Canadian tourists on the Dharavi slum tour. At Mahim Junction in Mumbai, India interviewing two Canadian tourists on the Dharavi slum tour.

‘Slum tourism’ exists in many parts of the world and draws huge numbers of visitors, seeking to get a glimpse into the lives of the urban poor. But is it a modern version of a curiosity show or can it really help the community?

I put this story together while backpacking through India in early 2015.

This story aired on DW WorldLink June 12, 2015.

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The Social Struggle in Spain Mirrors Canada

To Vist the blog of  click here
To Vist the blog of Merry Wafwana Sociologue, vidéaste ckick here

Can Vies was an occupied community center in Sants, Barcelona. Open for more than 17 years and supported by the neighborhood, the occupiers were removed in May 2014. For one week, day and night, protesters took turns defending and supporting the people of the community center. Tremendous solidarity arose from the rubble to revive this symbol of local social life.

During these demonstrations, 84 people were arbitrarily detained by security forces. This video was made during the week of support to prisoners and includes the testimony of activists, mothers of the detained and supporters around the theme of “defence of neighborhood life.”

Today in Spain, police violence goes unpunished and largely tolerated by the judiciary. Those charged in the case are still not entitled to a fair trial/process. This video attempts to give voice to those who are silenced and demonstrates that neighborhood life, against all odds, remains a place of protest and solidarity initiatives.

This is a collaborative project: Mayu (directing, editing, shooting), Galimatias Palendromo (interviews) and myself (shooting and sound recording), event pictures: Benjamin Core.

about the author

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 5.11.52 PM

A sociologist by training, I directed my first film in 2013. scriptwriting 
After having long interested in film and the viewer's immersion process in the 
fictional world, I decided to become a writer and myself videographer.

Largely inspired by the visual sociology, I quite naturally directed towards social documentary. 
In Barcelona, ​​in the INTO INDUSTRY Otoxo productions of program I learned the basics of achievement, 
interview techniques, shooting and editing. It is attending the middle of the music I started making 
videos my account and use the name of Rytmico Productions. Gradually, I was given the opportunity to
 carry out promotional videos as well as fictional type of videos.

From the street to the stage, I try to stay as close to what seems true. If my work is particularly 
focused on performance art, today I am trying to develop a critical information component and become 
part of the voices against social injustice, for the common good.

Durant une semaine, les manifestants se sont relayés pour défendre et soutenir les habitants

Merry Wafwana

Sociologue, vidéaste


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à visiter le blog des Merry Wafwana clic
nous rejoindra bientôt à Montréal

Can Vies était un centre social occupé de Sants, Barcelone. Actif depuis plus de 17 ans et soutenu par le voisinage, il a été délogé en mai 2014. Durant une semaine, jour et nuit, les manifestants se sont relayés pour défendre et soutenir les habitants du CSO. Une formidable force solidaire a surgi des décombres pour faire renaître ce symbole de la vie sociale locale.

Lors de ces manifestations, 84 personnes ont été détenues arbitrairement par les forces de l’ordre. Cette vidéo a été réalisée lors de la semaine de soutien aux détenus, s’y mêlent les témoignages d’activistes, de mères de détenus et de sympathisants, autour du thème: « défense de la vie de quartier ».

Aujourd’hui, en Espagne , la violence policière reste impunie et largement tolérée par le pouvoir judiciaire. Les personnes inculpées dans cette affaire n’ont toujours pas droit à un procès juste et équitable. Cette vidéo tente de donner voix à ceux que l’on fait taire et démontre que la vie de quartier, envers et contre tout, reste un lieu de contestation et d’initiatives solidaires.

Ceci est un projet collaboratif :  Mayu ( réalisation,montage, prise de vue), Galimatias Palendromo (interviews) et moi-même (prise de vue et prise de son), images de manifestations: Benjamin Core.

About the Author

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 5.11.52 PMSociologue de formation, je me suis dirigée vers l’écriture de scénario en 2013.  Après m’être longuement intéressée au cinéma et au processus d’immersion du spectateur dans l’univers fictionnel, j’ai décidé de devenir moi-même auteure et vidéaste.

Largement inspirée par la sociologie visuelle, je me suis assez naturellement dirigée vers le documentaire social. A Barcelone, dans le cadre du programme INTO INDUSTRY de Otoxo productions, j’ai appris les bases de la réalisation, les techniques d’interview, de prise de vue ainsi que le montage. C’est en fréquentant le milieu de la musique que j’ai commencé à réaliser des vidéos à mon compte et à utiliser le nom de Rytmico Productions. Petit à petit, l’opportunité m’a été donnée de réaliser des vidéos promotionnelles ainsi que des vidéoclips de type fictionnel.

De la rue à la scène, je tente de rester au plus près de ce qui me semble vrai. Si mes travaux se concentrent particulièrement sur des performances artistiques, je tente aujourd’hui de développer un volet d’information critique et  faire partie des voix qui s’élèvent contre l’injustice sociale, pour le bien commun.


Ukraine and the new Great Game, prelude to Nightmare?

The crisis in Ukraine has the potential to lead to a direct military conflict between the Neo-conservative United States and Vladimir Putin’s resurgent Russia.

Azov Battalion soldiers supplied by shadowy foreign backers they have better equipment than the Ukraine regular army, notice the Danner hi-tech brand boots 400$ a piece

Tonight in the town of Debaltseve, in the Donbass region, 8000 Ukrainian soldiers and members of the fascist volunteer Azov battalion  have been surrounded and are in serious danger of being destroyed in place. If this happens it has the potential to involve a belligerent direct combat with Russian forces for the first time.

Video from fihgting Sunday 15,Feb. 2015 around Debaltseve. Some 14 hrs after a ceasefire was supposed to take effect.

We need to question why ethnic rights we defended in Kososvo don’t apply in Donbass.  In fact we in Canada should immediately insist that the Canadian Forces already deployed be withdrawn from supporting the quasi-legitimate Junta in Kiev and urge an immediate end to the conflict.Respect for the political wishes of Ukraine’s ethnic Russian minority, and the withdrawal of all North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Russian forces from Ukrainian territory. Or we may become enablers for a war that darkens the imagination.

It is a suitably Wagnerian setting. The burning Ukrainian city of Debaltseve normally home to some 27 000. It is currently refuge foScreen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.46.50 AMr around 7000 Ukrainian troops and 1000 Azov paramilitaies. Along with a good supply of Tanks armoured vehicles and heavy artillery.It is called by the separatists the “Debaltseve cauldron”  because they have it surrounded on three sides and they are about to close it . When this happens it will represent the loss of a significant portion of Ukraine’s combat power leaving it almost incapable of holding other large swaths of its territory. It could also provide a massive boast to the rebels supply of armour and artillery. The Ukraine forces could likely then loose control of Mariupol a strategic port city that would connect their breakaway republic to Vladimir Putins’ Crimea. The closing of this cauldron into a trap is a matter of Kilometers and a few hours from happening.

If it does happen what will N.A.T.O’s reaction be . It has already pre-positioned equipment for major forces like the US 3rd Stryker brigade in neighbouring Lithuania.

N.A.T.O has also stationed combat aircraft in border states. It is forward deploying  major formation headquarters elements to the edge of Russian borders.

click for video from Rebel media showing prisoners taken closing the "Debaltseve cauldron"
click for video from Rebel media showing prisoners taken closing the “Debaltseve cauldron”

The U.S. has used the supposed annexation of Crimea to paint Russia as the aggressor but Crimea has never really been anything but a Russian possession in the modern era. When they where both part of the Soviet empire Moscow transferred administrative control to Kiev its Soviet sister state. Crimea was annexed by Catherine the Great in 1783, and remained Russian territory except for brief periods where it was seized by the British in 1853-56 and the brief White Russian republic that was the last stand of Russian aristocracy and extinguished by the revolution. Its modern population was ethnically Russian, did not resist Russian forces, and seem very pleased with their new status. Russia knows this history even if western populations don’t.

By perceived necessity Russia has ratcheted up it defence readiness to hair-trigger preparedness and is deploying low trajectory nuclear missiles to defeat the European missile shield.  We were treated this summer to the apocalyptic junior high school spectacle of both sides holding huge military exercises to thump their chests at each other. According celebrated American Academic John Mershimer

“United States and its European allies share most of the responsibility for the crisis. The taproot of the trouble is NATO enlargement, the central element of a larger strategy to move Ukraine out of Russia’s orbit and integrate it into the West. At the same time, the EU’s expansion eastward and the West’s backing of the pro-democracy movement in Ukraine — beginning with the Orange Revolution in 2004 — were critical elements, too. Since the mid-1990s, Russian leaders have adamantly opposed NATO enlargement, and in recent years, they have made it clear that they would not stand by while their strategically important neighbor turned into a Western bastion. For Putin, the illegal overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected and pro-Russian president — which he rightly labeled a “coup” — was the final straw. He responded by taking Crimea, a peninsula he feared would host a NATO naval base, and working to destabilize Ukraine until it abandoned its efforts to join the West.”Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault.”By John J. Mearsheimer Forien Affairs oct 2014

The current crisis, was indeed made inevitable by the US drive for military and political dominance of eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1997, just 6 years after Ukraine became sovereign fully for the first time since its  inclusion in the Soviet Union post World War two. The Clinton white house forced Russia’s President Boris Yeltsin to sign off on N.A.T.O expansion eastward in return for week promises of no troop deployments. Yeltsin at the time acknowledged,


‘We stated and still state that Russia is against the expansion of NATO, but considering some historical and world realities, the menace of the expansion of the bloc to our country must be brought to a minimum or excluded altogether,”  Boris Yeltsin May 13, 1997

NATO’s push East in 1999 brought the  Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland into the western sphere. In 2004 despite repeated warnings by the Russians; it nato_0327coerced even more states through massive economic incentives. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, once actual parts of the Soviet Union some of which had never existed an anything but part of greater Russia. Bulgaria,Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia closed the wall around Russia. Some of these had been members of the Soviet Union, Russian controlled territory for generations before that. The Soviets, having suffered up to 30 million casualties in the Second World war, are a little sensitive about having perceived enemies on the borders of the Rodinia, their  Motherland. 

Russian military doctrine since World War two has is absolutely centered around fighting future wars on someone else’s territory. Every Russian general and politician accepts this as received truth, no force must ever be allowed to enter their borders again. General Nuclear war being a more acceptable alternative in their view

Civilian woman in Georgia 2008

This became abundantly clear in 2008. In May of that year NATO proposed membership for Ukraine and Georgia, saying publicly that their membership would become reality whether the Russian’s liked it or not. Fighter bombers of the Russian Federation where bombing Tbilisi airport and Russian troops poured across Georgia’s border by August. It is widely recognized that Georgia’s push for NATO membership was the spark. The Russians also made it very clear that Ukraine would have to remain neutral, non-aligned. They let it be known through diplomatic channels that any other course would lead to confrontation.

Unfortunately military integration is not the only card in Washington’s tool-bag. In 2004 Ukraine experienced its “Orange Revolution“. The western backed candidate Victor Yushchenko was defeated by Russia’s favourite Victor Yanukovych. Yushenko loudly and repeatedly accused Russian sponsored rigging of the vote.

The American, National Endowment for Democracy pre-packadged revolution machine then went to work and packed  Kiev’s “Maiden” square with demonstrators until they forced a runoff vote. After  untold millions where poured in to the campaign by the US government funded “Non Governmental Organisations” there was no shock when Yushenko and his western friendly Oligarchs won the recount. This was seen, correctly, by the Russians as a form of soft power “putsch”. Ukraine’s position as Russia’s gateway to Europe for its massive natural gas reserves made this a bitter pill. But like in 1997, Russia was not yet strong enough to push back, Vladimir Putin seethed and bided his time.

click to read about the N.E.D.
click to read about the N.E.D.

In the intervening years it became clear that the Ukraine’s “Orange” revolution was one of many “Colour Revolutions” pulled off by the National Endowment for Democracy. A Reagan era faux “NGO”, set up like USIAD and many others to do the work more traditionally done by American intelligence agencies, though staffed by alot of the same people. First director Allen Weinstein proudly trumpeted to the Washington Post in 1991, “A lot of what we do today was done covertly by the C.I.A. 25 years ago.” This Non Governmental Organization receives 95% of its funding direct from the US congress. Its first task was to be the propaganda arm of the CIA’s murderous Contras in Reagan’s illegal slaughter of villagers to defeat the democratically elected Sandinista government in Nicaragua.  N.E.D’s work in eastern Europe traces back to Serbia and its “OPTFOR” militants. Trained by the N.E.D, and since employed by them to train militant groups from,Georgia,Ukraine ,Belarus, Venezuela,(to try and oust Hugo Chaves) Lebanon, Iran,Egypt and Syria.

“By the time of the Milošević overthrow initiative in 2000, the State Department already had in place a ‘revolution template’,1 or what Beissinger (2006) calls a democracy ‘module’. The template began taking shape in the 1980s in Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria and became for the whole Eurasian region a non-militarist and cost-effective option for vanquishing left-wing and nationalist heads of state.” –Template Revolutions: Marketing U.S. Regime Change in Eastern Europe.Gerald Sussman and Sascha Krader Portland State University
“Nowhere was this phenomenon more apparent than inUkraine. American NGOs such as the Center for Non-Violent Resistance, Freedom House and the National Democratic Institute all played a role in financially supporting or training activists inUkraine, as they did in Serbia, Georgia and later Kyrgyzstan as well.The prominent role of youth groups such as Pora, based on their predecessors the Serbian OTPOR and Georgian Kmara groups, was vital in getting the pro-Western message onto the streets using media technology, publicity campaigns and catchy phrases and logos. Lastly the creation of a nationalist image on the part of Yushchenko and Tymoshenko emphasized the role of national identity in the election process”  The Orange Revolution: Identity Creation andthe Use of Nationalism in the Rise of Ukraine’s pro-Western AllianceMark TerameThe International Relations Journal,San Francisco State University:

In 2010 the 2004 result was reversed with Victor Yanukovych taking the helm in an election deemed free and fair by a robust international presence. Part of the reason for Yanukovych’s ascension was the fact that

Victor Yanukovych
Victor Yanukovych

closer ties to Russia looked much more appetizing to Ukraine’s people. After the great bank robbery of 2008 left the Eurozone on the verge of collapse with nothing to offer but massive austerity measures. And that is the direction he carefully proceeded in until matters came to a head in 2014 with the E.U. over rejection of integration triggering the “Maiden square ” protests. These groups like in 2004 were trained and funded by American “NGO’s”. Despite massive pressure on his government Yanukovych’s response remained mainly peaceful  until a seemingly staged shooting in February 2014 led to his ouster and the fall of the democratically elected government

[su_youtube url=”″ width=”280″ height=”220″][su_youtube url=”” width=”400″ height=”300″][/su_youtube][/su_youtube]

Its replacement by a distinctly Fascist clique of US proxy’s. The belief system of many of the Senior leadership of the wests handpicked Ukraine government would not be out of place in the third riech.This is viewed by the Kremlin as a not so soft power Coup d’etat.

[su_youtube url=”″ width=”100″ height=”50″][su_youtube url=”” width=”400″ height=”300″][/su_youtube][/su_youtube]

“People Power” was coined in 1986, when Washington decided Ferdinand Marcos had to go. But it was events in Iran in 1953 that set the template. Then, Anglo-American money stirred up anti-Mossadeq crowds to demand the restoration of the Shah. The New York Times’s correspondent trumpeted the victory of the people over communism, even though he had given $50,000 and the CIA-drafted text of the anti-Mossadeq declaration to the coup leaders himself.”The Ukraine street protests have followed a pattern of western orchestration set in the 80s. I know – I was a cold war bagman. Mark Aldman  The Guardian, Tuesday 7 December 2004

When we look at what is happening in Ukraine in the coming days and weeks we need to keep this recent history in mind. From a very legitimate Russian point of view the west has been creeping up to its borders for almost 20 years. N.A.T.O has demonstrated the will to attack Nation states, like Afghanistan, regardless of international law and very directly in service of corporate and energy interests.

We should also be very aware that no Russian leader will ever fight a war willingly on Russian soil again. They must in their view fight it pre-emptively in Europe. Vladimir Putin seems perfectly capable of carrying out this cornerstone of Russian strategic doctrine. If that wasn’t sobering enough Russian military doctrine regards Tactical Nuclear weapons as simply another weapon of war,and release authority is delegated to regional commanders some ranked as low as Colonel.  Our representatives at the N.A.T.O council tables need to immediately and loudly demand de-escalation. We should further leave the organization and encourage other states to do the same as it, by any rational standard, is the largest threat to the peace of the world.

We need to insist our leaders do this now. Make N.A.T.O membership an issue in the upcoming elections or we may face a very dark future.