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La liberté de la presse serait-elle menacée au Canada? une interview avec Michelle Moore

L’une des porte-parole des CJFE, Michelle Moore, a confié à Alice Chantal Tchandem qu’en mettant sur pied des organismes indépendants ayant un pouvoir de surveillance au même titre que les structures de renseignement et de sécurité nationale qui existent déjà dans le pays, le gouvernement Trudeau crée un grave problème :





Drones israéliens faits au Québec & payés par les contribuables Québecois

Les optique pour les drones utilisés dans israélien optique pour les drones utilisés dans israélien Apartheid dans les territoires occupés payés par le contribuable Québec.
Aeronautics est le 5e plus grand fournisseur d’armes en Israel. Ils subventionnent la recherche en télémétrie et en optique de la plupart des universités Québécoises en vue d’utiliser cettte technologie pour continuer l’oppression du peuple Palestinien et leur politique étrangère agressive. dans les territoires occupés payés par le contribuable québec
Aeronautics est le 5e plus grand fournisseur d’armes en Israel. Ils subventionnent la recherche en télémétrie et en optique de la plupart des universités Québécoises en vue d’utiliser cettte technologie pour continuer l’oppression du peuple Palestinien et leur politique étrangère agressive.

Montréal Journalist faces prison for covering a protest

cover photo Agence QMI

Authors’ note. In an earlier version of this story I mistakenly asserted Mr Marshall had been charged with unlawful confinement. He has actually been charged with “confining” the property not the people. I apologize for the error it is mine alone.

On the 3rd of May 2016, ironically international press freedom day, Cori Marshall a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists, member of the board of CUTV a university media outlet that has existed for 30 years and his colleague Ion Etxebarria  were arrested while covering a story. They have subsequently been charged with criminal mischief  section430(1) c) (4) b) , Forcible detainer section 73, Illegal protest section 66 of the criminal code of Canada. Mr Marshall and his colleague could face jail if convicted If this prosecution is successful it will be a body blow to press freedom in this country. 

Mr Marshall was filming an occupation of an office of Immigration Canada in Montréal . Mr Marshall was covering this event as a journalist. He is a member in good standing of the Canadian Association of Journalists. He did not plan the demonstration, he was not participating in the demonstration he was fulfilling the function of the Fifth estate covering a story of public interest. the following video was shot by Mr Marshall and streamed live to the web during the protest.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 1.39.35 AM

At 1:28 in the video Cori is forcibly taken outside. He is then releasedand allowed to keep filming The SPVM didn’t do this to any actual demonstrators just him at. After he is outside Cori goes to the west side of the building, he is followed by an SPVM officer who then tells him to go out from starting at 10:36 on the video. Cori’s partner inside heard the police inside ask , by name about Cori’s whereabouts and if he had been arrested yet( That gentleman’s testimony will follow tomorrow) Cori follows the policeman to the front where a section of police recieve’sa phone call and he was arrested, sequence starts at about 14:30 till the end of the video. Mr Marshall was an authorized member of CUTV news, a university backed org in existence for 30 years.  press badge and working to cover the event live. He complied with all police orders and did not participate in the demonstrators actions at all

Mr Marshall was at all times clearly marked as press, he is well known as a journalist by the SPVM. At no time did  he pose a threat to anyone,he certainly confined no one. He complied with police orders, he didn’t resist when without warning he was physically removed from the protest site inside the office. He continued to film outside at a respectful distance  until he was  arrested and thrown over the hood of a police vehicle. He was taken to a downtown police station and charged with criminal mischief. On June 23rd when he went to the court to receive his proforma he learned he was also being charged with Forcible Detainer,


This is not the Montréal polices first foray into press suppression. the report here contains numerous accounts of the brutal treatment of journalists in Québec . Journalists here, both mainstream and alternative have faced  everything from viscous assault to hours of Illegal confinement and spurious, unconstitutional charges.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 1.25.37 AM


In September I helped organize a sit down between Montreal police and independent Journalists in the city. The meeting involved senior commanders from the communications and interventions sections of the police. It was mediated by Tom Henniffer executive director of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression.  The meeting was difficult to arrange and was cancelled by Commander Ian Lafrenièr,  head of communications at the time for the SPVM, at the last minute because we where planning a press conference afterward. He expressed the opinion that speaking to the press about a meeting dealing with freedom of the press was a violation of our “agreement”. Nevertheless at this meeting Commander Ian Lafrenièr agreed to end the arbitrary arrest and assault of Journalists by the SPVM. We agreed to continue the policy we had always followed of never interfering with police operations, obeying within reason and whenever possible while still doing our jobs, lawful police orders.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 7.50.26 PM

Montreal police meet journalists to discuss ground rules for covering protests

Mr Cori Marshall followed police orders , he did not struggle even when frogmarched out the door and streaming live to the internet he has the video to prove it. And yet for the first time  Journalists face serious criminal charges for doing their job, for covering an event of public interest.  A further danger here is that the behavior seems to be part of a conscious effort to stifle the coverage of protests as part of a wider strategy to deny citizens the right to protest at all. For five years the police in Québec have used brutal tactics to suppress dissent. These have been for the most part absolutely peaceful demonstrations.

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This is a vital issue for any citizen who values their place and power in our society. We already suffer from media being controlled by a very few and our news being transformed into entertainment . Any real attempt at democracy requires an informed engaged public, a free and independent press is the guardian of this right to the realities of our governance it is absolutely vital if we wish to have a just society. But the only guardian of that free an independent press is the power of the citizen to ensure that legislators provide for and enforce its freedom to operate.  Both Cori Marshall and his colleague Ion Etxebarria were volunteering their time to live-stream this event because it is an issue in the public interest and in the interest of their community and they passionately believe that interest must be served. Now the public and the community need to be as passionate in their defense.

The Canadian Forces have been preparing to battle Pipeline protesters.

William Ray

Some Québec Environmentalists and activists reaction to the scenario, Featuring Ellen Gabriel, Greenpeace Canada, and Filmmaker Olivier Asselin.


From February 8th to March 6th this year Canadian Forces conducted exercise Réaction Royal 2016. This exercise involved the entire 2nd Division, all the regular and reserve force units in Québec. The government’s DND website states; “The goal of the exercise is to confirm the abilities of Joint Task Force East to plan and conduct joint, national and inter agency operations during a humanitarian crisis.”The real scenario is somewhat darker. According to Canadian Forces spokesman the exercise scenario began with the sinking of a large cruise ship off the north coast of Québec. As the Canadian Forces start to deploy to help with rescue and recovery it is discovered that the ship was sunk by “terrorists.” In the exercise just as this is being discovered, “cells of the same group start attacking bases in southern Québec (St Jean sur Richelieu and Bagotville),” according to forces spokespeople.  The problem here is that these fictional villains were not soldiers of the caliphate fighting for ISIS, according to Canadian Armed Forces spokespeople I interviewed, they were environmentalists.

This fictional battle against environmentalists was not just fought by the Canadian Forces. This was a “whole of government” response exercise involving the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service(CSIS), Communication Security Establishment Canada(CSEC, the NSA north), Royal Canadian Mounted Police,(RCMP), The Sûreté du Quebec(Québec provincial police) and the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal(SPVM).

Part of this fictional battle took place in cyber space with a fictional reservist leaking classified information on Facebook, and the use of social media to track down the cells of these fictional enviro-terrorists. To keep things exciting the cells of “environmental terrorists,” buzzed CF bases with drones and tried to infiltrate them by force. Canadian  Forces members dressed in civilian cloths  where used as crisis actors. As Quoted in “49 Nord,”

The scenario for Canadian Forces exercise Reaction Royale 2016
A radical ecological group, determined to undermine the credibility of the federal government and of the military by reducing their capability to maintain order, has started to conduct actions in the Arctic. Targeting mainly military installations as well as infrastructures critical to the province of Québec, the group could gather expansion in other provinces. Overwhelmed by a sinking in northern Quebec, the authorities asked the Canadian Armed Forces to intervene to support them and help in the humanitarian aid to the populations. Several cells are active in the south, in Greater Montreal and in the Sagueny


In the Reserve Force, we all have another job as a civilian. We bring support to law enforcement forces , so this is known territory to me, I don’t just act like I know what I’m doing. In my other job, I am the commander of the tactical intervention Group of the Montréal Police ».

Lieutenant-colonel David Shane, Commander of the 4th Battalion Royal 22e Regiment

Translated from French by Manon Levesque



The premise of the exercise scenario, that an environmental group would sink a large cruise liner is unlikely to say the least. Given that these large ships carry thousands of liters of various fuel oils and other chemicals, and with some of these ships carrying 5000+ passengers and crew the human toll would be unimaginable.  There is however some logical basis, albeit twisted, for this aspect of the scenario. The North West Passage  will for the first time be a cruiseroute for cruise ships as the fast disappearing arctic ice, caused by fossil fuel driven climate warming, allows freer passage. The Government has been concerned as we have little capability to intervene in the event of an actual nautical disaster at these latitudes. Ships transiting this route face many dangers from icebergs to unpredictable weather that have nothing to do with bomb happy environmentalists who would inexplicably cause an environmental disaster to avert one.

Canadian environmental groups have no history of violence against persons. The “violent acts” against property they have committed barely rise to the level of simple vandalism.   In fact the RCMP have more of a history of violent action against pipelines than environmental groups as seen in “Operation Kabriole”. So while it is an excellent idea for the Canadian Forces to practice deploying to assist with cruise ships in trouble in the Arctic the addition of the enviro-terrorist angle is disturbingly unjustified.

Lets move on to the “attacks by other cells on bases in the south.” The idea that environmental groups would attack Armed Forces bases is absolutely spurious. According to this scenario after creating an environmental disaster of their own by sinking the cruise ship, environmental groups start attacking  bases including St Jean and Bagotville. Last I looked the Forces are not in the business of energy extraction. I can find no record of any social action group “attacking” the Army.  Without exception environmental groups I spoke to repudiated the idea that they would attack any persons or group violently, and there is no historical example of anything remotely similar.

This is not however the first sign of this trend. It was widely reported that military intelligence was tracking the “Idle no more,” movement through 2013. It is important to remember the Armed Forces is not a law enforcement agency. The government book that

Click for full article

tells members of the forces what their jobs are lists the occupation of the Infantry as “to close with and destroy the enemy,” and apparently the enemy is us. Just this week it was revealed that the Canadian Forces has requested Communications Security Establishment to help it track an individual for a domestic operation


Given the resistance to the energy east pipeline in Québec the timing of the exercise is suspicious to be sure. But again to be clear the most “violent” thing protesters have done is to lock themselves to pipeline pumping stations. Surely, at most a matter for local police not the Canadian Army.  Unfortunately, what this does do is habituate the members of the Armed Forces to think of their fellow citizens as potential threats. When soldiers are trained to use a rifle they fire at a figure 11 target. The figure 11 target is in the shape of a human , the brutal logic being that if you get someone used to lining up a human figure and pulling the trigger they wont think about it when ordered to do it for real. One wonders if the same logic is at play here. The CF carry out a wide range of difficult and dangerous functions. Their time would perhaps be better spent practicing some of those rather that training for a scenario that has absolutely no historical basis and is about as likely as an armed revolt in Medicine Hat.

One of the most troubling aspects of the exercise is its whole of government flavor. It has been awhile since the government, notably the RCMP, have swung their gaze to thwarting social\environmental movements

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.07.52 AM
Prof. Kevin Walbys’ excellent paper on this trend

here in Canada. They have even developed their own language to make the threat seem more sinister when talking to their political masters. Anyone supporting any cause they find unpalatable is not an activist they are a “multi-issue extremist”. Any peaceful action be it a banner drop or a peaceful march is a “non-violent attack scenario”. And again military intelligence tracked the quite peaceful Idle No More protests. It is highly troubling that the Forces are being involved. The Forces have a very legitimate and long role of intervening in actual disasters from Red River floods, Québec ice storms, to the recent fires in Alberta. This is a vital and much needed role in our harsh northern wilderness. And perhaps military intelligence would have been better occupied discovering that much of ISIS’s oil was flowing through turkey in long vehicle convoys. A fact they seemed to miss until the Russian Air Force pointed it out.  Let them practice these tasks instead of participating in this sweaty secret policeman’s fantasy




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Michelle Moore

Thx to Eric Robertson 99media “emperor of sound”

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Québec’s not so Quiet Revolution, and why we all need to join it.

“It is becoming increasingly self-evident that if we as Canadians want to take control of our country, our communities and our lives we need to take matters into our own hands. We should begin strongly supporting our Québécois brothers and sisters in their courageous struggle for social justice by calling on the Québec Government to immediately end the brutal and illegal violence against their own people, our fellow citizens. Then  we must join them, all of us, in the streets of our cities and towns from Victoria to Halifax”.

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Additional Photos;  Peter Thomas Kennedy

There is a revolution going on in the province of Québec, only it isn’t very quiet. For three long years now the people of Quebec have been taking to their streets, despite brutal and violent police repression. Outside of Québec these events are presented as a “student strike”. To be sure student groups, most notably A.S.S.É  have been instrumental in leading the charge . But to characterize this as anything but a society-wide grassroots social uprising aimed at fundamentally changing their society would be a grave misjudgement.

Filming Live for CUTV Montréal with volunteer reporter Michelle Moore
Filming live for CUTV Montréal with volunteer reporter Michelle Moore

I have watched these events unfold as a journalist in the thick of them. I followed the social uprising from its roots in the 2012 student strike as a journalist for Montréal’s groundbreaking CUTV citizen-media. I spent hundreds of hours on the streets of Montréal and other cities in Québec. This includes Victoriaville, where one young man had his eye blasted out, one young lady had her jaw smashed, and a third young man was shot in the back of the head at close range putting him in a coma for 3 days by militarized police attacking a crowd that included women pushing strollers and elderly people. On April 3rd 2014 during an absolutely peaceful protest I witnessed a riot line violently attack 71 year old retired teacher Robert Fransham. He was alone on a bike in the middle of the street when he was smashed to the ground. He suffered a concussion and his injuries caused a severe infection in his leg. January 1, 2015 this amazing, charming and peaceful man died, one day short of his 72nd birthday, when a heart valve he had for a number of years without problem, suddenly became infected. I have watched 90lbs girls smashed to the ground by 3 or 4 200 pound men in armour. Myself and my team, though clearly marked as press were kettled; held for 9 hours without access to food, water or legal council and processed for violating Montréal’s anti constitutional P-6 by-law.

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Demonstrations have been continuous in the city of Montréal and all over Québec for the last 3 years, slacking only slightly after the resolution of the “Student Strike” of 2012. The issues at play may seem diverse and unconnected; environment, union rights, student rights, housing, austerity, but at base they are a rejection of post-industrial capitalism. The idea that our societies should be run from the top by corporate interests has lost favor and the propaganda that kept us in line for since the end of World War II has lost its power. The issues in Québec are relevant in all of Canada. We are being asked to strive even harder for the good of the “economy”, to strip our resources heedlessly for foreign consumption. There has been a determined and largely successful effort to keep the facts about what is happening in Québec  from being known in the rest of the country, this is no accident.

Because already uprisings are spreading across Canada. Most notably due to the emergence of coordinated, organic Native movements that exhibit a solidarity coast to coast never before seen in this country. This combines with historic levels of citizen involvement in resource extraction issues. Though this is categorized by the mainstream press as a uniquely “environmental movement” this is not the case. While they are many and varied the largest part of the resistance is motivated by the fact that mostly foreign resource corporations have far more rights than citizens, far more control in the political process, and are actually being enshrined as sacred cows of national security. All of this in a period when as a recent CBC town hall pointed out, a staggering 60% of Canadians say they don’t trust their political leaders at any level.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 2.22.25 PM
Click to read about this frightening shift from internal RCMP documents

That the state feels threatened is evidenced by the massive government security agency response to Idle No More . Even large parts of the Canadian Armed Forces intelligence apparatus were put into motion. In the 10 years I served in the Armed Forces I never knew of military intelligence being involved in domestic issues, and it is certainly not their place, they are to be used in war, not internal control. The recent security bills all have language that place activists on the same level as terrorists. This is not simply about Bill-C51, this trend has been taking deep root since 2007 when security services in Canada began changing their language to refer to activists as “multi-issue extremists” and to focus the tactics and resources they claim are in place to fight against mass attack on our soil from foreign forces. This is not an accident. In reality Canada does not face any outrageous threats from foreign forces. The recent “terrorist attacks” are being carried out by mentally ill persons with no actual connection or support from foreign adversaries. No, the move in the last several years in Canada when looked at in any rational way is a move to cement social control for a mostly capitalist run agenda. The legislation in it’s language is aimed at bringing any resistance to corporate-driven government policies firmly into the sphere of our new national security state.

The people of Canada, like the people of Québec want to take control of their political systems, and to some extent their lives and communities back. I think that Canadians have much to learn from the tactics used by the courageous activists in Québec. There is a disturbing trend in Canada right now to look at Steven Harper as the root of all evil. If only we rid ourselves of the tyrant we can have back the socially-conscious Canada we grew up in. This is a dangerous bit of self-delusion. It is not any particular political party that is causing our decline it is the overtaking of our political system in total by strong corporate interests. These have obviously already bought young Mr Trudeau and are packaging him as a savior figure very reminiscent of Barack Obama. We all know how well that worked out.

It is becoming increasingly self-evident that if we as Canadians, want to take control of our country, our communities and our lives we will need to take matters in our own hands. We should begin by strongly supporting our Québécois brothers and sisters in their courageous and peaceful struggle. We need to demand that the Québec Government immediately end the brutal and illegal violence against their own people. Then we must join them, all of us, in the streets of our cities and towns from Victoria to Halifax we must fill the streets of our nation. We must show our governments in massive fashion that we both recognize what is actually happening in our nation-state, and who is at fault. We must show those in power unequivocally that we will no longer tolerate the fictional appearance  of democracy in the hands of a political class increasingly melded with the business class to the detriment of us.

We idolize the Second World War generation for standing up to insidious evil. But what is more insidious than the treasonous appropriation of our citizens sovereign power to a powerful few who would warp it to their benefit? Now is the time for us to match them in the titanic worldwide struggle taking place not only in Québec but in Europe, South America , Hong-Kong and literally half the globe. We need to stand now and stand together, or maybe none of us will stand at all.

Arrested while managing the CUTV livestream team at the Anti-police brutality march 15,2013
Arrested while managing the CUTV livestream team at the anti-police brutality March 15,2013

About William Ray I am a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists. I am a ten year Veteran of the Canadian Forces. I was with the 2nd Battalion PPCLI in Croatia in 1993 when they where awarded the Governor General of Canada and the Secretary General of the United Nations commendations for bravery for halting ethnic cleansing in the Medak pocket. I started with community radio and writing articles. In 2009 I began working with CUTV Montreal. During the student strikes and subsequent social unrest I helped manage the Livestream ground teams. I am also a co-founder of and The founder of 3RTV, both citizen media groups. I also collaborated with Michelle Moore on the documentary film Déception Durable which was selected for the 2014 Montréal International Film Festival, and Films That Matter in Calgary, and the FReDD festival in France on resource extraction in Quebec.

Political Repression in Canada Already a Reality.

Toronto G20

In 2007 Canada experienced a fundamental shift in the focus of our Intelligence Services, a shift that is of interest to every Canadian. It was in this, and the following years while planning for the G-20 summit and Olympic Games that the baleful eye of the security services swung decisively in the direction of Canadian Citizens involved in Social action and Environmental groups.

This fact is attested to in their internal documents generated by ITAC,  or The Integrated Terrorism Unit. For use by JIG’s orJoint Intelligence Groups and and the Integrated Security Units that include the military and private companies. According to a paper entitled ” Making up Terror Identities : security intelligence, Canada’s Integrated Threat Assessment Centre and social movement suppression” written by University of Winnipeg Criminology Professor Kevin Walby and Jeffrey Monaghan of Queens University

‘The June 2007 internal CSIS report was titled ‘Multi Issue Militancy’. However, that category quickly and consistently became ‘extremism’( the term most Canadians use is activist) in subsequent reports. The June 2007 internal CSIS report states: “As the Service positions itself for numerous events that could become targets of MIE groups, it is important that everyone be kept aware of the developments”…In the following months, a more specific definition of an MIE emerges. ITAC produces a number of references to groups that encompass this definition. One note from November 2008 states they have‘included, among other things, opposition to US foreign policy, including the ‘Global War on Terror’, various Third World and regional causes, as well as animal rights, anti-globalization’. In some instances, the category MIE is directly associated with the global justice movement.

“The centralization of intelligence under the ISU-JIG (and later ITAC) in Canada resembles Department of Homeland Security ‘fusion centres’ in the United States, which coordinate data-sharing among state and local police, intelligence agencies and private companies. Fusion centres involve both centralization and extension of intelligence practices: coordination is concentrated in a few, new agencies, but intelligence gathering responsibilities are extended to local and regional police who never before participated in such networks ”. – Walby-Monaghan

This is the sort of Orwellian phrases our taxpayer funded security services are using to describe us  in their internal communications and the language they use when going before politicians. Any citizen active withPeter-MacKay-Lives-of-Others-400x266 either a social action or environmental group is called a ”multi issue extremist”, and peaceful  protests like banner drops, or friendly family marches are referred to as “non- violent attack strategies

This language is used to present their case to politicians for increasing their budgets and powers. And really that is what a lot of this is motivated by not some deep-seated fear in Ottawa that protesters will storm the halls of power but rather the crass cravings for money and respect by our security services and police forces.

It is dangerous to underestimate the effect of this mentality in a business where the amount of respect you get, is contingent on the size of the threat the Nation faces. If you don’t spend your whole budget you’ll get less next year. I have been in this environment as a member of the Canadian Army. I have watched the machine synthesize new threats to justify its existence and plead for more resources. Local Police Forces are receiving millions of dollars in new militarized equipment and a sense of importance being on the National security scene

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.04.29 PM
Asisstant Commisioner Gilles Michaud

In tracing this trend backwards we find that in 2002 one year after the 911 event in the US. Gilles Michaud, a hard charging young RCMP Inspector finishes the FBI anti-terrorism course at Quantico Virginia. He returns to Canada and sets up the Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams in major Canadian cities.

This in essence provides the RCMP a back door re-entry into the intelligence business that they were summarily dismissed from after the McDonald and Keeble Royal commissions of the 1970s.

The RCMP were fired from domestic intelligence essentially because they had been, among other things, impersonating the FLQ , burning barns and writing phoney manifestos. All of this was to ensure thier national security budgets kept increasing.

It has recently come to light that the RCMP were responsible for at least one of a series of pipeline bombings in northern B.C. in 2008-2009, they used this excuse to falsely arrest Wiebo Ludwig a farmer opposed to oil development, and at the same time massively increase the INSET resources in Alberta. Old habits die hard one supposes.

Michaud, the good schoolboy, models these teams on the US integration model , in short there is now a permanent and seamless bureaucratic structure integrating Canadian Security Inteligence Service Communication Security Establishment, RCMP, Canadian Border Services, Canadian Forces Intelligence, and JTF2( Canada’s Special Forces), and your local Police department.

In the aftermath of 911, and while our soldiers fought in Afghanistan, money rained down upon the security services. Enough to build a large bureaucratic life form which for the next ten years chased phantom terrorists around the globe. But by 2007-8 the money was drying up like the phantom threat it was thrown at. At a time of massive spending cuts fuelled by the global bank robbery of 2008. A new enemy was needed.

Well ladies and gentlemen we are it. And not the first time in Canadian history. During the 1950’s and right hqdefaultup until the 80’s the RCMP ran “Operation PROFUNC” in which they, along with the Canadian forces, planned to preventatively, arrest up to 40 thousand Canadians and their families and put them in concentration camps.

That would bring us to 2010, and who is the RCMP’s INSET team in Montréal going after. A little known Quebec student association: the Àsse. The Àsse members who were arrested after staging a sit-in the offices of the Minister of Finance and the Minister of education,they were arrested in heavily armed police operations, a month after the events and from the “discovery“  that the crown had to turn over,  they were the targets of massive and all encompassing surveillance, months before the protests. Now, if the RCMP were acting against the student movement, in Quebec two years before the strike in 2012 is it reasonable to believe they had no part in suppressing it. Is the brutal police response being directed from Québec city? The likely answer is no. It is far more likely that the RCMP has been working closely with the SPVM and in fact could be helping to co-ordinate the brutal response to the generally peaceful citizens of Montréal The use of a city bylaw to justify the use of brutal militarized police tactics is a model ready for export to any other Canadian city.

After the events in Ottawa, we have new draconian legislation on the books , and more on the way. The RCMP publicly state that those opposed to our current energy extraction model are the single greatest threat to our National Security. We had better prepare ourselves to have the full weight of the government security apparatus aimed squarely at us as citizens.

It is already happening as there have been many reports over the last few years of the RCMP and CSIS meeting directly with energy company executives. Also prominent on the list are aboriginal groups. Whenenemiesofthestate_620 the Conservatives called for a “whole of Government response”  to the Idle no More movement, they had I.N.S.E.T in mind . This operation had heavy participation from the Canadian Forces Intelligence and Special Forces Command or SOFCOM.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 6.01.10 PM
Disturbing end to a Canadian Special Forces Video, the “Enemy Image is a western style activist click to view

 Mohawk filmmaker Clifton Nicholas and myself arrived in Rexton N.B. a week after the confrontation between Mk’mac warriors from Elsipogtog and RCMP  October 17th 2013. We have definite questions about the identity of some of the “RCMP” officers that performed the brutal raid. We found dozens of RCMP uniform bags in the wood line behind where the raid took place,  and Canadian Forces Ration packs either the  RCMP failed get dressed before work or needed to dress someone in RCMP uniforms. Having served Ten years in the Canadian Forces including seeing combat as an infantryman I can say that alot of the gentlemen with the assault rifles moved more like soldiers than policemen.

Canadian Forces Ration packs found in the area the”RCMP” staged out of
RCMP uniform bags the Stock number matches RCMP Tactical uniforms

All this to enforce the rights of a US energy Company against Peaceful Native protesters One can also look to the recent events in Burnaby BC where the RCMP enforced a faulty order to protect a drilling company from Texas. We the citizens are the perceived threat , the resource companies their client, that is obvious.

We had better act quickly and decisively in this country to rein in our security  services and return local police to enforcing the criminal code. This is their vital function in maintaining social peace in our societies. Their performance of this role is based on the trust of the population they mean to police. I know from direct experience that very few young people will call or co-operate with police in any way because of their experiences with political repression and profiling on the streets. This is hugely dangerous. We only have to look at the United States to see what happens when police loose the faith of civil society. We had better all start standing up for our rights here with at least as much organization and gusto as we show for the rights of satirical cartoonists in France or we will all end  up in a place few of us will recognize.

Free your mind ,and your ass will follow