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Bill C-51, if made into law, might make this article and a good part of the activities of citizen media groups, acts of supporting Terrorism. And some of you engaged citizens reading this, Terrorists. If we get adjoining cells… I hope you don’t snore.

The clear intent of this bill is to stifle social, environmental and Indigenous justice movements in Canada. And in the specific wording of the Bill we see measures designed to treat those that take action on  social issues in Canada like terrorists and those in the growing independent media that cover them as enemy propagandists. It is important to remember when reading the language of the proposed legislation that the terminology used by security services toward activists of any stripe in this country has changed in a way that make this legislation a perfect fit for repression.Read Profesor Kevin Walby, University of Winnipegs exellent research in this area, click on the image.The Conservatives are counting on Canadians ignorance of the fact that if you attend a rally to save your local forest you have  likely observed, identified and added to the list of « multi-issue extremists ». And this has been a fact for many years. In 2007 the RCMP and other security services started referring to activists in this way.  A peaceful march or banner drop is a « non violent attack strategy ». This is a very deliberate move to be able to easily define those who protest or are socially active within the bounds of the Harper governments anti-terror laws. A non – exhaustive list of groups already deemed a threat and monitored by RCMP would include Idle No More, ForestEthics, Sierra Club, EcoSociety, LeadNow, Dogwood Initiative, Council of Canadians and the People’s Summit, according to documents obtained under FOI requests by Professors Kevin Walby and Jeffrey Monaghan. Documents they obtained further stated that

“The Canadian law enforcement and security intelligence community have noted a growing radicalized faction of environmentalists who advocate the use of criminal activity to promote the protection of the natural environment,” according to a 2011 report obtained by the Vancouver Observer “It is highly probable that environmentalists will continue to mount direct actions targeting Canada’s energy sector, specifically the petroleum sub-sector and the fossil and nuclear fueled electricity generating facilities, with the objectives of: influencing government energy policy, interfering within the energy regulatory process and forcing the energy industry to cease its operations that harm the environment,”

Read the draft legislation by clicking on the image.

Some of the provisions of the Bill C-51 seem aimed at making it easier to target, and criminalize, organizers individually and disrupt their work. We have a long experience here in Montréal, laboratory for the police state in Canada, of police levelling « conditions » on activists. The conditions used already under Montréal’s anti-constitutional P6 bylaw seem set for export to the rest of Canada. These conditions can prevent activists from meeting with certain people, organizing or attending actions and from physically being in large geographical areas, like the downtown of their own city. The new Bill may even make it illegal for them to talk about, or report on others’ activities. This is intended to destroy resistance communities by depriving them of key organizers and the tools that transformed social movements in the late 20th century.

Click on the image to read the draft legislation.

This Bill, if made law, would for the first time potentially allow the government to rein in the expanding alternative media in this country and clamp down on activists use of social media to either organize or report on actions that involve even the smallest form of civil disobedience. Similar laws generally making it illegal to « glorify or promote terrorism » are already on the books in the UK and Australia even though legal scholars in both countries deplore them.  When you combine this wording with the fact that the government classifies and refers to activists  as extremists,  it would be potentially illegal for me to continue to report on the activities of groups like Idle No More or the anti-pipeline protesters. It could be used to prevent and other organizations from live streaming the demonstrations this spring, for the anticipated general mobilization against austerity here in Quebec and elsewhere. I would probably have been jailed for the work I did covering the « Printemps Érable » in 2012. Just for the record Mr Harper, and I think I speak for my entire group here, I will stop reporting on the dedicated activists struggling to make this country and the world better, and leave the street, when you drag my corpse off it. No compromise.

To read about the UK experience with « antiglorification » laws, click on the image.

The Government obviously understands the power that independent media, and social media have in nurturing and promoting Indigenous, environmental, and social justice movements and are moving to limit its effect. If allowed to go forward, this legislation, coupled with the masses of anti-terror legislation already put on the books since 9/11, would give the government exceptional power to crush dissent in a « legal » manner.

Watch a CBC Fifth Estate report on OP Profunc by clicking on the image.

If this all sounds like sweaty basement internet fantasy to you, then you should familiarize yourself with « Operation Profunc, » an RCMP led operation that for 40 years collected the names of social activists. There were plans to simultaneously arrest them,  imprison them and their families in « relocation camps ».  Don’t worry, keep moving, ze dogs are here for your protection. And any belief that the state wont do it again, is in error.

And it is not enough to trust that replacing the Harper government with beautiful Mr Trudeau will solve everything. Governments nowhere have much of a record of repealing control legislation on the books, no matter what they say. You need look no further than old Barrack “Guantanamo drone strike” Obama.

And if your looking for some hope in the Security Intelligence Review Committee controlling all of this, don’t. Harper’s latest appointment to this group, a man named Ian Holloway, is a former military. He is the current dean of the University of Calgary Law school, not exactly known as a hotbed of human rights. In 1996 he wrote a paper for the Australian Law revue titled, « I Stand For Liberty: Winston Churchill as Social Reformer ». Anyone who believes Winston was a reformer truly wouldn’t even understand the term « social justice ».

So in case I’m not in enough trouble I would heartily advocate calling your MP, calling the guy who wants to be your MP and anyone else and, yes, taking to the streets. Let the powers that be in Canada know that we  are not afraid. And that we will NEVER Trade our liberty for Mr Harper, or anyone’s promise of security.

My friend Clifton Nicholas, Mohawk activist and film maker was called by CSIS. He was questioned simply because he had been to Greece at the invitation of Greek social groups to speak on Canadian native issues. His response to the CSIS agent is beyond priceless.

Some of the effects of militarized policing

A summary of Repression in Canada

882354_10151626452203268_1373725163_o(1)About William Ray I am a ten year veteran of the Canadian Forces. I was with the 2nd Battalion PPCLI in Croatia in 1993 when they where awarded the Governor General’s commendation for bravery. I started with community radio and writing articles. In 2009 I began working with CUTV Montreal. During the student strikes and subsequent social unrest I helped manage the Livestream ground teams. I am also a co-founder of and The founder of 3RTV, both citizen media groups. I also collaborated with Michelle Moore on the documentary film Déception Durable which was selected for the 2014 Montréal International Film Festival, and Films That Matter in Calgary on resource extraction in Quebec. I am a member of the Canadian Journalists Association.

Ukraine and the new Great Game, prelude to Nightmare?

The crisis in Ukraine has the potential to lead to a direct military conflict between the Neo-conservative United States and Vladimir Putin’s resurgent Russia.

Azov Battalion soldiers supplied by shadowy foreign backers they have better equipment than the Ukraine regular army, notice the Danner hi-tech brand boots 400$ a piece

Tonight in the town of Debaltseve, in the Donbass region, 8000 Ukrainian soldiers and members of the fascist volunteer Azov battalion  have been surrounded and are in serious danger of being destroyed in place. If this happens it has the potential to involve a belligerent direct combat with Russian forces for the first time.

Video from fihgting Sunday 15,Feb. 2015 around Debaltseve. Some 14 hrs after a ceasefire was supposed to take effect.

We need to question why ethnic rights we defended in Kososvo don’t apply in Donbass.  In fact we in Canada should immediately insist that the Canadian Forces already deployed be withdrawn from supporting the quasi-legitimate Junta in Kiev and urge an immediate end to the conflict.Respect for the political wishes of Ukraine’s ethnic Russian minority, and the withdrawal of all North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Russian forces from Ukrainian territory. Or we may become enablers for a war that darkens the imagination.

It is a suitably Wagnerian setting. The burning Ukrainian city of Debaltseve normally home to some 27 000. It is currently refuge foScreen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.46.50 AMr around 7000 Ukrainian troops and 1000 Azov paramilitaies. Along with a good supply of Tanks armoured vehicles and heavy artillery.It is called by the separatists the “Debaltseve cauldron”  because they have it surrounded on three sides and they are about to close it . When this happens it will represent the loss of a significant portion of Ukraine’s combat power leaving it almost incapable of holding other large swaths of its territory. It could also provide a massive boast to the rebels supply of armour and artillery. The Ukraine forces could likely then loose control of Mariupol a strategic port city that would connect their breakaway republic to Vladimir Putins’ Crimea. The closing of this cauldron into a trap is a matter of Kilometers and a few hours from happening.

If it does happen what will N.A.T.O’s reaction be . It has already pre-positioned equipment for major forces like the US 3rd Stryker brigade in neighbouring Lithuania.

N.A.T.O has also stationed combat aircraft in border states. It is forward deploying  major formation headquarters elements to the edge of Russian borders.

click for video from Rebel media showing prisoners taken closing the "Debaltseve cauldron"
click for video from Rebel media showing prisoners taken closing the “Debaltseve cauldron”

The U.S. has used the supposed annexation of Crimea to paint Russia as the aggressor but Crimea has never really been anything but a Russian possession in the modern era. When they where both part of the Soviet empire Moscow transferred administrative control to Kiev its Soviet sister state. Crimea was annexed by Catherine the Great in 1783, and remained Russian territory except for brief periods where it was seized by the British in 1853-56 and the brief White Russian republic that was the last stand of Russian aristocracy and extinguished by the revolution. Its modern population was ethnically Russian, did not resist Russian forces, and seem very pleased with their new status. Russia knows this history even if western populations don’t.

By perceived necessity Russia has ratcheted up it defence readiness to hair-trigger preparedness and is deploying low trajectory nuclear missiles to defeat the European missile shield.  We were treated this summer to the apocalyptic junior high school spectacle of both sides holding huge military exercises to thump their chests at each other. According celebrated American Academic John Mershimer

“United States and its European allies share most of the responsibility for the crisis. The taproot of the trouble is NATO enlargement, the central element of a larger strategy to move Ukraine out of Russia’s orbit and integrate it into the West. At the same time, the EU’s expansion eastward and the West’s backing of the pro-democracy movement in Ukraine — beginning with the Orange Revolution in 2004 — were critical elements, too. Since the mid-1990s, Russian leaders have adamantly opposed NATO enlargement, and in recent years, they have made it clear that they would not stand by while their strategically important neighbor turned into a Western bastion. For Putin, the illegal overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected and pro-Russian president — which he rightly labeled a “coup” — was the final straw. He responded by taking Crimea, a peninsula he feared would host a NATO naval base, and working to destabilize Ukraine until it abandoned its efforts to join the West.”Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault.”By John J. Mearsheimer Forien Affairs oct 2014

The current crisis, was indeed made inevitable by the US drive for military and political dominance of eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1997, just 6 years after Ukraine became sovereign fully for the first time since its  inclusion in the Soviet Union post World War two. The Clinton white house forced Russia’s President Boris Yeltsin to sign off on N.A.T.O expansion eastward in return for week promises of no troop deployments. Yeltsin at the time acknowledged,


‘We stated and still state that Russia is against the expansion of NATO, but considering some historical and world realities, the menace of the expansion of the bloc to our country must be brought to a minimum or excluded altogether,”  Boris Yeltsin May 13, 1997

NATO’s push East in 1999 brought the  Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland into the western sphere. In 2004 despite repeated warnings by the Russians; it nato_0327coerced even more states through massive economic incentives. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, once actual parts of the Soviet Union some of which had never existed an anything but part of greater Russia. Bulgaria,Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia closed the wall around Russia. Some of these had been members of the Soviet Union, Russian controlled territory for generations before that. The Soviets, having suffered up to 30 million casualties in the Second World war, are a little sensitive about having perceived enemies on the borders of the Rodinia, their  Motherland. 

Russian military doctrine since World War two has is absolutely centered around fighting future wars on someone else’s territory. Every Russian general and politician accepts this as received truth, no force must ever be allowed to enter their borders again. General Nuclear war being a more acceptable alternative in their view

Civilian woman in Georgia 2008

This became abundantly clear in 2008. In May of that year NATO proposed membership for Ukraine and Georgia, saying publicly that their membership would become reality whether the Russian’s liked it or not. Fighter bombers of the Russian Federation where bombing Tbilisi airport and Russian troops poured across Georgia’s border by August. It is widely recognized that Georgia’s push for NATO membership was the spark. The Russians also made it very clear that Ukraine would have to remain neutral, non-aligned. They let it be known through diplomatic channels that any other course would lead to confrontation.

Unfortunately military integration is not the only card in Washington’s tool-bag. In 2004 Ukraine experienced its “Orange Revolution“. The western backed candidate Victor Yushchenko was defeated by Russia’s favourite Victor Yanukovych. Yushenko loudly and repeatedly accused Russian sponsored rigging of the vote.

The American, National Endowment for Democracy pre-packadged revolution machine then went to work and packed  Kiev’s “Maiden” square with demonstrators until they forced a runoff vote. After  untold millions where poured in to the campaign by the US government funded “Non Governmental Organisations” there was no shock when Yushenko and his western friendly Oligarchs won the recount. This was seen, correctly, by the Russians as a form of soft power “putsch”. Ukraine’s position as Russia’s gateway to Europe for its massive natural gas reserves made this a bitter pill. But like in 1997, Russia was not yet strong enough to push back, Vladimir Putin seethed and bided his time.

click to read about the N.E.D.
click to read about the N.E.D.

In the intervening years it became clear that the Ukraine’s “Orange” revolution was one of many “Colour Revolutions” pulled off by the National Endowment for Democracy. A Reagan era faux “NGO”, set up like USIAD and many others to do the work more traditionally done by American intelligence agencies, though staffed by alot of the same people. First director Allen Weinstein proudly trumpeted to the Washington Post in 1991, “A lot of what we do today was done covertly by the C.I.A. 25 years ago.” This Non Governmental Organization receives 95% of its funding direct from the US congress. Its first task was to be the propaganda arm of the CIA’s murderous Contras in Reagan’s illegal slaughter of villagers to defeat the democratically elected Sandinista government in Nicaragua.  N.E.D’s work in eastern Europe traces back to Serbia and its “OPTFOR” militants. Trained by the N.E.D, and since employed by them to train militant groups from,Georgia,Ukraine ,Belarus, Venezuela,(to try and oust Hugo Chaves) Lebanon, Iran,Egypt and Syria.

“By the time of the Milošević overthrow initiative in 2000, the State Department already had in place a ‘revolution template’,1 or what Beissinger (2006) calls a democracy ‘module’. The template began taking shape in the 1980s in Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria and became for the whole Eurasian region a non-militarist and cost-effective option for vanquishing left-wing and nationalist heads of state.” –Template Revolutions: Marketing U.S. Regime Change in Eastern Europe.Gerald Sussman and Sascha Krader Portland State University
“Nowhere was this phenomenon more apparent than inUkraine. American NGOs such as the Center for Non-Violent Resistance, Freedom House and the National Democratic Institute all played a role in financially supporting or training activists inUkraine, as they did in Serbia, Georgia and later Kyrgyzstan as well.The prominent role of youth groups such as Pora, based on their predecessors the Serbian OTPOR and Georgian Kmara groups, was vital in getting the pro-Western message onto the streets using media technology, publicity campaigns and catchy phrases and logos. Lastly the creation of a nationalist image on the part of Yushchenko and Tymoshenko emphasized the role of national identity in the election process”  The Orange Revolution: Identity Creation andthe Use of Nationalism in the Rise of Ukraine’s pro-Western AllianceMark TerameThe International Relations Journal,San Francisco State University:

In 2010 the 2004 result was reversed with Victor Yanukovych taking the helm in an election deemed free and fair by a robust international presence. Part of the reason for Yanukovych’s ascension was the fact that

Victor Yanukovych
Victor Yanukovych

closer ties to Russia looked much more appetizing to Ukraine’s people. After the great bank robbery of 2008 left the Eurozone on the verge of collapse with nothing to offer but massive austerity measures. And that is the direction he carefully proceeded in until matters came to a head in 2014 with the E.U. over rejection of integration triggering the “Maiden square ” protests. These groups like in 2004 were trained and funded by American “NGO’s”. Despite massive pressure on his government Yanukovych’s response remained mainly peaceful  until a seemingly staged shooting in February 2014 led to his ouster and the fall of the democratically elected government

[su_youtube url=”″ width=”280″ height=”220″][su_youtube url=”” width=”400″ height=”300″][/su_youtube][/su_youtube]

Its replacement by a distinctly Fascist clique of US proxy’s. The belief system of many of the Senior leadership of the wests handpicked Ukraine government would not be out of place in the third riech.This is viewed by the Kremlin as a not so soft power Coup d’etat.

[su_youtube url=”″ width=”100″ height=”50″][su_youtube url=”” width=”400″ height=”300″][/su_youtube][/su_youtube]

“People Power” was coined in 1986, when Washington decided Ferdinand Marcos had to go. But it was events in Iran in 1953 that set the template. Then, Anglo-American money stirred up anti-Mossadeq crowds to demand the restoration of the Shah. The New York Times’s correspondent trumpeted the victory of the people over communism, even though he had given $50,000 and the CIA-drafted text of the anti-Mossadeq declaration to the coup leaders himself.”The Ukraine street protests have followed a pattern of western orchestration set in the 80s. I know – I was a cold war bagman. Mark Aldman  The Guardian, Tuesday 7 December 2004

When we look at what is happening in Ukraine in the coming days and weeks we need to keep this recent history in mind. From a very legitimate Russian point of view the west has been creeping up to its borders for almost 20 years. N.A.T.O has demonstrated the will to attack Nation states, like Afghanistan, regardless of international law and very directly in service of corporate and energy interests.

We should also be very aware that no Russian leader will ever fight a war willingly on Russian soil again. They must in their view fight it pre-emptively in Europe. Vladimir Putin seems perfectly capable of carrying out this cornerstone of Russian strategic doctrine. If that wasn’t sobering enough Russian military doctrine regards Tactical Nuclear weapons as simply another weapon of war,and release authority is delegated to regional commanders some ranked as low as Colonel.  Our representatives at the N.A.T.O council tables need to immediately and loudly demand de-escalation. We should further leave the organization and encourage other states to do the same as it, by any rational standard, is the largest threat to the peace of the world.

We need to insist our leaders do this now. Make N.A.T.O membership an issue in the upcoming elections or we may face a very dark future.

Political Repression in Canada Already a Reality.

Toronto G20

In 2007 Canada experienced a fundamental shift in the focus of our Intelligence Services, a shift that is of interest to every Canadian. It was in this, and the following years while planning for the G-20 summit and Olympic Games that the baleful eye of the security services swung decisively in the direction of Canadian Citizens involved in Social action and Environmental groups.

This fact is attested to in their internal documents generated by ITAC,  or The Integrated Terrorism Unit. For use by JIG’s orJoint Intelligence Groups and and the Integrated Security Units that include the military and private companies. According to a paper entitled ” Making up Terror Identities : security intelligence, Canada’s Integrated Threat Assessment Centre and social movement suppression” written by University of Winnipeg Criminology Professor Kevin Walby and Jeffrey Monaghan of Queens University

‘The June 2007 internal CSIS report was titled ‘Multi Issue Militancy’. However, that category quickly and consistently became ‘extremism’( the term most Canadians use is activist) in subsequent reports. The June 2007 internal CSIS report states: “As the Service positions itself for numerous events that could become targets of MIE groups, it is important that everyone be kept aware of the developments”…In the following months, a more specific definition of an MIE emerges. ITAC produces a number of references to groups that encompass this definition. One note from November 2008 states they have‘included, among other things, opposition to US foreign policy, including the ‘Global War on Terror’, various Third World and regional causes, as well as animal rights, anti-globalization’. In some instances, the category MIE is directly associated with the global justice movement.

“The centralization of intelligence under the ISU-JIG (and later ITAC) in Canada resembles Department of Homeland Security ‘fusion centres’ in the United States, which coordinate data-sharing among state and local police, intelligence agencies and private companies. Fusion centres involve both centralization and extension of intelligence practices: coordination is concentrated in a few, new agencies, but intelligence gathering responsibilities are extended to local and regional police who never before participated in such networks ”. – Walby-Monaghan

This is the sort of Orwellian phrases our taxpayer funded security services are using to describe us  in their internal communications and the language they use when going before politicians. Any citizen active withPeter-MacKay-Lives-of-Others-400x266 either a social action or environmental group is called a ”multi issue extremist”, and peaceful  protests like banner drops, or friendly family marches are referred to as “non- violent attack strategies

This language is used to present their case to politicians for increasing their budgets and powers. And really that is what a lot of this is motivated by not some deep-seated fear in Ottawa that protesters will storm the halls of power but rather the crass cravings for money and respect by our security services and police forces.

It is dangerous to underestimate the effect of this mentality in a business where the amount of respect you get, is contingent on the size of the threat the Nation faces. If you don’t spend your whole budget you’ll get less next year. I have been in this environment as a member of the Canadian Army. I have watched the machine synthesize new threats to justify its existence and plead for more resources. Local Police Forces are receiving millions of dollars in new militarized equipment and a sense of importance being on the National security scene

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.04.29 PM
Asisstant Commisioner Gilles Michaud

In tracing this trend backwards we find that in 2002 one year after the 911 event in the US. Gilles Michaud, a hard charging young RCMP Inspector finishes the FBI anti-terrorism course at Quantico Virginia. He returns to Canada and sets up the Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams in major Canadian cities.

This in essence provides the RCMP a back door re-entry into the intelligence business that they were summarily dismissed from after the McDonald and Keeble Royal commissions of the 1970s.

The RCMP were fired from domestic intelligence essentially because they had been, among other things, impersonating the FLQ , burning barns and writing phoney manifestos. All of this was to ensure thier national security budgets kept increasing.

It has recently come to light that the RCMP were responsible for at least one of a series of pipeline bombings in northern B.C. in 2008-2009, they used this excuse to falsely arrest Wiebo Ludwig a farmer opposed to oil development, and at the same time massively increase the INSET resources in Alberta. Old habits die hard one supposes.

Michaud, the good schoolboy, models these teams on the US integration model , in short there is now a permanent and seamless bureaucratic structure integrating Canadian Security Inteligence Service Communication Security Establishment, RCMP, Canadian Border Services, Canadian Forces Intelligence, and JTF2( Canada’s Special Forces), and your local Police department.

In the aftermath of 911, and while our soldiers fought in Afghanistan, money rained down upon the security services. Enough to build a large bureaucratic life form which for the next ten years chased phantom terrorists around the globe. But by 2007-8 the money was drying up like the phantom threat it was thrown at. At a time of massive spending cuts fuelled by the global bank robbery of 2008. A new enemy was needed.

Well ladies and gentlemen we are it. And not the first time in Canadian history. During the 1950’s and right hqdefaultup until the 80’s the RCMP ran “Operation PROFUNC” in which they, along with the Canadian forces, planned to preventatively, arrest up to 40 thousand Canadians and their families and put them in concentration camps.

That would bring us to 2010, and who is the RCMP’s INSET team in Montréal going after. A little known Quebec student association: the Àsse. The Àsse members who were arrested after staging a sit-in the offices of the Minister of Finance and the Minister of education,they were arrested in heavily armed police operations, a month after the events and from the “discovery“  that the crown had to turn over,  they were the targets of massive and all encompassing surveillance, months before the protests. Now, if the RCMP were acting against the student movement, in Quebec two years before the strike in 2012 is it reasonable to believe they had no part in suppressing it. Is the brutal police response being directed from Québec city? The likely answer is no. It is far more likely that the RCMP has been working closely with the SPVM and in fact could be helping to co-ordinate the brutal response to the generally peaceful citizens of Montréal The use of a city bylaw to justify the use of brutal militarized police tactics is a model ready for export to any other Canadian city.

After the events in Ottawa, we have new draconian legislation on the books , and more on the way. The RCMP publicly state that those opposed to our current energy extraction model are the single greatest threat to our National Security. We had better prepare ourselves to have the full weight of the government security apparatus aimed squarely at us as citizens.

It is already happening as there have been many reports over the last few years of the RCMP and CSIS meeting directly with energy company executives. Also prominent on the list are aboriginal groups. Whenenemiesofthestate_620 the Conservatives called for a “whole of Government response”  to the Idle no More movement, they had I.N.S.E.T in mind . This operation had heavy participation from the Canadian Forces Intelligence and Special Forces Command or SOFCOM.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 6.01.10 PM
Disturbing end to a Canadian Special Forces Video, the “Enemy Image is a western style activist click to view

 Mohawk filmmaker Clifton Nicholas and myself arrived in Rexton N.B. a week after the confrontation between Mk’mac warriors from Elsipogtog and RCMP  October 17th 2013. We have definite questions about the identity of some of the “RCMP” officers that performed the brutal raid. We found dozens of RCMP uniform bags in the wood line behind where the raid took place,  and Canadian Forces Ration packs either the  RCMP failed get dressed before work or needed to dress someone in RCMP uniforms. Having served Ten years in the Canadian Forces including seeing combat as an infantryman I can say that alot of the gentlemen with the assault rifles moved more like soldiers than policemen.

Canadian Forces Ration packs found in the area the”RCMP” staged out of
RCMP uniform bags the Stock number matches RCMP Tactical uniforms

All this to enforce the rights of a US energy Company against Peaceful Native protesters One can also look to the recent events in Burnaby BC where the RCMP enforced a faulty order to protect a drilling company from Texas. We the citizens are the perceived threat , the resource companies their client, that is obvious.

We had better act quickly and decisively in this country to rein in our security  services and return local police to enforcing the criminal code. This is their vital function in maintaining social peace in our societies. Their performance of this role is based on the trust of the population they mean to police. I know from direct experience that very few young people will call or co-operate with police in any way because of their experiences with political repression and profiling on the streets. This is hugely dangerous. We only have to look at the United States to see what happens when police loose the faith of civil society. We had better all start standing up for our rights here with at least as much organization and gusto as we show for the rights of satirical cartoonists in France or we will all end  up in a place few of us will recognize.

NATO, why Canada joined,and why we need to get out immediately.

NATO, why Canada joined,and why we need to get out immediately.

William Ray , Canadian Army(RET.)10399721_117238788267_517451_n


December 21st,  2014

“General Lewis Mackenzie ran for the conservative party in Canada, this man is in no way radical or conspiratorial. During the interview he stated, and confirmed again by phone today, that he believes the Račak massacre was a “False Flag”operation. In his words to “give NATO a reason to be”. The  thing that absolutely convinced Major General Mackenzie that a False Flag was being perpetrated was the fact that he had met William Walker, 20 years before. Only then he was a CIA officer attached to the Salvadoran embassy.” 

   What where the reasons for Canada promoting the creation of, and joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. They  are usually given as the threat of Russian expansion into the ruined and defenceless countries of Western Europe still rebuilding from World War II. The historical record of Canada’s Cabinet Defence Committee meetings of 1947-48 puts  lie to this notion when closely read. In 3 months of Cabinet meetings downloadleading to the decision to join NATO the economic benefits of membership are mentioned some 200 times, the fear of Soviet attack 3 times. The driving force in the discussions is the fear that without membership in NATO Canada would be cut out of the huge reconstruction and rearmament market in Europe. The secondary fear was that Canada being vacant from the scene would lead to an increasingly overarching United States.This was actually considered a bad thing by our forbearers not a fact of life as we now see it.

 There actually was no real fear immediately after the war, and indeed even after the Russians exploded their first Nuclear device. Not in the private corridors of power. The reason is simple, by the end of WWII the Russians had a real GNP of some 400 billion dollars. Compared to the US alone at 14.5 Trillion, combined with the rest of NATO some 20 trillion,and war is at base a function of economics in this industrial age. Some 25 million of their citizens were dead, 14.2 percent of their population. The Red Army was exhausted from doing most of the work of breaking the back of the German army in Russia and driving it to Berlin. fighttheredmenace1951-propaganda1The actual interior, now unclassified, papers of the Pentagon,White Hall, and Canada’s Defence Department clearly lay out the sober assessment that the Soviets where in no position to take on the west until the mid 50”s. Unclassified Russian documents have now verified the belief, common among professional military men in the 50’s, that they never had a desire too try.

 It is vitally important to understand that NATO is an essentially an American controlled institution. This is in no way more clearly illustrated than by the fact that the highest military authority in NATO is always an American commander.  At the end of the day he takes orders only from the American president.There are volumes written on NATO being mainly a vehicle for American influence in Europe.

  Now this was not terribly threatening for the 50 years we spent playing at war in the training grounds of West Germany’s Black Forest, waiting for the Red hordes to pour through the Fulda gap and invade western Europe.images I myself served with Canada’s brigade in Lahr in the 80’s , mostly drinking excellent German beer and charming the local girls. But I was at least fulfilling the intended purpose of NATO, standing as a deterrent to another war in Europe under a treaty clearly defensive in nature.

     But in 1999 that all changed. For the first time in its history ,and far outside the terms of the actual treaty , NATO went to war.

Belgrade burns under NATO bombardment

    This was done in the then Serbian province of Kosovo. Under the comforting rubric of “Humanitarian intervention”. I had served as a Peacekeeper in the former Yugoslavia so am well aware of the brutality, and the depth and complexity of ethnic hatred that exists there. But that wasn’t the reason NATO went to war in that long suffering place. Relevance is what truly drove NATO to war. At 50 years questions were coming from all quarters as to why NATO still existed at all. What place did a large military alliance ,that was ostensibly created to fight a threat that had evaporated 10 years  before with the fall of the Soviet Union, have in a world trending toward action through the UN charter, the world seemed ready for a force to enforce the Rule of Law in the conduct of nation states. NATO realizing this reality went in to overdrive. Aided by a Clinton administration looking for a place in history beyond Monica Lewinsky and stained dresses. They embarked a very professional PR campaign to establish that something must be done to stop Serbian aggression in Kosovo and NATO was the only group that could do it.This campaign is now well understood as being about finding NATO a new future,in the words of one researcher ,” NATO achieved this through discursive positioning itself as a humanitarian military powerhouse,and so,at the same time, legitimizing its own continuation as a viable supranational organization,”

  NATO used the seeming impotence of the UN in dealing with the 8 year Yugoslav war  to stage a comeback in Kososvo. And there is some very well proved out debate  as to how staged it was. The NATO bombing of Serbia was kicked off by the “Račak Massacre” Madeline Albright, the then US Secretary of State, called it the ” seminal event”  leading to US and NATO action. The massacre was presented to the international press by William Walker, head of the observer team sent by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. We will return to Mr Walker later.

Almost ten years many things have emerged. Most of the brutality trumpeted by NATO and its PR machine where actually Serbian responses to Kosovo Liberation Army attacks on Serb civilians. The Kosovo Liberation Army was fostered and supported in its actions by the American Government. The Račak incident was presented as a Serbian Massacre of a Albanian village. Women children and old men mercilessly executed. But independent forensic reports, and a number of reputable European journalists questioned this. Close to all the corpses were military aged men, some dressed in woman’s clothing post mortum in short evidence of a staged event.I got even more indication of something terrifying at work here from one of Canada’s most respected soldiers.

Hear Lewis Mackenzie speak about Kosovo
Hear Lewis Mackenzie speak about Kosovo

  I first interviewed Major General Lewis Mackenzie(ret) in 2008 for CKUW radio in Winnipeg .  Major General Mackenzie was the first UN commander in Sarajevo, he knew all the players well and had even met in 1999 with Slobodan Milošević to help ease tensions in the year long run up to the eventual NATO bombing,  Bear in mind as you read what comes next that General Lewis Mackenzie ran for the conservative party in Canada, this man is in no way radical or conspiratorial. During the interview he stated, and confirmed again by phone today, that he believes the Račak massacre was a “False Flag”operation. In his words to “give NATO a reason to be”. The  thing that absolutely convinced Major General Mackenzie that a False Flag was being perpetrated was the fact that he had met William Walker, 20 years before. Only then he was a CIA officer attached to the Salvadoran embassy.

   General Mackenzie was then a Captain, assigned to the Honduran border decommissioning teams sent by the UN to demobilize the Contra’s after their decade long killing spree against the peaceful government of Nicaragua . At that time Mr. William Walker according to Mackenzie, was a CIA officer working out of the US embassy under the cover of a State department official. Cables uncovered during Iran -Contra hearings in the US link him to infamous figures like Felix Rodriquez and Oliver North.

William Walker and a KLA fighter
William Walker and a KLA fighter

His speciality may have been running insurgent groups like the Contras, or say the Kosovo Liberation Army.  Mr Walker also worked very closely in Kosovo with Hal Holbrooke, a man who started his career with the CIA in Vietnam on the Phoenix program . Was ,as many suspect, Mr Walkers real mission to provide aid and direction to the KLA?  No matter with the excuse of Račak in hand not even a week later  William Jefferson Clinton, 40th president of the United States, picked up a phone called four star US general Wesley Clark Supreme Commander NATO and without any word from their actual government required, Canadian combat units went to war and bombed Serbia for 72 days,some 10 484 strike missions some 6,303 tons of munitions  including an large quantities of depleted uranium. This was done in all our names.

        Fast forward to 2014. Libya has become a failed state after a 2012 NATO “Humanitarian mission”. Whatever Ghadaffi was, his people enjoyed one of the highest standard of living in Africa. NATO used our hard earned position for their own ends by appointing a Canadian commander for its Libyan fiasco. This was not because of our massive commitment of forces but an attempt to bolster the credibility of the mission as humanitarian by using  the tattered remnants of Canada’s good name.After the “liberation “ of Libya many of the fighters involved in ousting Ghadaffi mysteriously ended up in Syria fighting Bashar al Assad’s regime

      This  leads directly into the next conflict to involve NATO. As you read this units of the Royal Canadian Air Force are bombing targets in Iraq . To be clear Canadian planes , flown by Canadian pilots are dropping 1000ISIL Cda Kuwait 20141030 lb high explosive bombs on people we are being told by NATO are terrorists.  It begins to have a familiar ring. On top of our ariel assault the Canadian Special Operations Regiment has an unknown number of Canadian special forces operators and have been operating for 6 months we know not where.This is all being done in all our names. ISIS Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 2.03.00 PMthe group we are supposedly fighting grew out of an AL-Queda offshoot, the same Al-Queda created to fight the Russians in Afghanistan by the Americans. A lot of the equipment ISIS uses comes from the west directly. We supplied it to them in their war against Bashar AL Assad’s government in Syria. American former NATO commander Wesley Clark the man who launched the Kosovo assault, says that he Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 2.02.33 PMsaw a memo in 2001 outlineing American plans to take out 7 countries in 5 years, Syria was on that list.

   Now,under the NATO rubric, we are sending our soldiers to Ukraine to

Civilian casualty of Ukraine government forces shelling civilian areas
Civilian casualty of Ukraine government forces shelling civilian areas

help support a Government that is committing war crimes in its drive to retake control of the eastern part of its territory. NATO is rattling sabres at Putin’s  Russia by holding huge exercises in Eastern Europe and moving headquarters and airpower there permanently.The current clash with Russia started off with NATO’s relentless push east. Russia repeatedly warned the west that it 10915283_758313090918104_1873010484934383645_nwould not tolerate NATO on its doorstep.

 Then comes the National Endowment for Democracy encouraged coup against the democratically elected government of Ukraine last spring. The hacked phone calls of European Union Foreign Affairs chief Katherine Ashton tell us that  the snipers that fired on the crowd in Kiev’s Independence square, fired on both sides and were provocateurs hired for the job by the right wing elements vying for control in Kiev.

 Calls from  Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland show that the US had a huge hand in choosing Ukraine’s current rather Fascist smelling regime . And there is a highly manufactured PR campaign coming out of Ukraine.


 Anyone with sense regards Vladimir Putin as a man who will not allow the US to move any further East.The consequences of the US through NATO pushing him further could be the stuff of our ultimate collective nightmares.

 The historical clearly shows that Canada joined NATO for economic reasons that no longer apply. In the last 20 years NATO, in searching for a reason to exist has become nothing but the tool of an increasingly belligerent United States. Using humanitarian Intervention as an excuse it has left a trial of desolation.  Kosovo almost ethnically cleansed of its historical Serb population. Libya is now a barbaric failed state, fought over by brutal tribal militias. Now in Iraq Canadian forces attack an enemy that we don’t understand and doesn’t threaten us and we are involved in a great power struggle in Ukraine that could have apocalyptic results.

 We live in a world fret with dangers that threaten not just Canada but humanity itself. I believe it is a closer measure of the will of the people of this Nation that we be a leader in the world  in searching for a new, far more humane and hopeful paradigm. One beyond Alliance systems with dubious motivations doling out massive violence. We should retake our position of leadership in working toward an end to the institutionalized use of violence in the conduct of human affairs. That is what the four generations of my family that fought for Canada fought for, that is what I fought for and most importantly that is what is in this countries best interests. In pursuit of this we should immediately and publicly leave NATO. And in the interests of maintaining the Peace of the World  put a match to the whole organization on the way out.

Free your mind ,and your ass will follow