Wexit is about more than Economics, Its about basic Human Freedom and our children’s future.

Authors note; please follow the many links and do your own research, beleiving random dudes on the internet is how we got here, thx.


If the west doesn’t immediately and decisively begin the process of separating from the disintegrating nightmare of the Canadian state we are dooming our children to destitute bondage.  Their thoughts and even their perception of basic reality dictated to them by the state. We doom them to a world where their skin color will determine the Justice they deserve and where racism and discrimination is encouraged against them if they happen to be part of the wrong group.  We should give this the same urgency we would hordes of ravening barbarians at our border, because in fact they are already inside our walls. They run our Universities and Unions and are embedded in our civil service. We in the West face a simple if stark choice, separation or slavery. We have no more time we stand together now or none of us will stand at all. In my opinion the following steps should be immediately taken by the Government of Alberta;

-Cease immediately the payment of any funds to Ottawa in any direct transfer agreement



-Cease Immediately any further compliance with the Canada Immigration act


Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 8.54.08 AM


-Immediately hold a referendum under the Canadian constitution on leaving the Federation

No one should view this as Alberta destroying Canada. On October 21st Canada voted to destroy itself with full foreknowledge and informed consent. What we would be doing is guarding the last remnants and memory of that once proud nation as it disappears forever from the face of the earth.

Though we have every right to succeed peacefully and fully under the constitution we should be fully ready to fight to enforce our obvious rights. Look to the UK where fellow travelers of Trudeau’s are destroying British parliamentary democracy in a desperate bid to thwart the clear will of their people to leave the authoritarian dictates of the unelected European Union technocrats. To our south the ironically named Democratic Party, which is deeply embedded in the real direction of Canada’s Liberal Party, has been engaged in a 3 year coup attempt against the elected president. The war criminals Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton tweeting support to their puppet in the middle of our elections.  There is direct compelling and mounting evidence that it was the Democratic Party with the help of loyal members of their national security state that colluded with foreign powers, and used every other corrupt method at their disposal to subvert the 2016 election. The Trudeau regime and its masters will not let democratic niceties like constitutions or citizen rights get in their way.

The first tactic they will use is leveraging the rights of Indigenous people against us. This is already happening. It is a smokescreen.

“The association between Canada’s Indigenous peoples and the Canadian Crown is both statutory and traditional, the treaties being seen by the first peoples both as legal contracts and as perpetual and personal promises by successive reigning kings and queens to protect Aboriginal welfare, define their rights, and reconcile their sovereignty with that of the monarch in Canada. The agreements are formed with the Crown because the monarchy is thought to have inherent stability and continuity, as opposed to the transitory nature of populist whims that rule the political government”

Indigenous peoples Treaty relationship is to the Crown. The government of Canada simply administers that relationship under Law.  Unlike Quebec we would remain part of the commonwealth and simply take over the role of steward from the Federal Crown. So this is actually a much easier process than it would have been in Québec.

The Trudeau itself government has been involved under the guise of its Rights and Reconciliation framework of breaking and abrogation of those treaty rights by a series of band by band referendums. In some cases with only small fractions of eligible members voting on the referendum. In short it was shifting the relationship to the provincial level,extinguishing Indigenous collective ownership and making their territory something akin to a municipality.  This process will now accelerate. I will let the brilliant work of Mohawk lawyers Russ Diabo and John Ford enlighten you further on the dangers this framework poses.

We can and should reach much higher than the colonial Indian Act. We will be writing a completely new Constitution. We have before us the opportunity to create the first structure on earth based on cooperative government between all the peoples that inhabit the land. We do not have to, and should not, base it on the colonial past represented by the Indian act. The choice would of course be fully in the hands of indigenous people themselves to continue their treaty rights or create something new. If they choose to remain in the treaty framework it would be administered by a government that actually lives beside them instead of the distant missives of the east.


Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 5.03.51 PM.png

The Trudeau government has been open in their desire to obliterate Canada and Canadian society. He absolutely controls the media and is moving to control social media.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 9.33.25 PMThe Trudeau government is clear in their plans to limit our speech, replace our population, indoctrinate our children, and destroy the country economically thus allowing his corporate masters to pick the bones. If we remain in Confederation our children will be left homeless and destitute in the society their ancestors bled and struggled to build.

Our education system has been turned into the weapon that they hope will demoralize and destroy us. Universities cleave to rigid ideologies that demonize our society and assign moral character by skin colour. These dark ideologies have been forced into secondary education across the spectrum with physicists being told to integrate the laughingly named “anti racism” into their work.

The Education faculties have for decades thrown away their study of their actual Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 9.35.43 PM.pngsubjects and now have conferences on ending “whiteness”. Their disgusting “gender theory” is being used to indoctrinate our children at increasingly younger ages that they must put aside the fundamental reality of their perceptions favor of government sanctioned ideology. Once this is accomplished  human freedom dies. We could completely revamp our University system and return to the pursuit of knowledge rather than the imposition of of warped corporate driven Neo Marxist doctrine.

The rights of women, children and parents all need to be suppressed and supplant by the authority of the state in the new “Canadian” model that the east voted for. If you question this in any way you or act to protect your own children you are a NAZI. You must support brave and beautiful people like Jonathan Yaniv in their quest to be allowed into our daughters change rooms to check out “tits and pussy”




Women and even young girls no longer have any right whatsoever to same sex spaces. Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 9.39.35 PMNot even in a rape shelter. Violent male offenders are being secretly transferred to women’s prisons. Police will no longer even record crime by gender. At increasingly younger ages our children will be propagandized with bizarre gender theory, sexualized “diversity education” and whenever possible parental rights are denied. The children must learn only what the state tells them and never never question.


Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 5.28.20 PM

The Law is also being weaponized against our own society. The most basic tenant of Law is absolute equality before it. Without that basic agreement all respect for an impatial system that allows for the peaceful functioning of society is lost.

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 5.30.30 PM.png

Law schools across the country put the dogma of diversity and equity before the practice of their profession or any thought of actual justice. Violent criminals are treated as Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 5.09.07 PMvictims while those suffering are ignored as long as they are members of the right marginalized group. Any questioning of this is suppressed brutally and the Law societies behind our judges and lawyers make it their primary goal to push the racist tenants of social justice into our legal system to all our detriment.

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 5.25.59 PM


It is hard to see how this would be corrected in the entire Canadian system as it has  metastasized throughout. After separation we could build our own system and ensure these garbage dogmas are excluded and can never be brought back. We could completely revamp our University system and return to the pursuit of knowledge rather than the imposition of of warped corporate driven Neo Marxist doctrine


Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 4.34.14 PM

The overarching economic pressure is that being brought to bear by the so called climate movement. Recent articles extolling the value of cannibalism and population control has really brought the Environmental movement back to its elite class Eugenic roots. The elite class of Eugenic promoters, the Ford’s and Rockefeller’s et al had to rebrand themselvesScreen Shot 2019-10-26 at 4.26.47 PM because of the NAZI use of Eugenics,so they did.  The carbon tax is on its face regressive. It is in fact an attempt at the greatest wealth transfer ever attempted. Where are the massive industrial projects to build the solar and wind generators? Where is the infrastructure plans for electric vehicles? None of that exists because none of that is the point. The pronouncements of the IPCC are directly at odds with the migrant pact. The movement of millions from the global to the North, one Foundation now advocating a Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 5.45.08 PMdoubling of Canada’s population by 2100, will cause the greatest spike in so called Greenhouse gasses since the industrial revolution. We were dissuaded from taking a close look at the so called climate gate email leak in 1998. But actually examining the documents makes it abundantly clear that the climate crisis is a product of media control and manipulated science.

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 5.46.25 PM.png

At its very base all wealth is tied to the use of energy, control the use of energy you control everything. Societal control is achieved more easily over a destitute population. Canada’s economy has been systematically destroyed  over the last several decades by Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 4.38.41 PMNeo Liberal Canadian governments even when they called themselves Conservative. Nafta and its globalist successors have increasingly moved manufacturing to areas of cheap labor like Mexico slave labor like China and one of the only consistently growing Canadian companies became Dollarama.

The migration pact will no conveniently bring the cheap labor to Canada. Economic power has long been concentrated in a few mostly eastern Canadian Oligarchical families, they were never comfortable with an economically powerful Alberta and its affluent and large middle class. They are moving to end that annoyance. Canada is being set up to fall in a “global recession” already in the making by the same folks that brought us the financial collapse of 2008. This time we will be allowed to fail.



All of this is painful to contemplate. But we must for the sake of our children and of preserving at least one corner of free thought and free humans in a world falling into despotism dressed as progressive thought. Somewhere to eventually start the battle to reclaim it all. The proud Nova Scotians, Newfoundlander’s and people of Ontario that we built a country the world envied with are gone, long gone. Their descendants are empty meaningless echoes of these once vibrant peoples. We should respect their choice to live as they choose and leave these sad ghosts to it.

William Ray





I’m a Lifelong N.D.P. Supporter; Here’s Why No Canadian Should Even Think of Voting N.D.P Next Week

Authors Note; Please do follow the many links and do your own research. Believing random dudes on the Internet is how we got here. Thx



the Author

I have been a supporter of the New Democratic Party of Canada for 30 years, since I could vote. I am currently a card carrying member of the N.D.P. So this is not easy to write. But I have always believed that the Truth is the greatest of human gifts. The truth of the matter is that the N.D.P. of Tommy Douglas, a working mans answer to the Oligarchical control of the Liberals and Conservative Party’s by Canada’s large industrial families the Irvine’s, Patterson’s, MacDonald’s and Désmarais, et al died awhile ago.

As Tommy famously, and incredibly succinctly stated, “Black cats or white, its all bad for mice.”  The current iteration of New Democratic Party  is run by a non responsive Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 6.46.16 PMcentralized “woke” bureaucracy of professional political operatives that has no room for the input of its actual members in the riding associations. Even though they pay the bills for the six figure salaries. Their policy and strategy is directed in some measure by the dark emissaries of the American Democratic Party. They are funded partly by the same dark money from the same private Foundations that have destroyed our economy and disrupted our society.

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 8.07.18 PM

In fact by centering their platform around the dark ideologies of Identity Politics. By advancing to the “climate emergency” that is now barely concealing the greatest forced wealth transfer in human history and a bid for centralized control of every aspect of our lives. I believe the New Democratic Party of 2019 represent a clear and present danger to our Democracy, to the peace of our society, and directly to the basic human freedom of every Canadian.

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 7.41.02 PM

I will begin with fundamental principles and move to policy.

The NDP have talked about completely shutting off our energy sector because climate change is such a dire emergency. Then why was I receiving dozens of emails exhorting me to Jet with Jagmeet. They would fly me from the closest airport to a “pick up point, then from a drop off point back to the closest airport. They would even pay gas for ground transport. All this so they could pay to lease an aircraft. Greta would not be pleased.




All orange text is taken directly from the 2019 New Democratic Party of Canada platform


Jagmeet Singh is openly racist. Anyone who participates in panels and groups advancing the ideas espoused in the video below is by definition racist.

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 10.09.47 AM



Meanwhile  in Canada

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 7.38.42 PM

The N.D.P platform would bring racism into every aspect of Law and regulation.

Labor Law

“A New Democrat government will conduct a comprehensive review of the existing employment equity regime to help close the racialized wage gap.”

“To address the chronic over-representation of Indigenous peoples and Black Canadians in the federal prison population, we will put in place a national task force to develop a roadmap to end this systemic injustice. Working alongside Indigenous communities, this approach will include addressing the need for greater judicial discretion in sentencing, developing culturally-appropriate bail programs, increasing restorative and community justice programs, and better integrating Gladue principles in court proceedings. We will also develop and implement an African Canadian Justice Strategy, working with Black Canadians with experience and expertise on criminal justice issues”.

Race based justice and labor policies are not the direction we should allow Canada to go.


Its okay if we don’t agree with all this because an NDP government will ensure our children do. They will accelerate the incredibly mislabeled “anti-racism” curriculum that demonizes Canadian history and culture. It doesn’t stop there “white” Canadian children Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 4.07.24 PMare bombarded with tests and exercises designed to drum in the idea that even if they are in reality the poorest kid in the class that they posses “privilege” over demonstrably more affluent classmates because of their skin color. I grew up as poor white trash. single mother on welfare in Alberta poor.  I had to deal with alot of insecurity and doubt. At least I didn’t walk into school every day and see posters like this which the BC NDP backs having hung in BC middle schools.

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 4.06.58 PM


Basic respect for democracy and freedom of speech

The current iteration of the New Democratic Party has zero respect for actual democratic function or for the democratic rights of Canadian Citizens. Singh and the NDP have repeatedly called for the silencing of a registered Canadian political party they disagree with. They paint any questioning of their policies or leader as being “racist”.  And of course under Singh any talk of actually controlling our borders is painted as white supremacy. Singh recently refused to answer the questions of an accredited reporter at the recent french National leaders debate.

“Recognizing the threat posed by outside interference in Canadian elections, we believe that more needs to be done to stop the spread of disinformation and “fake news”

“A New Democrat government will convene a national working group to counter online hate and protect public safety, and make sure that social media platforms are responsible for remove hateful and extremist content before it can do harm.”

Any criticism of Islam, Immigration, Gender Ideology and a terrifyingly long list of other subjects will be “Hate speech” We see this happening already.

The NDP back the highly politicized curriculum agendas in Canadian schools. Strangely the dogma being pushed into classrooms by teachers unions that back the N.D.P sound alot like N.D.P policy, and what a shock they would like the completely unprepared highly propagandized demographic to vote

“Young people can and should have a say in their future. Simply put, if you are old enough to work and pay taxes, you are old enough to have a say in who forms the government. It’s time to lower the voting age to 16.”

Foreign Actors

I can trace the entrance of US Democratic Party operatives going back to Jack Layton’s surprise campaign.

“Layton’s mimicking of Obama’s roll-up-your-sleeves style during a recent town hall meeting is just the tip of the iceberg for the NDP’s strategy in this campaign.

The party’s campaign planners have been picking the brains of U.S. Democrats for months and with pride admit that whole portions of their media strategy, their online campaign and their fundraising take cues from south of the border.

“We’re stealing from the best,” said Brad Lavigne, a campaign spokesman.


The integration continues and intensifies in 2015

Somewhat more openly, Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats have been receiving guidance from Jeremy Bird, who was Mr. Obama’s national field director.
Look closely enough, and it is possible to see the influence of those and other prominent Democrats on the Liberals’ and NDP’s election preparations – just not in the ways one might expect, based on some of the hype about high-tech methods set to be imported.


This influence goes right down to the grassroots. For years i was in contact with many NDP social media groups. I even ran a page called Veterans for the NDP with some 500 followers. Then in 2018 I receive this on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 5.23.14 PM

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 5.23.26 PM

Bernie Sanders is a foreign political actor. His operatives are foreign, and the Democratic Party he represents is a foreign one. How is this level of interference not even discussed as an issue while our laughable M.S.M search diligently, if futilely, misrepresent the views of ordinary Canadians as Russian trolls on Twitter.

You can easily spot the Democrat operation in Singh’s campaign. Witness his “Dreams of my Father” -esque attempt at a bio. The constant framing of his position around his ethnicity.

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 6.39.36 PM.png

It is likely at this point that the American Democratic Party may have switched its 2019 operational focus onto the N.D.P, as its Liberal puppet Trudeau’s star wanes under the ominous weight of his odious character. It is increasingly obvious that the US Democrats are one of the most corrupt political parties in the world. They are backed and controlled at the end of the day by some of the most odious oligarch money players in the United States. They have tried to steal elections in the US and Ukraine I believe they did help steal our 2015 election for the Liberal Party.


Gender ideology

The rights of women and children are thrown under the bus to accommodate ridiculous Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 1.37.09 PMand harmful Trans Ideology. The modern NDP has warmly embraced Judith Butler’s Neo Marxist revolutionary fantasy disguised as human healthcare. The rights of women and children are thrown under the bus to accommodate ridiculous and harmful Trans Ideology.

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 8.41.12 AM.png

The vice president of the British Colombia N.D.P is a brutally repressive “Trans activist”, Morgane Oger, . A male who identifies as a female and demands without exception to be given absolute Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 6.27.24 PM.pngand unfettered access to any and all Woman’s spaces, services, and the fundamental right to define themselves. Going so far as to harass and de-fund the oldest woman’s rape shelter in Canada because they will not hire or admit intact, biological males. Oger has supported the continued harassment of the shelter with graffiti, death threats being leveled at them and dead rodents left on their doorstep. All of this is deserved according to Oger. In a stunning glimpse into Oger’s character, and the duplicitous and dangerous nature of NDP virtue signalling , a local BC Native band accuses Oger of defrauding their membersScreen Shot 2019-10-13 at 6.28.27 PM.png of over 100 000 dollars. Oger was also until quite recently of the odious Jonathan Yaniv. Yaniv is currently suing 15 mostly immigrant woman because they wont wax his balls. It was also well known that Yaniv routinely sent pedophilic texts while using his access to minor girls in locker rooms provided by BC’s self ID laws. This repugnant individual is again, Vice President of the BC NDP.

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 6.31.33 PM

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 10.56.08 AM.png

Morgane Oger and Jagmeet

We have all seen the massive damage this misogynistic ideology is doing to Woman’s sports. Crime is no longer recorded by sex. Dangerous male offenders are being housed in female facilities because they “feel like a woman.”

Woman’s healthcare, already massively underfunded, is being impacted by hormone shortages. We are seeing the beginnings of medical establishments to keep sex based statistics, and a shift of what resources do exist in favor of “Trans women”.

““Access to gender confirming procedures and medication can be life-saving for some transgender people. New Democrats will work with the provinces make sure that there is equal access to gender confirming surgery across the country, and that these procedures and medications are covered by public health plans”

Oger is also a big backer of the SOGI 123 curriculum that sexualizes minor children and indoctrinates them in highly dangerous gender ideology. Younger and younger children are being pushed to deny their own biological reality.

The Alberta NDP went so far as to bring in legislation that allowed schools to lie to parents about this issue and even results in kids being taken off school property by Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 5.41.48 PM.pngunregistered persons to attend sexuality conferences where they are often exposed to pornographic materiel’s. The NDP fought an incredible multi ethnic group of parents in court when they objected to what was happening to their minor children. “Big They knows best” after all it s not for us Deplorables to question.


And in case we do seek therapy for “gender confused” children after the intense propaganda thrown at them has an effect, if that therapy in any way tries to make them comfortable in their actual bodies will now be deemed “conversion therapy” and banned.

“When it comes to sexual orientation and gender expression, damaging practices such as so-called “conversion therapy” have no place in Canada. We will develop a national action plan to ban conversion therapy for minors in Canada, and work with provinces and territories to support eliminating this practice in all parts of the country.”

They will also be introducing your elementary school child to masturbation and anal sex. None of this is an exaggeration. In short the election of the NDP would be an unmitigated disaster for women, children and families most basic rights. Below is what Female to Male Transgender therapy looks like. Healthy breasts removed from teenage girls, they arms are skinned to make fake penises, and a life time of drugs. This is being force fed to our children. The N.D.P will accelerate that

At base the NDP believe we are not enlightened enough to exercise our constitutionally protected, and most fundamental of human rights, to raise our own offspring, so they will usurp it.

Public Security/ Foreign affairs

The NDP would massively intensify the prioritizing of criminals over victims that are turning our streets red and sending violent criminals repeatedly back on our streets.

We are already seeing the results of gangsters being given preferential treatment because of the color of their skin. The very concept of  Law in civilized societies is EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW. The idea that every citizen no matter who they are face equal treatment at all times under Law. In some cases individuals are actually gettingScreen Shot 2019-10-13 at 7.50.45 PM.png away with murder. The N.D.P. would move to enshrine this racist doctrine in all government regulation thus depriving some 75% of the Canadian population from equal access to service and in some cases their most basic of civil rights.

“It’s important that police practices respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and foster trust between law enforcement and Canadians. Carding, or “street checks”, do not respect Charter rights and erode trust between the police and communities. A New Democrat government will move immediately to ban carding by federal law enforcement, and work with local partners across Canada to end this practice in all jurisdictions across the country. This will include a review of the information obtained through carding that has been retained by police, and an examination of how that information has been shared between the RCMP and other police forces and government agencies.”

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 7.53.59 PM

“To help protect our communities against gangs, New Democrats will make sure that communities have access to funding for anti-gang projects that help deter at-risk youth from joining gangs. We’ll address radicalization by focusing on preventing youth from falling prey to violent extremism, including through support for community-led initiatives. Our vision of public safety is one that is informed by the need for more restorative justice.”

The NDP would hamstring police and result in brutal murderers spending even more Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 3.51.08 PMtime in luxurious healing lodges. Our schools will get even more dangerous. But don’t worry the police will no doubt respond quickly to any mis-gendering of autogynephilic men or any criticism of brutal, patriarchal religions. Because that’s real violence according to the ideology permeating their policy document.

“To address the chronic over-representation of Indigenous peoples and Black Canadians in the federal prison population, we will put in place a national task force to develop a roadmap to end this systemic injustice. Working alongside Indigenous communities, this approach will include addressing the need for greater judicial discretion in sentencing, developing culturally-appropriate bail programs, increasing restorative and community justice programs, and better integrating Gladue principles in court proceedings. We will also develop and implement an African Canadian Justice Strategy, working with Black Canadians with experience and expertise on criminal justice issues.”

Virtually all of the shooters that turned Toronto into a war zone are Black. Under an N.D.P government every one of these brutal killers would be given less of a sentence than a “white” person. RCMP figures show at least 75% of Indigenous women are murdered by Indigenous men. Again these women’s lives will be given less weight than that of the offender come sentencing. The bloodbath will continue in Toronto and Indigenous women will continue to die. The base idea of all of this of course is that my 4 year old son bears some sort of racial group guilt that accounts for the lives and actions of these criminals. They are less responsible for their own actions because of the color of their skin than him. That assumed collective race guilt internalized by the Canadian justice system means if he is killed by a member of one of these groups his life will be deemed to be worth less by the Canadian justice system than if his killer were “white”. This is the policy of the New Democratic Party of Canada.

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 12.09.58 PMThe NDP also favor the decriminalization of all hard drugs and what basically amounts to Open border policy. It is interesting to note that both these policies are heavily backed by the Koch brothers in the United States. That’s because these policies destroy our societies cohesion leaving us venerable to complete corporate domination. Again Important to remember Jagmeet is a millionaire. His class interest and ours are not the same. While constantly virtue signalling about Indigenous rights the N.D.P fully supports millions more “colonizers” that would have zero relationship or history with indigenous people flooding what they continue to refer to wrongly as unceded territory?

The N.D.P  state in their platform in an unqualified fashion that Canada’s world record breaking intake of  migrants in 2019 is not enough. Open Borders are also a Koch brothers pet project because uncontrolled immigration will destroy labor rights and the basic political cohesion of societies, leaving the corporations to rule directly.

““As the world experiences an unprecedented refugee crisis, Canada also has a vital role to play in resettling people forced out of their homes by conflict, persecution, and disasters. But under the Liberal government, the backlog of asylum seekers is set to more than double in the next few years. A New Democrat government will fix the system to get rid of the backlog, and work with Canadians to resettle refugees in our communities, ensuring they are given the support they need to build successful lives and new homes here in Canada.”

“We believe that family reunification should be a priority in Canada. But this year, thousands of families who hoped to apply to bring a parent or grandparent were let down when the available spots were filled in just eleven minutes. New Democrats will end the unfair cap on applications to sponsor parents and grandparents, and take on the backlogs that delay reunification for years.”

Ujjal Dosanjh, a former B.C. NDP premier and federal Liberal cabinet minister, said Singh’s presence at a march that so prominently displayed a portrait of Bhindranwale is troubling.

“It sends a message that Mr. Singh can’t distinguish between whether or not the use of violence is appropriate in political matters,” Dosanjh said in an interview with CBC News.

.Dosanjh said Singh has a history of associating with those friendly to the idea of Sikh separatism.

“This is not an isolated incident for Mr. Singh, if you put it alongside his refusal to condemn Parmar, a Canadian terrorist who killed Canadians, and him being honoured at temples that have portraits of Parmar and others on the wall,” he said.

“I just think there’s absolutely no doubt, in anyone’s mind, that Mr. Singh may harbour sympathies for those who want to dismember India.”

Responding to Jagmeet’s appearance at a 2015 parade in the United States

Jagmeet Singh’s much reported ties to Sikh extremism and the fact he has been banned from our major partner India for it. It speaks for itself. I will note that to this Day the Air India bombing remains the largest loss of Canadian life in our history to Terrorism. Given the facts of his associations and bans from other allied countries on his own Jagmeet Singh would never be issued a security clearance by the RCMP. Think about that.

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 4.22.18 PM.png

Air India wreckage

Any one of the issues I have listed should be enough to convince any critically thinking person that they should very closely examine any intention to back the N.D.P. And that is incredibly sad but I will put loyalty to ideals that were not cranked out of oligarch funded university social engineering sweatshops. I will put my loyalty to my society and my fellow citizens before loyalty to party, always.

I am not advising anyone who they should vote for, I am imploring you not to vote for the NDP and obviously #TrudeauMustGO.


William Ray










Moving the Overton Window, how Canadian media was used as a weapon against Canadian society

Authors note; please do click on the links in the article, and do your own research, believing random folks on the internet is how we got here.


“The Overton window is the range of ideas the public is willing to consider and accept — ideas a politician to could successfully campaign on. This window shifts over time, as it’s subject to the trends of social thought and norms. All social reform movements have to shift the Overton window”



“Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. It works much better than you may think. Anyone is susceptible to gaslighting, and it is a common technique of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders. “

Psychology Today


How many fingers, Winston?’

‘Four! Stop it, stop it! How can you go on? Four! Four!’

‘How many fingers, Winston?’

‘Five! Five! Five!’

‘No, Winston, that is no use. You are lying. You still think there are four. How many fingers, please?

1984, George Orwell

Trans-women are women

CBC CTV Global Toronto Star Globe and Mail


The Overton Window

The concept originally enunciated by Joseph P. Overton of the Macinak Centre for public policy. Another of the plethora of Oligarch and corporate funded private foundations that allow our masters to study us like lab-rats, and work out how best to construct the maze.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 5.08.16 PM.png

click for link

The basic idea is that there is a range of “publicly accepted” political and social ideas. These comprise the “mainstream” and thus politically acceptable thought in a society. The ideas that fall within this space are said to be inside the Overton Window. As described above the theory opines that social change requires that this window be moved. Now usually this is presented as an organic phenomenon that proceeds from a natural shift in public perception. What we have experienced in Canada, and indeed across the western world Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 12.37.45 PMover the last decade is anything but natural. It fits much closer into Noam Chomskey’s classic “Manufacturing Consent” narrative. A massive and coordinated effort has been made to move the Overton Window and create the appearance that corporate-sponsored Neo-Marxist Identity Politics are the only acceptable forms of public discourse. All the mainstream Canadian media has been in lockstep working hard to maintain the ILLUSION that the tenants of racist “Privilege Theory” and the dark ideology of “Gender Theory” are the mainstream belief and that any questioning or dissent is “uneducated,” “fascist,” or some version of “hate speech” is unacceptable in Canada.

For anyone who thinks this is hyperbole I would direct you to the very recent recording of the storied New York Times editorial board where there content goals were decided not by unfolding events or public interest but by fiat and decree. In a recorded “town hall” meeting of their staff where publisher  Dean Baquet noted how the story they had “shaped their newsroom around” covering Trump is a Russian spy narrative. Without in any way acknowledging the fact it was complete garbage he glides on to direct that they will now switch their energy to proving Trump is a racist. This is certainly not the first time this media outlet has “decided ” what we need to discuss rather than covering what the society are actually discussing. As these graphics show the NYT did a lot of the heavy lifting to bring Identity Politics into our societies. The following data was compiled by analyst Zach Goldberg @zachg932. It shows clearly how the NYT began an incredibly concerted campaign to give the appearance that Identity Politics was widely supported in society. The sharp and absolute rise in the graph shows that this was indeed manufactured consent.






For a further example listen to Edward L. Bernays, the father of modern advertising and propaganda methods. Approached in 1929 to attract a new audience to tobacco, here he explains how he orchestrated a “Torches of Freedom” march from coast to coast. And thus sold lung cancer to women as “Freedom Torches” with the help of a compliant media.



You can be absolutely certain the same editorial meetings have taken place at CBC, CTV, Global, and every other Canadian Media outlet. The MSM in Canada have been beating a constant theme for half a decade. All “white” Canadians are racist. That this is completely and thoroughly contradicted by the fact that we have been recognized for 30 years as one of the most inclusive welcoming societies on earth and continue to be to this day is no barrier to the advance of this ideology.

To shape their altered reality they present us with an endless series of essays written by our social and intellectual betters. It is important to note that the headline itself is the main propaganda vehicle. It is next to immaterial what is contained within. As I will demonstrate the text is usually either completely devoid of support or at times directly contradictory. The important function is simply that you see it when you scroll your news-feed, open a MSM website, pick up a newspaper or watch your evening news. The concept must be enforced repetitively, inserted into every part of the social fabric and from “authoritative” sources.

The fact that all of this is in lockstep with the policies and public pronouncements of a Liberal Government and all backed up by an Academic establishment bought and paid for by the private foundations pushing this agenda, and literally quashing any free thought beyond accepted ideological boundaries, has helped them in their quest to alter our reality.

Let us examine a few examples and “unpack” the strategy here.

Right after the election we were all introduced to “your a racist” story time delivered by Celina Caesar-Chavannes Liberal MP for Whitbey Ontario. In a seemingly never ending series of Op eds in every major media outlet she railed against the systemic racism that allowed her father to build a successful business after coming to Canada from Grenada with a 100$. The same brutal unending racism allowed her to become a millionaire owner of a company managing pharmaceutical trials and an elected member of parliament. In her signature work, as in all the subsequent ones, no actual proof is given. So in this opus we Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 2.39.00 PM.pngare treated to the wrenching story of the microaggressions this otherwise highly privileged individual is forced to confront every day. From doors not being held open, to security badges being checked, it never ceases. The denouement is a truly bizarre bathroom scene where a “white woman” for some unknown reason decides to enter a bathroom stall without taking her purse or wallet, details are sketchy on this point, and admonishes Ms Caesar-Chavennes to not “steal it” in an obvious white power move. Now I don’t spend any time in women’s washrooms but fairly extensive anecdotal research tells me that women do not often leave their valuables outside of toilet stalls. In no part of the piece or the subsequent sermons from the mount are we offered even one overtly racist act, although we are all apparently collectively responsible for the racist repression of hair. So her and Oprah tell us.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 8.56.44 AM

Joining in on the woke chorus was our very own Marci Ien. Another highly privileged marginalized person. Our systemic racism having relegated her immigrant father to the Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 8.57.23 AM.pngdrudgery of being a very well compensated senior bureaucrat in the Ontario education system. She seems to have begun a broadcasting career right out of university and for half a decade was a fixture on the most watched morning program in Canada. The horror. Even after boasting on TV about getting out of traffic tickets because of the Marci Ien effect she was able to publish a story that slashed across the mainstream media about the brutally racist TO police pulling her over and not letting her off. Peak racism occurs when the constable demands that she stay in her vehicle after being stopped. We will ignore that fact that everyone holding a drivers license in Canada knows you never do this because to consider that fact would of course be ..you guessed it.. racist.  The Chief of Toronto Police responded the next morning by inviting her to come watch the dash-cam of her traffic stop and point out the issue, and to make a complaint so that we could all have a chance to look at our internalized racism in action. She declined.

I’ll close the “your a racist” roll of honor with a personal favorite, Charles Officer. In his own words as conveyed by our national broadcaster

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 3.36.06 PM.png

“I was born in the ’70s and I have learned that Toronto is a city unlike any in the world when it comes to diversity. Despite my fortunate experience growing up in a multi-cultural corner of the city, I was not exempt from racism. Imagine walking into a room aware that there is someone who thinks of you as “other” or “lesser”. Playing hockey in my youth, I was often alienated at training camps; people doubted my abilities just because of the skin I was in. I remember how differently I was treated when people noticed my play on the ice. How I was suddenly more acceptable. This had a profound effect on my young view of the world……When I was a teenager, I lived abroad and played professional hockey in Europe. At Christmas, I spent time with my father’s side of the family in London, England. I met an older cousin who was a practicing Rastafarian in the traditional sense. He opened my mind and inspired new spiritual pathways. I started growing dreadlocks. When I returned home at the end of the season I noticed people looked at me differently. My mother hated my new hairstyle. Time and time again, she expressed her fear that I would lose my life at the hands of police because my hair was dreadlocked”

Don’t Believe The Hype: Canada Is Not a Nation of Cultural Tolerance, CBC


I mean its hard to type through the tears learning of his horrible disadvantaged life, but I will try. So again an obviously highly privileged person, again there is not one actual example of overt racism in his narrative. Being respected in hockey only after showing some skill is a common experience. Although full disclosure my “white privileged” parents couldn’t afford the equipment or fees so I’m taking anecdotal evidence here. His oppression continued with being funded with Canada’s racist tax dollars to produce a film linking the shooting of an unarmed black teenager in the U.S. state of Florida by a Hispanic man to gentrification in Toronto. Quite a feat of creative license. He now collects our tax dollars to produce “the skin we’re in” basically devoted to turning out an endless stream of “you’re racist, Canada sucks” again all on our dime.

The definition of racism has been expanded to include anyone who wants to in any way control entry to the country. Notice the clever framing here.

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 3.55.59 PM

So as actually, if somewhat grudgingly described in the article  a registered Canadian Political party calling itself The National Citizens Alliance, who’s platform centers around Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 4.03.14 PM.pngfighting corruption and massive reductions in immigration, had a permit to hold a rally in Halifax. The local  Halifax ANTIFA group , strangely being called Halifax anti hate by Global, masked up and descended on the four or so people that showed up. They attacked the participants physically without provocation, because, punch a Nazi. Police arrested one Antifa member for actually stealing property from one of the rally organizers and assaulting him. When a second antifa member was being arrested the antifa circled the arresting officer and were aggressive enough that the officer fired pepper spray. Did you get any of that from the headline? Because you definitely were not supposed to. I actually phoned Global news and talked to a producer for their Atlantic Canada digital content. At one point I asked him how as a journalist he could call a registered Canadian political party a “far right group”. He answered that his justification came from the fact that “mainstream Canadian society” would view them as such. I pointed out that numerous recent polls indicated that the vast majority of Canadians actually want a lessening of immigration he had no response except that he “stood behind the piece”.  This is an absolutely perfect example of manufacturing consent. Even though demonstrably a majority of Canadians would agree, at least to some extent, with this registered party’s policy they must be portrayed as “far right” to disenfranchise them. No dissenting opinion must be allowed. And let’s recall that what really happened is that a political party in our democracy was violently forced to halt an event. This is the new normal.

One of the most stunning things I have ever seen is the callous and immediate abandoning of our children to the bizarre precepts of Gender Theory. Increasing amounts of younger and younger children are being referred for hormone blockers and Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 9.15.07 AM.pngeventual surgical mutilation. 10 years ago this would be unthinkable and horrifying. Today its inclusive. Children as young as three are apparently able to innately tell that gender is incorrect. Munchhausen by proxy, enabled by the state and protected by law. Even the most gentle questioning of the ideology must be characterized as “controversial” and pulled from public view.

This is indeed the embodiment of Orwell’s four finger motif. We are asked to ignore all scientific evidence and our very perceptions, and declare that this is indeed a woman andScreen Shot 2019-08-22 at 9.17.42 AM.png that any of our children can have one of 30-some never before seen genders hiding within them, and that in fact we have no say whatsoever if some highly paid gender professional finds one.


Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 9.19.24 AM.pngJonathan (Jessica) Yaniv highlights our medias utter depravity on this subject. Women’s spaces mean nothing, in fact any woman who objects is a “terf”. The safety of children is viewed as some sort of luddite social disease. Yanniv is always described as a woman.





Media in Canada routinely refer to obviously male offenders as “she”, CorrectionsScreen Shot 2019-08-23 at 2.06.42 PM Canada and police are also helpfully recording them as female crimes and housing these men in Women’s prisons. There have been repeated assaults of actual women, even rapes that are now one imagines to be recorded as female on female. This is increasingly happening to women in formerly single sex spaces.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 1.56.35 PM



Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 3.18.37 PM.png

Enter a caption

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 3.18.37 PM

Corrections Canada power-point obtained under Access to Info


The Canada’s olsest women’s rape crisis center has been de-funded because they won’t let males stay or work there. This is of course presented to us as their fault for not being Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 9.25.41 AM“inclusive”. This is presented by the media and the city council as completely normative despite affecting one of the most vulnerable populations in Canada.


We are also being treated to endless documentaries and articles featuring highly sexualized children in “Drag” a highly sexual form cabaret emanating from the gay Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 9.27.34 AM.pngcommunity.  This, we are told is a completely natural expression of the child’s identity. To prepare our children for this they are now treated to “Drag ” story hour in our public libraries. Never mind the figure behind the curtain who obviously had to introduce them to this and purchase and apply the makeup. Any objection to any of this our media tells us in no uncertain terms is homophobic and very likely fascist.

The first thing to note is that like any Gas-lighting it relies on the misplaced good will of the victim. The fact our society has striven for generations to become a multicultural beacon of tolerance made this possible. The fact that the vast majority of Canadians have always been more than ready to look at things through the experiences of others and respect them sealed our fate. The reasons for all this are becoming increasingly apparent as part of a larger coordinated effort to de-stabilize the western Democracies. For some possible insight into this check the links below the article.

The best way to win this game is not to play. Simply ignore the obvious narrative. The vast majority of the Canadian population does not hold these views. Even their laughably skewed “polls” can’t hide this. Talk to your neighbours, have the courage to broach these subjects and make them points of discussion. Certainly the women and children of this country deserve that.

Lets start a #noclick #noshare campaign against CTV, CBC, Global, and the Star and Globe and Mail. Their advertisers will see this in real time and walk away with their money.

William Ray


















Global News expert, who explained how we care too much about dead “white” kids, has a very nasty benefactor

We are all no doubt better humans, more woke, thanks to Global News August 3rd feature article “The B.C. killings got instant attention, yet crimes against Indigenous Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 6.52.13 PMwomen get less. Why?”. We are now aware that we committed the venal sin of not prioritizing our emotion by the acceptable intersectional standards. In paying to much attention to the killing spree commenced in B.C. by 19-year-old Kam McLeod and 18-year-old Bryer Schmegelsky we have shown ourselves for the base racists we are. What disgusting creatures we are for being shocked at the death of a young couple celebrating their youth by traveling the world together. We are truly worthless creatures. The fact that Leonard Dyck was found dead in the pairs burned out truck, we don’t yet know how he died or his ethnic affiliation, is immaterial. The fact the two teen killers are believed heavily armed, extremely dangerous and are being hunted while their whereabouts remain a mystery is in no way a mitigating factor. The only reason we focused on any of this was because the murdered young travelers were white. Their obvious privilege of course should make their deaths less meaningful than Indigenous women. We never mention the killing of Indigenous women in this country, never. The parents of these two young people will doubtless find solace and be comforted by their white privilege. This important realization was brought to us by national online journalist, with help from Harvard trained expert Heidi Matthews. Professor Heidi Matthews is Assistant Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, where she also Co-Directs the Nathanson Center on Transnational Human Rights, Crime and Security.  How could we not bow in capitulation to their superior virtue. Heidi is of course very seized of the plight of Indigenous people, she will have no truck with any that would disrespect Indigenous rights. Well lets have a little closer look at Heidi shall we, and then circle back to our intrepid Journalist Ms. Gerster.

So Heidi has a background in identity politics. She is working hard to insert this dark ideologies misogynistic, racist precepts into law all over the globe.

“Her work theorizes contemporary shifts in the practice and discourse of the global legal regulation of political violence, with particular attention to history and gender, as well as political, critical and aesthetic theory.”

I take the above from her own Heidi on Demand website,  I’m not even kidding about the name. It goes on to say, “Prior to joining Osgoode Hall Law School, Professor Matthews held a British Academy Newton International Fellowship at the SOAS School of Law,

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 10.32.18 PM

Let us bask in the woke-ness

University of London. She served as a law clerk to the judges of the Appeals Chamber at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, and as an intern at the Immediate Office of the Prosecutor at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. Her doctoral dissertation, “From Aggression to Atrocity: Interrogating the Jus in Bello Turn in International Criminal Law” was awarded Harvard Law School’s Laylin Prize. Professor Matthews has been a Fellow of the Institute for Global Law and Policy and a Clark Byse Fellow at Harvard Law School, as well as a Fellow at the Film Study Center, the Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics, and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University.” Heidi’s latest adventure in woke-ness, as mentioned, consists of her holding the lofty title of Co-Director of the Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights. So lets unpack that shall we.

The Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights was founded in 1997 by Mark L Nathanson. He named it after mom and dad, must be a great guy. Maclean’s had this to say in 1997,

“Mark Nathanson is flustered, clearly not used to questions about his life and his career. “I’ve lived in the shadows,” he says. “Quietly.” Not so quietly now. This week, at a ceremony in Toronto, Solicitor General Herb Gray will lead an international group of academics, politicians, judges, police officers and lawyers in a celebration of an extraordinary, $3-million gift that Nathanson has made to Osgoode Hall Law School at York University. Its purpose: to fund the Jack and Mae Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption. The centre, named after Nathanson’s parents, is the only one of its kind in Canada, and has few counterparts anywhere in the world. And the man funding it is intriguing in his own right. At 50, Nathanson, one of two children of a family that operated a wholesale grocery company in Sydney, N.S., has quietly built an immense fortune with an impressive array of enterprises: from African gold mining to consumer electronics, and from intelligence equipment used by governments to an international forensic investigation company headed by his close friend and partner, Rod Stamler, former assistant commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.”https://archive.macleans.ca/article/1997/3/24/corporate-crime-buster#!&pid=62

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 9.20.30 PM.png

Turns out despite his parental ode Mark is definitely not a very nice guy. Thing is Mark is the founder and owner of IamGold corporation. IamGold is the 16th largest Gold Mining company on the planet. If Mr. Nathanson wants to worry about corruption and human rights then his company should probably stop fighting to silence and forcibly remove Indigenous people, from Ecuador to Ghana, in order to extract their natural resources through corrupted government mechanisms. According to Mining Watch Canada in 2012, IamGoldwas forced to sell part of its stake in Ecuadors Quimsacocha mine, though it then bought a 40% stake in INV metals, the company it sold the mine to. Business is fun. This was because, in the words Carlos Pérez, President of the Union of Community Water Systems of the province of Azuay;

“This company has not obtained the consent of affected communities to carry out this project, because we recognize that our sources of water are going to be irreparably affected if mining takes place in this area,” said the indigenous leader. In October 2011, water users in the communities of Victoria del Portete and Tarqui participated in a local plebiscite in which 92% voted against mining in the area of Quimsacocha. Future plebiscites in nearby communities are anticipated.”    

News Release 22 June 2012 ” Ecuadorian Communities Welcome IAMGOLD’s Retreat, Warn INV Metals There’s No Social Licence for Quimsacocha”

 IamGolds new Loma Larga Project was plagued by the same pesky Indigenous rights issues but the company vowed to fight tooth and nail and actually threatened to sue the Government of Ecuador if its investment was interfered with by some natives selfish desire for clean water.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 4.11.12 PM.png.png

Mining Watch canada


Mr Nathanson’s record is not much better for Indigenous people in Africa. In Ghana December 1999, police shot and wounded nine people during demonstrations against the lay off of 1,000 workers by Gold Fields Limited at its Tarkwa mine 18.9% owned by Repadre Capital Corporation of Toronto, Repadre merged with IAMGOLD effective January 7, 2003. On May 8, 2003, IAMGOLD announced a U.S.$159 million expansion of the Tarkwa mine involving the installation of a mill and the buying of a new mining fleet and support equipment. This expansion is expected to increase annual gold production

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 7.58.07 PM

Indigenous woman displaced in Ghana

to over 700,000 ounces. The shooting of nine people discussed above is not the only damage linked to the Tarkwa mine. The operation of the mine has meant the forceful removal of at least 20,000 people from their homes and caused Ghana’s worst environmental disaster. IAMGOLD’s partner Gold Fields has also prevented more than 4,000 members of the Atuabo, Mandekrom and Sofo Mensakrom communities from farming land. According to the Third World Network Africa, villages which have protested have been attacked by mine security and state police. One such community is Nkwantakrom, where 52 mine security and 15 policemen demolished an entire village under the pretext that the settlement is illegal. The fact is that the villagers had complained to the company about their polluted water source.

So much for Transnational Human Rights.

So Heidi since your not a Canadian but a “settler” as your twitter bio proudly boasts, I have a suggestion. How about you take all that woke-ness and “settle” it on down to Ecuador or Ghana and put some of your high priced legal pedigree to work defending the thousands of Indigenous people who are being poisoned, displaced, and even killed by the brutal extraction industry that fuels your staff cocktail parties. You could fight to give Indigenous people democratic, economic, and basic human rights. Perhaps directly save their lives from your filthy master. And on your way there you should definitely stop by and abjectly apologize to the parents and loved ones of the actual humans who’s brutal deaths you so publicly and so casually dismissed because of the color of their skin.

But you won’t Heidi. You won’t because you are a particularly odious species of grifter. You spew cloying choruses of fraudulent virtue, casting shame from your airy academic sacrarium on us sinful serfs. All the while frenziedly stuffing your pockets with Oligarchic lucre and the tax contributions of the contemptible citizenry like the most common of thieves. Even if we discount the hundreds of thousands in fees collected for the half dozen fellowships, and the speaking fees, and the untold amounts she must have made in un-taxable salary as a United Nations aparactchnik, Heidi makes 125k a year as an associate professor at a public university. That is almost twice the average salary in Canada. I find no public evidence of her ever marching, doing volunteer work or anything like it. I was not shocked. She does do a podcast though, I suppose that’s something. To say you disgust me Heidi would be a ludicrous understatement.

It’s okay though Heidi because I’m an actual left wing activist. I had a full length documentary, Déception Durable, premier at le Festival des Films du Monde in Montréal. I funded it out of my own pocket using my pension as a Canadian Forces Veteran. The film was about an attempt to build the largest open pit mine in North America, inside the city limits of Sept-Îles, Québec, on Indigenous Land. I helped shut that mine down. It has never been built. Now I’m going to shut you down. Let’s see how long Osgoode Hall Law School wants to withstand the pressure of supporting a human rights institute funded with blood-soaked gold Heidi. I am literally about to unleash the humorless intersectional inquisition on you and your filthy little virtue factory. No woke cookie for you. Good luck with that.

Now as promised let’s circle back to Ms. Gerster, our hard nosed investigative journalist. I’m sure everything I just outlined will come as a complete shock to you. I’m guessing the awards listed in your impressive sounding bio are for attendance, or perhaps keeping a neat workspace. One does not imagine they are for journalism, because if they were none of this would have been “news” to you. Perhaps your just not a curious person. Because I have to tell you this took me 5 hours of research, while watching my 4 year old. I will commend to you, as I did your execrable accomplice, that you without delay offer your degraded atonement for the disgusting prose you vomited upon us to the loved ones of the dead. But you would need a conscious to feel that urge, an emotion you are not apparently burdened with. As for Global News your sugar daddy is almost gone, your audience has fled your puerile dogmatic detritus and you will follow the rest of your ilk into the dustbin.

William Ray





Meet Caroline Orr, American Political operative paid to “protect” Canadian elections and #Antifa Go to the profile of William Ray

After the brutal assault on Journalist Andy Ngo in Portland mainstream press has either been silent or apologists for the violence committed on a 5ft gay Vietnamese man. I have spoken to Andy on social media he self identifies as center left even though a Trump supporter. Nevertheless the Canadian “progressive” media has now joined in on this secondary assault on Mr Ngo. They falsley call him far right and say he was fair game for attack because of what he wrote and who he wrote it for. Because his words are violence after all. That is the broad justification for inducing a brain bleed in Mr Ngo bandied casually by the mainstream, his words.

Leading this virtue wrapped assault from the “left” for the Canadian woke team is Caroline Orr. She solidly defends the deep morality of 15–20 people beating Ngo for minutes on end as he tried to escape blindly. One also supposes she regards the beating of 2 elderly men with crowbars as vital to the public good. She puts Alex Jones to shame with her deep twitter sleuthing to uncover the fact that the actual injustice that occurred was Portlands Rose City Antifa being viciously and baselessly blamed for mixing cement into their milkshakes. That’s the real crime here people, and hey be sure too Support your local antifa.

Ms Orr’s tweet about the #antifa violence in Portland

“New laws allow information to be collected and shared more quickly and effectively between federal agencies, and state and local law enforcement. Relationships with foreign intelligence services have expanded…And taken together, these efforts have prevented multiple attacks and saved innocent lives — not just here in the United States, but around the globe.”

Barrack Obama addressing the NSA about how warrant-less wiretapping is also good for us, if we only knew. George Bush made similar excuses for “enhanced interrogation. Never let a good tag lie go un-recycled eh.

Here’s a real taste of Ms Orr’s moral dissonance. Apparently beating a gay immigrant of color is just part of an outreach program. The Milkshakes were some sort of free nourishment one assumes.

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 2.29.28 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 2.29.03 PM

Problem is Ms Orr is not in any way Canadian, she is an American operative of the United States Democratic Party and ShareBlue media. ShareBlue is a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Matters founder David Brock described as “one of the most influential people in the Democratic party. Open media is funded by Rockefeller, Ford, and Open Societies, cause billionaires have always been huuuge proponents of truth in media.

She spent a good part of the last few years pushing the now debunked Russian collusion trope. Turns out all of what she was advancing came from an opposition research document paid for by the Democratic National Committee, the one Mr Brock is so influential in as you recall. There are now 3 very serious investigations that may lead to FBI raids on the heads of the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and even Barrack Obama for, amusingly enough, actually colluding with a foreign agent, the British spy Mr Steele, to effect the outcome of the election in 2016 and unseat a sitting US president. OOps. When she wasn’t busy chasing those pesky reds she was writing operatic denouncements of Donald Trump that accuse him of literally every sort of moral turpitude. I will leave you to judge but her piece sites no less than 6 other groups funded by …Media Matters or its affiliates. She follows multiple antifa accounts on twitter, several follow her back. She was also involved in the de-platforming on twitter of Liberal activist for tweeting that late US senator and Vietnam veteran John McCain had been involved in a huge amount of deaths. By any objective standard he was. It seems strange that Ms Orr would go to these lengths to defend the honor of a Republican. It seems strange until you put it in the frame of left and right being mostly bread and circuses for the population, then it makes perfect sense. Both the Koch brothers and George Soros push hard for open borders and many other things in perfect lockstep.

Some of Ms Orr’s twitter freinds

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 1.48.45 PM.png

Toronto antifa sending support to their completely unrelated not in the same organization in Portland


Caroline Orr is associated in Canada with start up media calling itself the National Review. In an the brutal ecosystem of Internet based media they seem to have been incredibly successful. Garnering as its website is happy to tell you, awards from far and wide in a blinding short time. Looking through their site there is much quality work. But of late they have become increasingly on message in the arena of Identity Politics and the terribly misnamed “progressive” agenda. They are even involving themselves in our election by helpfully offering their “Election Integrity Reporting Project” led by none other than Ms Orr, one hopes she brings the same integrity and moral surety she did to warning us of Vladimir Putin’s secret takeover of America.

I will be checking their tax returns to see just how grassroots this projects funding actually is. I will note that the Ford /Rockefeller funded Media Matters is expressly in the business of in its own words “expanding progressive voices in the media by providing a full range of resources to assist the larger progressive community in creating and disseminating progressive information and views; and engaging in other activities at the confluence of progressive thought, policy, and media.” I smell Astro-turf.

Funding for Media matters source Influence watch

Caroline Orr is also not shy about using twitter bots to amplify her own messaging. One guesses this is where she draws her much advertised expertise in spotting false info comes from, creating it.

In Canada the help of a compliant press, and city administrations much like Portland’s the Antifa has been allowed to run their game of intimidation and attack all over Canada. That will not last Ms Orr, we will sweep the zombie like warriors of your corporate driven Marxism from our streets. The antifa are nothing but violent thugs. Antifa members have been arrested in Halifax, Hamilton, Edmonton , Quebec, and Toronto for violent incidents. None of which involved clashes with so called “Fascist” groups they were all random assaults on individuals, many times by groups of these cowards, who were expressing views they didn’t like.





An antifa member violently attacks a 70 year old “Yellow Vest” in Hamilton Ontario cracking the orbit of his eye, he awaits trial for aggravated assault

The most updated Statement of the Portland Police about milkshakes as of publishing.

Statement to the Oregonian from Portland Police

I take no position about their existence beyond what the Portland Police have released. They seem to feel it was credible enough to put out there. The supposed meet of the conspiracy is one conservative tweeting a picture of antifa filling milkshakes up from a bucket in a public square and asserting that they were filled with quick dry cement with absolutely no proof. She then points to 2 subsequent tweets from MainanT1Fa and and javier_pan01 showing stock photos taken from Teen Vouge purporting to show chemical burns suffered from the quick dry milkshakes. Both identities are now gone from twitter. so we don’t know who controlled those accounts in any way and antifa has aparently been caught changing url’s and creating fake news headlines about the event by twitter user Heather Hayer. I have no idea if this is true based on what i see on the internet.  So unlike Ms Orr i can not assert facts from random things i find on twitter. The only thing we do know is that the Portland Police had reason to believe it could be happening and they are currently investigating actively. That is the only fact known on the subject. To report anything else is the kind of speculation that Ms Orr has alot of experience engaging in after her “Russia gate” stint. In fact Ms Orr even as a distraction piece, coaxing attention away from the brutal thuggery of your pets this is very weak hockey. and I wouldn’t be shocked if the origin of your “acid”tweets turns out to be Antifa itself. This ain’t amurika Ms Orr your dealing with a highly educated population

                      Antifa propaganda arm possibly at at work, but I wouldn’t report it as fact. Nor should any other Journalist. But Ms Orr is not really a Journalist.


But water guns full of paint being used in Quebec city, at one point shot at a woman pushing a stroller, are well documented by police. It doesn’t seem a large leap to me. These groups are highly organized and well funded in Canada

In one instance in Québec, as shown in the video, Antifa assaulted a man who was demonstrating on their side against immigration controls. They beat him and sprayed him from a water gun filled with toxic paint. Which brings me to Ms Orr’s little conspiracy theory about milkshakes.



As seen in the video this elderly man was thrown head first into a stone lamppost after being sprayed with paint by the antifa

Assaulting Senior Citizens, an antifa tradition since they were formed it seems.

Ms Orr your narrative is already losing all credibility with the Canadian public. That’s why you are trying to censor social media. The Liberal leader and government your Democratic Party helped install in Canada. That help coming in the form of Obama campaign managers Jennifer O’Malley Dillon and Mitch Stewart running the Liberal campaign. They had help from some of the same “Foundations” that back Media Matters. It will be swept away this fall. This is not the US Ms Orr. You will not be able to run your “resistance” game here. Look how it is failing in Alberta and Ontario.

We can see you Ms Orr. We missed you and your cohorts in 2015 that will not be a mistake we repeat. As for the Antifa they will be soon made illegal and then they are all going into the corner for some jersey over the head time. They are nothing but ideological thugs the indoctrinated zombie warriors of the “woke” police state. They are already failing.

The rest of this piece is a message to Ms Orr. It looks like she got it.

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 12.58.03 PM.png

Finally on a personal note Ms Orr. You are not the first Yankee raider my family have dealt with. One of my ancestors a man named Steele started fighting the Fenian raiders on the Ontario border at 15 years old. He went on to become quite famous for throwing yankees out of the Klondike.

Two of his ancestors marched south in 1814 to the skirl of the pipes and, after routing your army, stood on the lawn of your White House while it burned. It earned its name for the literal whitewash you tried to cover it with. I offer you the same iron willed resistance as they. And I will stand in front of your plans for corporate governance wrapped up in “inclusion”. A world of selective racism and iron thought control where the state decides how your children are raised and what gender they are. I will stand madame and watch it burn till nothing remains. You are done here Ms Orr, now pack your gear and head back to US territory by sundown.

William Ray

Left, Right, Left, Right,….The fabricated marching song of our societies

I recently published a piece about the connections between the funding and direction of the early 20th century’s Eugenics movement and the Identity Politics of the early 21st century. Some of the response objected on the grounds of the Left/Right dichotomy. Here’s the thing about that.

In popular mythology George Soros is known as an icon and funder of the extreme Left. He is a massive funder of and heavily connected to the U.S. Democratic Party. In this Dicto Simpliciter the Koch brothers, David and Charles, are renown for their hard-line support of the “Tea Party” Libertarian right of the American political spectrum. They support the Republican Party. So lets lets have a look at the reality of the dichotomy presented to us by examining the titanic clash of these billionaire champions of the Left and the Right.

The problem is that on core value issues like legalizing drugs, immigration, and internet censorship they are indistinguishable. They are backing the same policies and putting their billions behind it.

On immigration the Koch’s and Soros are backing the same open borders policies.

Days before the Koch donor conference, Daniel Garza, the president of the Kochs’ amnesty arm known as Libre Initiative, told the media that reducing any legal immigration to the U.S. — where more than 1.5 million foreign nationals are admitted every year — is “unacceptable” and that the organization would not support lawmakers who seek immigration controls.

“His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle,” Mr Soros added. “Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”

On drug legalization as well it is hard to see the light between Soros and the Koch’s. Both push for large scale decriminalization of drugs. The Koch’s are also working with the Soros funded Clinton Foundation to push prison reform .

Soros and the Koch’s are getting together next month with the Anti Defamation league to work on combating online hate. In case anyone gets upset with the actual agenda and forgets to blame the Right or Left.

The only actual dichotomy is the people who wield power and those that don’t yet understand it is being wielded against them by both “sides”.

George Soros and Charles Koch are currently being lauded for “unexpectedly” joining together to bring us all world peace with the joint formation of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. The Boston Globe gushes.

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 12.41.33 PM.png

“BESIDES BEING BILLIONAIRES and spending much of their fortunes to promote pet causes, the leftist financier George Soros and the right-wing Koch brothers have little in common. They could be seen as polar opposites. (see above ..) Soros is an old-fashioned New Deal liberal. The Koch brothers are fire-breathing right-wingers who dream of cutting taxes and dismantling government. Now they have found something to agree on: the United States must end its “forever war” and adopt an entirely new foreign policy.” Stephen Kinzer,June 30 2019

Because Billionaires really care about peace. It is odd given that the United States has actually decreased its military operations worldwide in the last 4 years.

William Ray

Identity Politics is financed by the same people who backed Eugenics and the Nazi Party, and for the same reason.

Authors Note; As always please follow the links and do your own research, listening to random dudes on the Internet is how we got here.


In the early part of a new century, in a time marked by the ascendancy of progressive political thought, a new ideology emerges. With blinding speed it is normalized throughout academia, society and the political classes.

It is characterized by the use of pseudo-scientific language to give it the sheen of revealed, quantifiable truth. Its adherents proselytize endlessly that this ideology represents the only way to social justice. It goes from being the musings of the pundit class to absolute dominance in academia, media, law and society within less than a decade.  The leading public intellectuals and giants in the entertainment industry endorse the ideology as if it had always been apparent truth.

The ideology is used to bring in government policies aimed at breaking down traditional belief systems about society, race, and the very idea of the human family group itself. The goal, repeated endlessly with the same mindless incantation of a Gregorian monk; A more just and equitable world.

Every individual is classified and given a set position in society by the new ideology. Selective racism is openly encouraged in the name of progressive thought. The most abhorrent things, including open calls to genocide are encouraged in social discourse as long as they are directed toward the group identified as the root cause of all historical ills. This group must become educated and conditioned to be allied in their own group’s demise. The population is instructed that they must ignore their own biological nature and indeed should strive to change it through medical technology. This dogma is increasingly put into law and aimed directly at children through the calculated and intense funding of the education system.

Control of the entire media spectrum by the elite progenitors of the ideology is absolute. The mantra of the new social justice is endlessly repeated in news media and popular entertainment. Any questioning is labelled as the most dangerous of prohibited speech. To publicly express divergent opinions can be immediate professional / social suicide. The moral certainty of the adherents of the ideology take on the tones of religious fervor. Immense political power make the ideology the law of the land, with little or no debate. New definitions appear and the rights of the individual, even basic parental rights over the medical treatment of their children are obliterated. Though it became organized in the U.S. it quickly spread through international NGO’s and elite cultural and education networks through Canada, England, Europe, and Australia.

    This is not a description of the current condition of western societies influenced by the holy trinity of Identity Politics; Privilege theory, Intersection and Gender theory.  It is a part of our history we have dangerously forgotten. It holds the key to understanding the source, and possibly the motivations, behind the forces ripping apart the social fabric today all over the west.

   Exactly 100 Years ago a social justice policy called Eugenics was spreading like a cancer through western societies. It was inserted by the elite class of the society during a time historians call the “Progressive Era”.

Any of this sounding familiar? It should, it is being accomplished by the same elite group, using the exact same methods, through the same conduits of astro-turf international organizations.

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 12.10.42 PM.png.png

Click for full text

Eugenics was fiercely backed by  leading intellectuals, bureaucratic class, and much of the professional classes just as Identity Politics are predominately embraced and relentlessly advanced today by the exact same socioeconomic group. For those of us like myself barely aware of the murky ghost of Eugenics existence it is usually attributed vaguely to the “right wing” elements of society. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. It was endorsed by leaders of left wing, progressive, intelligentsia like J.M. Keynes, George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells. This was a phenomenon of the “Left”.

We begin in the early part of the 20th century. A group of oligarchical robber barons Rockefeller, Ford, Mellon, Carnegie and others of their class used the same Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 12.38.28 PM.pngcover of “social justice” and creating a more “just and equal world” to advance the theory of Eugenics. The concept had been fluttering around the European salons of the elite for some time but this bunch picked it up and ran with it. They brought it to absolute scientific dominance and complete social and political acceptance. They enacted forced sterilization laws in 30 US states. The mantra of Eugenics was taught as unquestionable fact in every university hall and primary schoolhouse. They could do this because they funded research institutes, international professional conferences, thousands of peer reviewed papers, and centers of excellence in universities. They funded international NGO’s with utopian sounding aims. They usedScreen Shot 2019-05-31 at 10.57.40 AM.png.png the internationalist system of the day, the League of Nations, to advance their agenda. The media of the day was used to create acceptance in the general public. Popular magazines featured endless articles by experts informing the public and portraying questioning as regressive, unscientific and completely socially unacceptable. For a break down of how this works from the master I refer you to Chomsky’s seminal Manufacturing Consent. It is hard to imagine now but to question Eugenics at one time would elicit the same response currently meted out to those who misgender a fluid non-binary Demi-Boy.

This social justice theory would lead directly to the Nazi death camps. As a side-note most of the same people who financed Eugenics also financed a certain fledgling German political party and helped to supply their war machine. The effects would be felt through most of the 20th century, my home province of Alberta still sterilized citizens who were deemed “retarded” into the 1970’s.

            In the early part of the 21st Century the charitable Foundations of the Ford’s, Rockefeller’s, Mellon’s, and Carnegie’s have been joined by a new group of oligarchs.  Zuckerberg and a few others who run the Tech giants that comprise the modern public space. Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 3.34.15 PM.pngFellow merchant banker  George Soros  has taken Mellon’s place as the face of elite philanthropy.  They have been quietly financing and enabling the ascendancy of Identity Politics. Control  of the media has not really changed that much in 100 years and it has been used to normalize the ideology in the public mind and portray it as the prevalent point of view.

ford sjw nazi
“Not only will Ford direct all of its money and influence to curbing financial, racial, gender, and other inequities, but it will give lots more money in a way grantees have been clamoring for: It hopes to double the total it gives in the form of unrestricted grants for operating support. The doubling of general operating support to 40 percent of the foundation’s grant-making budget, projected to be in excess of $1 billion over five years, will enable Ford to create what its president, Darren Walker, calls a “social-justice infrastructure”   Ford Foundation ,2018
Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 8.41.19 PM.png

click to read

Many of the basic tenants of Eugenics are being accomplished by Identity Politics. Eugenics was fundamentally based on the rigid “scientific” classification of every individual into an immutable group. We are born to this group. And it is from this group. We are born to this group. And it is from this group identity from which we must take our self image and indeed innate moral value. This is being drilled into young people on college campuses across the west under the name “Intersection”. The separation of the races was an article of faith with Eugenicists, at all costs the races should as much as possible live separately. We are recently seeing the reappearance of segregated schooling and spaces in the name of Privilege and Anti-racism. Eugenicists also believed in usurping of parents rights over their own offspring, the educated elites being more suited to see to their formation. “Gender ideology” has this as one of its foundational themes now enshrined in Law across much of the west. Gender ideology also very much mimics the perfectibility, through science and technology, of human advancement. To the extent of surrendering basic rights and mutilating surgical intervention.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 11.44.18 PMScreen Shot 2019-06-12 at 11.51.24 PM


      For the purposes of looking in detail at the striking similarities in these two social justice theories and how they became dominant I will consider Privilege Theory, Intersection, and Gender Theory as a single ideological dogma that I will call IdPol, because I hate typing. My epistemological justification is that the exact same methodology was used by the exact same people for the exact same reason.

“Harvard’s role in the movement was in many ways not surprising. Eugenics attracted considerable support from progressives, reformers, and educated elites as a way of using science to make a better world. Harvard was hardly the only university that was home to prominent eugenicists. Stanford’s first president, David Starr Jordan, and Yale’s most acclaimed economist, Irving Fisher, were leaders in the movement.” 


“By 1928, eugenics was a topic in 376 separate college courses, which enrolled approximately 20,000 students. A content analysis of high school science texts published between 1914 and 1948 indicates that a majority presented eugenics was as legitimate science. These texts embraced Galton’s concept of differential birthrates between the biological “fit” and “unfit,” training high school students that immigration restriction, segregation, and sterilization were worthy policies to maintain in American culture.”…http://www.eugenicsarchive.org/html/eugenics/essay6text.html


Lets first understand that theories gain precedence in Academic thought through funding. The research that gets funding produces literature, books, papers, and thus legitimacy. Whoever can set up foundations, organize international conferences and co-opt enough institutes through massive funding control can get the most incredibly questionable ideas accepted as revealed truth in Academia.  The money comes from Elite controlled Foundations like Open Societies or the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations. If you have the money you can create scientific reality. Or more colloquially Money talks and bullshit walks, literally.

     In 1907 the Cold Spring Harbor Institute is opened under the direction of Eugenicist Charles Benedict Davenport fully and massively funded by the Ford’s, Carnegie’s and Rockefeller’s. Davenport produced massive waves of papers and studies that were eagerly adopted as fact by the major Universities. The Universities then as now got a huge amount of their basic funding from the same place. Research was funded across the Ivy League. This produced even more papers and studies and gave it the unquestioned imprimatur of accepted science. These experts then developed best practices and curriculum packages that pervaded education from medical schools to elementary  classes.

In 1953–4 the Reese committee was struck by the US congress to investigate the tax exempt foundations of the oligarchical robber baron class. This is an excerpt written by chief researcher for the Special Committee of the House of representatives of the United States Norman Dodd

Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 12.54.36 AM

Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 1.09.24 AM

Rene A Wormser chair of the Reece committee had this to say in a 1958 book about the Carnegie Endowment

Eugenics was closely linked to the idea that humans could now shape their own destiny through scientific and technical progress and that social science ideology trumped biological reality. Another very familiar base ideology.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 4.16.12 PM.pngThe American Eugenics Society and other civil society groups, heavily funded and politically connected, set up in every state to ensure state Education and Medical boards complied with Eugenic ideology. Teachers colleges indoctrinated their nascent teachers endlessly to insert the ideology into lessons in every field of study. They insured that legislation was passed at the state level and that Eugenics was inserted into civil service professional codes and guidelines so that all public services were delivered through a Eugenic centered lens.


Identity Politics has the same trajectory of heavily funded Elite backed Foundations. Like Cold Springs these produce masses of peer reviewed papers and textbooks. They have names like the Seed Foundation, the Center for Intersectionality. They have the veneer of the Ivy League Universities they Inhabit. Mountains of data are accumulated through self directed studies with predetermined outcomes. The mountain of subjective social science data is then used to further legitimize the dogma. It becomes the dominant and only accepted way of viewing of social sciences. Any dissent is career ending and even students can be punished for voicing any divergent view. The actual emptyness of the dogma was actually shown by the brilliant scholars of the Sokal 2.0 Hoax

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 1.54.10 PM.png.png

Click for link

If you think the idea of social justice being used to advance corporate interests is a wild tin foil hat theory then you should familiarize yourself with how the cousin of Sigmund Freud father of advertising and communication studies, Edward Bernays used the women’s rights movement to market cigarettes.by turning them into “Torches of Freedom”. One supposes he did indeed give women equal access to lung cancer. The man himself explains how he did it.

In 1919 you could go out to a movie and see dramas with eugenic themes. Pick up a Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 12.23.54 PM.pngmagazine in the waiting room and glossy photo spreads in endless articles published in magazines and newspapers would extol the virtues brought to society by this incredible new social science . Eugenics was used to sell products from hairstyles to children’s toys. The Ideologies sponsors used the media of their day, setting up in county fairs with “Fitter Families contests”. Social standing could be improved by public adherence to Eugenic ideology and destroyed by questioning it.

It was forcibly inserted into every social movement. If one wanted to to advance the causes of  Racial equality, Public health, housing, education, poverty it had to be centeredScreen Shot 2019-05-28 at 12.21.57 PM.png on Eugenic principles. The Women’s Rights movement was heavily infiltrated by the ideology even though it was deeply misogynistic and dismissive of Women’s most basic rights.  It was so ingrained and accepted that any one disagreeing was simply uneducated, scared of progress, to invested in their selfish privilege. It was socially acceptable and expected for people to report aberrant behavior or procreation to the proper authorities. People accepted the restriction of speech and basic rights for the sake of the ideological goals. These idea had so much mainstream power that people actually volunteered to be medically mutilated by being sterilized.

In 2019 it is hard to look at today’s social media without being inundated by IdPol. It is Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 4.20.24 PM.pngpushed in mainstream entertainment. The Online media is a thunderous chorus of virtue signaling. Any disagreement is attacked in a coordinated fashion. It is social and professional suicide to show even the most subtle deviance. IdPol has been forced into workplaces across the economic spectrum through increasingly mandatory Inclusion training. Non profit groups and charitable societies funnel millions of dollars into “public education” campaigns and political action groups.

“In the early 1920s, foundation funding also led to the creation of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC). The SSRC then had a significant influence on the subsequent development of the social sciences in the U.S., but it seems that their “goal was not to create a social science relevant to public policy — but one that accented quantitative and business-orientated research.” (10) Slaughter and Silva suggest that perhaps as a result of the controversial Walsh Commission — a critical investigation of the influence of philanthropic foundations on democracy — which noted that that “mixing funding with direct project management automatically invalidated results” of academic research, the big foundations began funnelling their monies through academic holding companies such as the SSRC and the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS). The ACLS and SSRC were formed in 1919 and 1923 respectively, and between 1925 and 1960 the former organization received US $20 million from foundations (60 percent of which came from the big three), and from 1925 to 1960 the SSRC received US$ 28 million (95 percent of which was funnelled to them by the big three). (11)


Legislators are backed or viciously attacked  based on their willingness to advance the “woke” legislative agenda through the artifice of “cancel culture”. Even the mechanisms of the state are used to ensure compliance on social media to the  doctrine. Progressives cheer on the restriction and criminalization of speech. The media from news outlets to popular entertainment repeat the IdPol mantra endlessly and portray any questioning as fascist, exclusionary, something-phobic. Below is a chilling statistical representation of Manufacturing consent in a population. Think of the wall to wall coverage a washed up Olympian got, and why.

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 5.47.32 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-06-06 at 5.47.15 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-06-06 at 5.46.57 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-06-06 at 5.46.14 PM.png

This is a graphical presentation of Manufacturing Consent. Lexus Nexus data on the use of media to normalize thought. The Data indicates a pre-planned program not a natural phenomenon. Graphs Zach Goldberg @zachg932


The rule of Law has been one of the historic achievements of society.  But the rule of Law can be bent by money and political power, Eugenics is a historical example IdPol is a modern one. Through brute political clout , media saturation, and hordes legal experts working behind the scenes ideologically driven legal frames can be inserted without public consultation. Legal Societies themselves are infiltrated and used to influence the administration of the Law. Civil society groups make back door deals with legislators using the deep pockets and connections of their backers.

Davenport had an important partner in his corporate funded Eugenic kingdom, Harry Laughlin. He created a Model Eugenic Law in 1914. His model Law was sighted by Adolf Hitler as inspiring the Racial Hygiene Laws of the Nazis.    This could be inserted as boilerplate anywhere in the US, saving Legislators the noisome bother of study and debate. It was a winning strategy they enacted brutal Sterilization Laws in 30 States. Civil society groups funded by the same Elite Foundations then helped bring pressure on legislators, pointing to the social acceptability engineered through the Media.  The Legislation is forced through sighting dire social need, any dissent was met with concerted attack in the editorial pages, the social media of the day. It is important to note that the Eugenics Laws survived challenge in the US Supreme Court in Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927),[1] is a decision of the United States Supreme Court, written by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., in which the Court ruled that a state statute permitting compulsory sterilization of the unfit, including the intellectually disabled, “for the protection and health of the state” did not violate the Due Process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Supreme Court has never expressly overturned Buck v. Bell.

Which means that it may be relied on in the U.S. to defend some of the Legislation now being passed under the banner of Equity.

In this centuries foray into Legal despotism we have Charles “Chuck” Williams. For 30 Years Chuck worked for US Defense Giant Sperry Corp. He bailed in 1985 during a hostileScreen Shot 2019-06-12 at 5.57.30 PM.png takeover that saw Perry pump its share prices, and there fore his payout, into the stratosphere. He used some of his wealth in 2001 to fund the Williams Institute which dedicates the time of  20 full time high end legal scholars to create boilerplate legislation for jurisdictions across the US and the world.

Kimberle W. Crenshaw, author of intersection, heads the Center for Intersectional Justice also in the UCLA Law school. Its stated aim is to “CIJ seeks to influence the public Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 5.55.11 PM.pngdiscourse and impact on policy making through direct advocacy, research and policy advice, as well as publications”. They are succeeding as it has become part of the law in many jurisdictions.

Astro-turf civil groups like Egalé Trust in Canada, Mermaids in the UK and hundreds of others others mostly chaired by high end lawyers and Funded by the same Foundations bring pressure on legislators to insert boilerplate “human rights” legislation pointing to the social consent manufactured by controlled Media as license.This Legislation is leading to arrests in the UK for wrong-think. Laws severely restricting social media communication and free speech in general are being passed in support of IdPol all over the west cheered on by the Progressive Left

Thirty years ago, the transgender child would have made no sense to the general public, nor to young people. Today, children and adolescents declare themselves transgender, the National Health Service diagnoses ‘gender dysphoria’, and laws and policy are developed which uphold young people’s ‘choice’ to transition and to authorize stages at which medical intervention is permissible and desirable. The figure of the ‘transgender child’ presumed by medicine and law is not a naturally occurring category of person external to medical diagnosis and legal protection. Medicine and law construct the ‘transgender child’ rather than that the ‘transgender child’ exists independently of medico-legal discourse. The ethical issue of whether the child and young person can ‘consent’ to social and medical transition goes beyond legal assessment of whether a person under16 years has the mental capacity to consent, understand to what s/he is consenting, and can express independent wishes. It shifts to examination of the recent making of ‘the transgender child’ through the complex of power/knowledge/ethics of medicine and the law of which the child can have no knowledge but within which its own desires are both constrained and incited…In contradistinction to this view, I argue that the alleged a historical transgender child is not a naturally occurring person but a newly emergent, discursively produced historical figure. I use the genealogical method8 provided by the philosopher Michel Foucault to trace the component parts of the discourses—the ‘power/knowledge’ relations—that ‘make-up’ the transgender child identity.9 I demonstrate that medicine and the law construct the transgender child rather than that the transgender child exists independently of medico-legal discourse and is a person to whom medicine and the law objectively refer. I conclude that the construction of the transgender child identity is not progressive and humane but on the contrary binds children to traditional gender stereotypes, medically harms them through life-changing irreversible procedures, and renders clinicians unable to operate within the medical ethos to which they aspire, namely to ‘first do no harm’. The law is complicit in the derogation of children’s human rights to adult oversight, to bodily integrity, and to have their best interests served.”…..



Alot of this work is co-ordinated through organizations like the Atlantic Council. In their own description of their “Committee on Education” openly sums up the Fabian  Society like plan to quickly take over societies from within in a very succinct fashion. Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 11.26.03 AM.png

Without much translation “if people of good will” translates to the woke Educators, Lawyers, Bureaucrats that are showing iron “solidarity” in advancing the dark ideologies of Identity Politics with brutal efficiency.

In 2008 the Oligarchs with their corporate partners, representatives of the western democracies the Permanent or “Deep” State had a planning meeting in New York. The series of color revolutions commonly referred to as the “Arab Spring”, and most of the “social movements” that are tearing apart all the western democracies had their origin.

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 1.29.57 AM



The world has become almost unrecognizable since John Rockefeller and Andrew Mellon walked it as living men in 1919. As society has grown and fundamentally changed through the amazing revolutions in transport and communication technologies so have the desires of this class. In the early industrial age of the 1920’s they desired, through control of the mechanisms of the Nation State, to produce and control a docile race of workers who would joyfully inhabit their still mostly steam driven factories. But in 2019, in the age of satellite communications and the global village the Nation Sate has outlived its usefulness and indeed become an impediment to Elite corporate control. So they have usurped Neo Marxist revolutionary theories in an effort to destabilize and destroy the Nation States of the west.

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 1.21.36 PM

As structurally corrupt and ailing as they may be our rather recently attempted experiments in Democratic control are the brightest spark of light our species has known in its long dark history. And they are the only structures in existence able to, at least partly, withstand the globe spanning power of the Corporations controlled by a now world spanning oligarchical class. If removed then the Corporation would be the only structures large enough to manage our industrial societies.

Perhaps they envision some Chinese style Red Capitalism. It matters not. Whatever their specific vision it involves the manipulation of our population to march happily into their own servitude and subjugation. It is hard at this point to say if the recent apparent crumbling seen in IdPol and its political adherents, and the quite frankly predictable movement to the perceived “right” across the west is the end or simply a planned for evolution.

Let us not forget where this all ended up last time. Are those Jackboots I hear approaching from the halls of history?





In memory of their sacrifice let us now begin the assault to retake Canada

On this June morning 75 years ago the mostly teenage members of the Canadian expeditionary forces bobbed like flotsam on the cold Channel currents. In moments they would begin the final assault on the soldiers of the corporate backed Nazi Ideology. The leading units of the Canadian assault suffered 90% casualties. One Officer I spoke to who landed at 20 with the Regiment Chuadier recounted that on reaching a seawall 50 meters up Juno beach he turned back  and saw his men prostrate across the sand. He screamed himself blue exhorting them to move forward, until he realized he alone had survived the desperate dash and they would never move again. Today a traitor will stand over their place of their sacrifice. Justin Trudeau will no doubt mouth empty platitudes to their courage because he has to. They will be empty because he and his fellow Elite ideologues have been working hard to destroy the country these men fought for. If we do not now stand ready to begin the assault to regain our nation with the same ferocity and determination as our ancestors then we will loose it to Trudeau and his fellow ideologues. These people and their dark ideologies are the direct philosophical descendants of the grey uniformed men who were defeated by the courage of our fore-bearers.

The forces of a global Elite have been conducting an assault on the democracies of the west. They have dressed it in the language of “Inclusion” and “Tolerance” all the while preaching collective race guilt  and ever increasing division. They are using our children as ideological pawns

The Tranish Inquisition clearly shows the Orwellian nature of our Electronic Agora

“You are a slow learner, Winston.”
“How can I help it? How can I help but see what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four.”
“Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.” 
― George Orwell, 1984

       My name is William Ray I am a member of the Canadian association of Journalists. My work has appeared in the National Post, The Toronto Star, Esprit De Corps and Quillette Magazine. I have used WordPress since 2014. During that time I have published articles on a host of controversial subjects. I have shared this all via social media, Twitter and Facebook. I have never been censored before on these platforms.

On September 7, 2018 I published an article on WordPress.com called “Stand with Women; Time for men to Join the fight against the worldwide assault on the rights of women and children.”

A thoughtful reply to Stand With Women from a Trans Activist

I received my first email ever from WordPress.com on November 23rd 2018. The e-mail explained that they had already deleted the name of a Trans-woman activist who now uses the name Hailey Heartless or Lisa Kreut . I had written on this person because they had led the charge against Plos-one, the online science journal over the publication of Lisa Littman’s Peer reviewed paper on Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. An incredible attempt was made to discredit and suppress this study the day it was published because it showed the Transgender phenomenon in Teens happening in clusters. If this is true then it must have an environmental, and thus not natural or biological cause.

Hailey Heartless also helped have Meghan Murphy, a Vancouver Feminist

writer, barred from the Vancouver Women’s March social media. Hailey Heartless was also involved in the 10 year gas-lighting, and an attempt to de fund the Vancouver Women’s Rape Center by a trans activist. They have now succeeded in defunding the oldest Womans Rape shelter in Canada. Before becoming a self described woman and professional dominatrix, they were a low level union activist with a mans name. I put the name in the article like journalists have done for a hundred years when listing AKA’s or also known as. But WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook are taking the hard line, trans-movement position that to “dead-name” someone is “thought-crime” and some form of violence. This is literally an erasure of the past. A trans activist in the UK is fighting to enshrine this in law, to erase the crimes he committed because…Gender. Apparently the court that really matters in our modern Agora has already ruled on this issue.

On WordPress.com I have interviewed the man who started the R.C.M.P’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams. I produced a video describing him as an over reaching secret policeman.

The Author William Ray being arrested while covering a student demo in Québec 201

After myself and my colleagues were repeatedly arrested and assaulted during the Montréal Police’s violent repression against their citizens, I organized a campaign involving Canadian Journalists for Free Expression and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association that resulted in Commanders of the Montréal police to be forced to a sit-down and agree under mediation by these national organizations to desist in their violence toward journalists. I have uncovered evidence of the Canadian Armed Forces and other Federal agencies practicing the violent targeting of Canadian environmental groups. I have looked into possible atrocities committed by Kurd troops trained by Canadian Special Forces. I have documented the Israeli arms industry testing drones in Québec. None of these powerful players censored me.

E-Mail from WordPress.com

“The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.” ― George Orwell, 1984

WordPress.com has also taken down GenderTrender and half a dozen other sites completely that discuss the Gender issue in a non allowed fashion.

Less than 24 hours after receiving WordPress.com’s Ministry of Truth missive I was suspended for a second time from Twitter, this time for 6 days . Both times for the sin of “dead naming.”

This offense was in relation to an individual who calls themselves @trustednerd on Twitter and Jonathan Yaniv on Facebook. This individual who under BC law can “self ID” as a woman now has access to all female spaces.

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This individual is an intact male biologically. This individual used access to female spaces to comment on their bodies and wonder if he could help with tampons.Some of the girls he mentions are as young as 10, “”“If I notice a 10-year-old girl that’s nude from below…Is it weird to just approach her? Just to bond?” I tweeted this name with the word pedophile. I was suspended from Twitter for six days. From what I can tell the problem wasn’t calling this person a pedophile, it was using the name this individual uses themselves on social media.

While no one should give much of a fuck about my media issues. You should all be incredibly terrified about what this means for the fabric of the society you live in. This is a fundamental shift in social control, of the ability to speak our own truth about the world before us. We are entering a world where we can no longer trust the past, as it is updated constantly to fit with ideology. This is being done directly by corporations. Corporations are bound by law to externalize all other factors and make as much money as possible. Corporations have their own class interests. Spoiler alert, they don’t match with yours or mine in any significant way.

As a society we have thrown away newspapers and all other traditional media. We long ago stopped actually speaking to each other preferring the warm glow of our TV sets. Even the few public places of human contact and discourse; line ups , bus stops, common rooms, cafés, waiting rooms and the like, have been turned into deathly silent monasteries full of the faithful bowed in supplication over our small plastic icons. We have completely turned the public sphere over to multinational corporations like Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. They are our preeminent forms of communication. They provide the main conduit for news and public discussion in our society. For proof of this look no further than the spectacle surrounding the 2016 U.S. elections. Look at who was called in front of congress, it was not the network TV heads, nor was it the editors of major papers, it was Mark Zuckerburg. And we have just found out from an insider that Facebook has been working hard to shape your views.

Let us use the transgender issue as a barometer of the possible, the very possible in our new privately owned Public Sphere. There has been a completely draconian, massively partisan push for the most extreme demands of trans activists across social media and throughout the Tech industry.

Not Banned by Twitter

Any questioning of this issue is met with de-platforming. Meghan Murphy, a respected Feminist writer and pundit was banned from Twitter for life for calling @trutednerd a man. Trans activists are currently trying to prevent her from even speaking at the Vancouver library. They went so far as to send a fake cancellation notice to local media in her name. Even the most gentle questioning, couched in fawning support, like the recent Atlantic article by Jesse Singal is met with rage and threats of de-platforming. Even though he was speaking about the safety of children, something we used to center in our society.

“Never put a single thought of weakness in the flourishing minds of the children. Fill them up with vigour and compassion, for their character will define the future of the entire human species.”
― Abhijit Naskar

They employ Ministry of Truth efficiency, no doubt thousands of Winston Smiths toiling away in internet sweat shops, to erase any sign of debate any questioning of a doctrine that literally tells you to ignore the evidence of your senses and reason. This is literally a fight for the ability to define objective truth and the control of history. We must ignore fundamental characteristics in those around us. We must ignore their actual history, submit to allowing a collective public memory hole. Type into Google, that word that has become synonymous with acquiring knowledge, any subject with the word Transgender.

I’m not kidding try it

Take note that most of the first page is filled with trans rights organization sites or glowing press reports. Even in the midst of controversy, even when you search for contentious issues with trans ideology the result is the same. This is very deliberate SEO management. Most people never go beyond the first page. Go ahead try it.

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
― George Orwell, 1984

If this is allowed to happen, then what comes next? What facts will we be required to ignore. What reality will we be required to substitute for objective truth. What other beliefs and views will be selected for us. At present it is the basic reality of our own biology. So the bar is already high. Will it be a political viewpoint that disappears downScreen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.17.57 AM.png the memory hole? Will we be instructed on the reality we must see in the face of some new war or other corporate agenda? What will we be required to forget? Never before in our history could all the books in the library be rewritten, or the newspapers reprinted. Now they can be and often are. Google has just disappeared one of the founding members of Greenpeace because it doesn’t like his view on climate change

Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities, Can Make You Commit AtrocitiesVoltaire

Not banned by Twitter

Jürgen Habermas, one of the fundamental thinkers on public sphere communication traces the breakdown of the hierarchically directed “representational” culture which imposed its views to the Public Sphere for most of human history. Religion controlled humanity for eons by controlling the means of communication. Only the scribes wrote in Egypt and the theme carried to the catholic church of the middle ages. Nothing could be written but for the glory of god. And the objective reality you observe must be subsumed to doctrine, as Galileo famously learned. This was true from the invention of cuneiform in the mists of human origins to the Renaissance with few exceptions. Habermas posited that the public sphere arose outside the control of the state or other authorities. Interested actors exchange open views regardless of class or societal standing

Media is central to our public sphere because it has “specific means for transmitting information and influencing those who receive it”. Seyla Benhabib further argues that if the public sphere is to be open to any discussion that affects the population, there cannot be distinctions between “what is” and “what is not” discussed.

Not Banned by Twitter

If we allow social media companies to decide what is and is not discussed then we surrender our ability to influence the public sphere and we revert to the control of thought that it took most of our history to throw off. In an era where social media is the gatekeeper for 70 % of North Americans news and opinion, its reach is all pervasive. We have traded all of our coffee shops and salons, library’s and public houses with the sweaty in your face energy of actual human contact for the cold silicone walls of our new masters virtual world of smoke and mirrors. It almost solely comprises the new public sphere. If we allow these massive social media companies to decide what is and is not discussed then we surrender our ability to influence the public sphere and we revert to the control of thought that kept our race in chains so long.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country”

Edward L. Bernays

Father of modern Propaganda

These online ghostly presences, the vaporous temples of technology pervade every inch of our lives and culture. From the gas pump and urinal TV’s to our fridges knowing when we are out of milk. These constitute both the hieroglyphs and the papyrus of our day. If the high priests of the corporate sphere are allowed to control them completely, and at their whim, then we return to the eons of dogmatic belief and the ruthless manipulation of fact that it took all of our history to escape. Technology allows for the instant alteration of reality in image processing and the ability to rewrite the scrolls at any time with no trace. Our slavish dependence on it allows corporations to shape our base perceptions of reality through computer aided modeling of our desires, passions and hatreds. We have surrendered everything voluntarily to these conglomerates, literally record our thoughts on their “walls”, but we are somehow shocked to the core when they use it to make money or influence us. We are literally plugging ourselves voluntarily in.

“The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.”

Not Banned By Twitter

Doing all this under the banner of inclusion and tolerance while practicing exactly the opposite has to be admired for its dark brilliance. Silencing people who differ with your opinion under the banner of “inclusion and tolerance”, labeling dissent as hate speech, while allowing the the most vile racism, the most outrageous calls to violence under the banner of “context” is wickedly effective. Jack is a very clever boy.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  Edmund Burke

Not Banned by Twitter

Many of you think that all of this is a Revolutionary step forward. That this destabilizing dogma will bring down the Capitalist system and herald in some golden age of human development. If that is the case then why is the mainstream media in lockstep with your program? The MSM is wholly owned by a very few people with everything to gain from the continuation of the “system”, Why is it being funded by the pharmaceutical sector? Why have some of the largest corporations in the world fallen over themselves to advance your every dogmatic whim? Why is Jack, who heads a $732 million a year corporation and is personally worth 5 Billion USD, helping end Capitalism? Why would Jack do that?

“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”― Sun tzu, The Art of War

This along with other related Identity Politic issues have completely atomized the Left. And now the Trans movement is looking to destroy the Women’s movement. Historically

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 10.59.13 AM.png

The Vice President of B.C’s ruling NDP party Responding to Women’s rights activists

the strongest social movements of the 20th century had their roots wholly and partly in the Women’s movement. Civil Rights, Anti Nuclear, the Environmental movement, all either came out of or were nurtured by the Women’s movement. Now Women’s groups cant even meet openly in some jurisdictions because of the massive social and political power of this so called marginalized group. You are being played.


“The key element of social control is the strategy of distraction that is to divert public attention from important issues and changes decided by political and economic elites, through the technique of flood or flooding continuous distractions and insignificant information.”― Noam Chomsky

I stand with reality. I stand for objective evidence and free thought. I will continue to stand with Women and Children and Parents against this dark imposed epistemology.

Justin Trudeau and the dark TIDES of Corporate money tearing Canada apart

arrestBecause of the Nature of the information presented below I present my Bona Fide. I am from the Left. I spent 10 years in the Armed Forces of Canada. I am a combat veteran who fought to halt ethnic cleansing in Medak Croatia. After that experience I left the military and began speaking against war and militarism. On February 2003 I spoke against the war in Iraq in front of 250000 Montréalaise. I began working as a citizen Journalist in 2008 and have had written pieces in the National Post, Toronto Star, Esprit de Corps. I have had footage i took used by CBC, Al Jazeera, CNN and the investigative show Enqueté. I have investigated the RCMP, Canadian Forces, the Israeli arms industry and Forced the Montreal police to the table over press freedom. I was a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists when they still had something to do with Journalism. I have always believed in the absolute citizens right to change their society in any way that the majority see fit. I have fought hard for this right. I understand the principle of moving beyond the Nation state system. I fully support the fight against discrimination in any form.  This isn’t about that. This is about the attempt to dissolve my Nation without the consent, and over the objections of its people. This is about a foreign power of any kind talking control of my political and judicial system and using my media to normalize it. This is about the use of our children as ideological pawns. This is about War by other means being levied against my people in the name of Corporations. This is about Resistance.

Not Random Facts;

Left and Right is a paradigm

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 3.44.57 PM

 In popular mythology George Soros is known as an icon and funder of the extreme Left. He is a massive funder of, and heavily connected to the U.S. Democratic Party. He supports extreme Left causes and groups.  In this Dicto Simpliciter the Koch brothers, David and Charles, are renown for their hard-line support of the “Tea Party” Libertarian right of the American political spectrum. They support the Republican Party. So lets lets have a look at the reality of the dichotomy presented to us by examining the titanic clash of these billionaire champions of the Left and the Right.

The problem is that on core value issues like legalizing drugs, immigration, and internet censorship they are indistinguishable. They are backing the same policies and putting their billions behind it.

On immigration the Koch’s and Soros are backing the same open borders policies.”



Canada has for the last 30 years has been consistently ranked as one of the best societies in the world. We are the most peaceful multi-ethnic society on Earth

Multiculturalism was a conscious choice of the Canadian State and supported by the vast majority of its people. We were the first country in the world to adopt this policy.

The present Canadian State has been shaped by the cultures of many different peoples and cultures throughout its history but has developed its own unique culture and identity. Just as valid as any other on earth.  Our peaceful pluralistic society is envied throughout the world.

We live in a period of human history marked by the ascendancy of Corporate Power.

What weak protections citizens do enjoy are provided by the Nation State. Labor Codes, Healthcare, Consumer and Environmental protection

There is tension between National Governments and Corporations. Corporations do not wish to be governed by the Laws of Nation Sates as they view it as an impediment to efficiency and profit.

The removal of the Nation state would allow Corporations to directly govern populations.

Europe is seeing a huge Yellow vest uprisings. news of them are being massively suppressed in North America

The movement has spread to North America.

The Yellow Vests are protesting Globalization and the destabilization of their nations

The Canadian yellow vest movement has been the Target of a sustained campaign of misinformation funded by millions of Canadian Tax dollars.

The Canadian yellow Vest movement seem to have been entirely correct about the Nature of Justin Trudeau’s Character and the identity and nature of the primary threat.

Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 12.31.57 PM.png

We have turned the public Agora or space for public discussion over to huge Corporations.

Coffee shops , laundromats , bus stops are now full of people staring at smartphones and laptops. There is less and less direct human interaction

Studies show some people spend 20% of their waking time on some form of device that presents them with a filtered version of the reality around them.

Because most papers don’t actually publish anymore online articles can be updated, that is changed

“Who controls the past controls the future. …G. Orwell 1984

Algorithms on social media feeds though which most people get their “News” tend to reinforce their biases.

Project Veritas just released the testimony of a senior Facebook executive who provided documentary proof that Facebook heavily censors views it doesn’t consider progressive.

Twitter is being taken to court by Meaghan Murphy for its practice of brutally censoring

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 12.30.12 PM.png

This woman holds the heretical view that women do not indeed have penises

any views it doesn’t find “progressive”. Including but not limited to the fact that women are a biological entity.

Facebook and Twitter and all other major social media heavily promote views theyScreen Shot 2019-02-01 at 6.40.25 PM consider “progressive”.

Google SEO’s are rigged. Type in Violence by Transgender activist. See what comes up. You can try this with any “marginalized ” group the result will be similar. You see what they want you to see.

Most people only skim news items and many simply read headlines. There is less critical thought and context and complex issues tend to be presented as slogans or soundbites. This makes it easy to reinforce ideological points.

Senior Google executive admits to massive tech control, and wants more

Millennials in the Western World  share as early formative impressions of the world around them;


The invasion of Afghanistan,

The invasion of Iraq,

The War on terror.

The bank Collapse

The Invasion of Lybia

ISIS beheading videos

They share a deep distrust of western society.  They share a hunger for fundamental societal change.

Many people believe that these events were driven and or committed by some cabal of forces on the “Right” of the political spectrum.

Many people were driven to the “Left”.

Exploitation was easy



Color Revolutions

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 4.17.12 PM


The Color Revolutions were a series of state actor backed revolutions starting in Serbia in 1999-2000.

They Include the Serbian OTPOR taking out of Slobodan Milosovic in the 2000″bulldozer” revolution

The Orange Revolution Ukraine 2004,

The recent “Maidan Square” Ukrainian putsch in 2014.

The Rose Revolution in Georgia,

The Cedar revolution in Lebanon,

The Arab Spring.

An attempt in Iran

These were revolutions backed from the United States or more Precisely the Permanent or Deep State. None of this is ever done with the informed democratic support of the American people, they simply take the blame.  Alot of this was done through the National Endowment for Democracy cooperatively with George Soros and his Open Society Foundation networks. The textbook for this is Gene Sharp’s “From Dictatorship to Democracy a conceptual Framework”.

The Revolutions work by identifying groups within a society with any sort of issues. In the case of Canada heavy use of Indigenous issues.

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 7.34.24 AM

Tides Canada Financial statement 2012

Massive Funding and High end heavily funded media. Media training , propaganda materiel’s, and other needs are provided to various groups directly.

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 1.56.46 PM.png

The heavy use of NGO’s and Student protestors are marks of a color revolution. Students are common because infiltration of the University system is easy. It is uncommon but if possible access to primary school students would be ideal. The young are targeted because they have little experience, little basis for comparison or direct knowledge of history or the world and are easier to ideologically train than older individuals.



In March 2016 in Montréal just after the US elections the Public Interest research Group at Concordia University used student funds to create, train and lead the so called Antifa. These Antifa groups sprang up all over the western world within months. These Public Interest Research groups are attached to almost every university in Canada and have budgets up to 250 000 dollars a year of student fee money.

Here is the workshop schedule from Montréal in 2016

lean to resist p1

lean to resist p 3lean to resist p 2

This is a post from one of their ideological zombie soldiers published in Montréal Counter info  2016

mtl counter ifo pub p12

And in 2020 these networks are being used to organize and direct the so called “Indigenous” direct actions.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 8.52.45 PM

A left-wing website based in Montreal provides anti-pipeline activists with recipes for Molotov cocktails and encourages a number of crimes from vandalism to arson.

The website, called Montreal Counter-Information, published a “callout” on Jan. 14 for activists to disrupt Canada’s rail lines with the intention of sabotaging national infrastructure. 



There is always one unifying theme or symbol.  Orange In Ukraine, Rose in Georgia. They can be concepts as well. Typically an ideology should be represented in one word or short phrase and used absolutely consistently. The word or phrase can be anything, it is the structural concept it will automatically represent that matters. Examples are ,  Diversity, #nooneisillegal #shutdowncanada and the like.

The groups are always made to appear completely grassroots, expressions of the true “will of the people”.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 1.24.31 PM

Astro-Sage groups are also being used as a straw men by the Trudeau led Junta Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 2.37.56 PMoccupying the Canadian government. They advance their real agenda by creating controlled opposition to their public position, then inundating us with the “grassroots” actions of these sock puppets using their controlled press. This collaboration is natural because the exact same private Foundations creating these groups, the Rockefeller, Ford Foundations and dozens of others, including famously George Soros and Open Societies many guises, helped put the Trudeau Junta in power.

Where possible tame media outlets are used to repeat whatever ideology is at play incessantly, with no deviation, even if it goes against known facts.  By constant repetition it will become normalized.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 3.59.25 PM

“The Overton window is the range of ideas the public is willing to consider and accept — ideas a politician to could successfully campaign on. This window shifts over time, as it’s subject to the trends of social thought and norms. All social reform movements have to shift the Overton window”…..“Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. It works much better than you may think. Anyone is susceptible to gaslighting, and it is a common technique of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders. “

Psychology Today

Academia is also subverted the three federal government groups that provide all federal funding for research in all disciplines into the billions will now base it all on the color of your skin or some other “Intersectional Score” who knows how many brilliant advances we will miss. We are already feeling the wave of worthless dogma

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 10.49.32 AM.png

adjudicator unconcous bias training to give SSHRC grantsfor

“As part of SSHRC’s commitment to non-discrimination in merit review, for the past few years, merit review committee members have been strongly encouraged to complete the online training module on Unconscious Bias Awareness training. The majority of committee members completed the training. As of this funding year, the all committee members are required to complete the training.

The fact that the entire Dimensions charter bases itself largely on the Idea of Implicit Bias. Implicit bias was “proven ” by the Implicit Aptitude Test developed by Banaji, Greenwald, and Nosek at Harvard. This concept which was used to forcefully introduce blatantly racist and misogynistic policies has been thoroughly and comprehensively debunked

“It’s highly plausible that the scientists who created the IAT, and now ardently defend it, believe their work will change the world for the better. Banaji sent me an email from a former student that compared her to Ta-Nehisi Coates, Bryan Stevenson, and Michelle Alexander “in elucidating the corrosive and terrifying vestiges of white supremacy in America.” || Greenwald explicitly discouraged me from writing this article. “Debates about scientific interpretation belong in scientific journals, not popular press,” he wrote. Banaji, Greenwald, and Nosek all declined to talk on the phone about their work, but answered most of my questions by email.”….


Unceasing repetition of themes meant to destabilize and de legitimize the state and cause as much societal division as possible. The smaller groupings the society can be broken into the more effective as they will eventually welcome the “unifying leadership”.

Problem, Reaction , Solution

Any actual indigenous grass root groups that work to improve conditions without “regime change” are demonized as collaborators.

No dialogue can be permitted

Any opposition or those that question the ideology or legitimacy of the “movement” are framed as Nazis, Nationalists, Fascists or whatever is appropriate. The point being that anyone outside the ideological frame must always be the “other” and morally irredeemable.

Eventually the state and its institutions are weakened and its population demoralized to the point that regime change is possible.


Massively funded Oligarchical institutions like the Atlantic Council are used to ensure that the ideology is imprinted in the Legal and  Bureaucratic  entities within the western Democracies and ensures their loyal surrogates will act to betray their people and destroy their institutions.

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 11.26.03 AM

These are very effective techniques that was actually pioneered during Operation Ajax by Kermit Roosevelt and Norman Schwarzkopf Senior in 1953 with the removal of Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 3.12.06 PMMohammad Mosaddegh by paid mobs and subterfuge. He was replaced by the Corporate compliant Shaw who brutalized the Iranian people for the next 25 years. It was used again in Iran Lately.



In 2008 The US State Department, Some of the worlds largest corporate actors, representatives held a massive heavily funded conference in New York. The “Alliance of Youth Movements” was likely where the “Arab Spring” was initiated. It also likely laid the groundwork for much of what is going on in Canada at the moment. This is the fusion of the Permanent or Deep State and the Oligarchic Private foundations of the elites.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 4.13.26 PM

Among them was a then little known group called “April 6” from Egypt. These Facebook “savvy” Egyptians would later meet US International Crisis Group trustee Mohamed ElBaradei at the Cairo airport in Februrary 2010 and spend the next year campaigning and protesting on his behalf in his bid to overthrow the government of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

The Alliance of Youth Movements mission statement claims it is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping grassroots activists to build their capacity and make a greater impact on the world. While this sounds fairly innocuous at first, even perhaps positive, upon examining those involved in “Movements.org,” a dark agenda is revealed of such nefarious intent it is almost difficult to believe.

Movement.org is officially partnered with the US Department of State and Columbia Law School. Its corporate sponsors include Google, Pepsi, and the Omnicon Group, all listed as members of the globocrat Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). CBS News is a sponsor and listed on the globocrat Chatham House’s corporate membership list. Other sponsors include Facebook, YouTube, Meetup, Howcast, National Geographic, MSNBC, GenNext, and the Edelman public relations firm. Movement.org’s “team” includes Co-Founder Jared Cohen, a CFR member, Director of Google Ideas, and a former State Department planning staff member under both Condoleezza Rice and Hilary Clinton.


The plan in the words of an Obama/Clinton Operative

Identity Politics.

The philosophical malware

Identity Politics. PRivilege Theory, Gender Theory and Intersection. The set of dogmatic ideologies that form the basis of “diversity” and “anti racism” and “Gender” studies and practices. These doctrines have their its epistemological roots in Neo-Marxist Conflict Theory.  All three foundational academic papers were written at Eltie universities within six months of each other in 1989.

Privilege theory, Peggy MacIntosh;

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 8.10.26 PM

In other words, Peggy McIntosh was born into the very cream of America’s aristocratic elite, and has remained ensconced there ever since. Her ‘experiential’ list enumerating the ways in which she benefits from being born with white skin simply confuses racial privilege with the financial advantages she has always been fortunate enough to enjoy. Many of her points are demonstrably economic. One is left to wonder why, given her stated conviction that she has unfairly benefited from her skin color, there seems to be no record of her involvement in any charity or civil rights work. If she did take to the streets in support of some cause or other, she left no trace that I can see. Nor, as far as I can tell, has she spent any time teaching the underprivileged or working directly to better anyone’s condition but her own. Instead, she has contented herself with a generous six figure salary, and has not shown any particular eagerness to hand her position over to a more deserving person of color.


Gender Theory, Judith Butler;

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 3.52.48 PM

The only long-term study done on “Transitioning” clearly shows little benifit and much harm from “Gender re assignment”

“The overall mortality for sex-reassigned persons was higher during follow-up (aHR 2.8; 95% CI 1.8–4.3) than for controls of the same birth sex, particularly death from suicide (aHR 19.1; 95% CI 5.8–62.9). Sex-reassigned persons also had an increased risk for suicide attempts (aHR 4.9; 95% CI 2.9–8.5) and psychiatric inpatient care (aHR 2.8; 95% CI 2.0–3.9). Comparisons with controls matched on reassigned sex yielded similar results. Female-to-males, but not male-to-females, had a higher risk for criminal convictions than their respective birth sex controls.”


The most diabolical part of all of this is that Gender Theory is nothing more than a second rate Neo Marxist revolutionary theory. This loathsome tripe was foisted upon the world by Judith Butler in a paper entitled “Gender Troubles” in  1990. Judith Butler is not a physician, nor a medical clinician. Butler is a philosopher and and rhetorical trickster. Her work , little known outside academic circles nevertheless is the foundational document for the idea that a man with a beard somehow medically needs to share a changing room with your minor daughter. An academic description of her work

“In Gender Trouble, Butler questioned the validity of much feminist political theorizing by suggesting that the subject whose oppression those theories attempted to explain—“women”—is an exclusionary construct that “achieves stability and coherence only in the context of the heterosexual matrix.” Her suspicion of the category led her to doubt the wisdom of conventional political activism aimed at protecting women’s rights and interests. She emphasized instead the subversive destabilization of “women” and other categories through consciously deviant gendered behavior that would expose the artificiality of conventional gender roles…Drawing on Marx (e.g. _The German Ideology_), Engels (_The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State_), and socialist feminists, Butler argues for an expansive conception of the material that includes
reproduction of persons, genders, and the ‘heterosexual normative family” many of the feminist arguments  sought not only to identify the family as part of the mode of production,but to show how the very production of gender had to be understood as part of the “production of human beings themselves [in Engels’s words],”according to norms that reproduced the heterosexually normative
family….[Socialist feminists] maintained that a specifically social
account of the family was needed to explain the sexual division of labor
and the gendered reproduction of the worker. Essential to the
socialist-feminist position of the time was precisely the view that the
family is not a natural given and that, as a specific social arrangement of
kin functions, it remained historically contingent and, in principle,



“Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities, Can Make You Commit Atrocities” Voltaire

Intersection, Alice Crenshaw

An African American from a very successful family Miss Chrenshaw also attended elite Ivy League schools and was a member of Quill and Dagger, an elite secret society regarded as closely related to Yale’s  Skull and Bones. She originally wrote a text describing a very specific incident at a car plant in the US. The base idea is that there was discrimination against black workers in that although black males were allowed to work in the plant women could not work in the factory. Black women were also not allowed to work in front offices. The idea is that they suffered an intersection of oppression. In this specific case objectively that would be true. Miss Chrenshaw stated at one point that “Intersection” was very specific to her study of that case. The “theory” faded until it was brought back it feminism in a mutated version. Its current form basically assets under “Privilege theory” that all marginalized groups are oppressed. The more categories of “marginalization” you fit into the more “oppressed” you are. No actual incidence of oppression need to take place. Bias and Privilege together assert that the dominant, or oppressive members of society oppress you continually and unconsciously build all the institutions of their society with built in prejudices, never specifically named but always there. There are actual “inter sectional” scoring rules. This theory also carries with it the implied moral superiority conveyed by who ever has the largest inter sectional oppression score and by implication lessons the relevance of any person viewed as not being a member of a “marginalized” group. This leads to the idea that highly privileged, wealthy and entitled persons like Ien Marci or Celina Chavez, persons literally at the very pinnacle of the actual power structure. With incredible wealth, political reach and unlimited access to the media. Who have lived and continue to live in a manner 99% of the Canadian public will never realize are oppressed while the voices of ordinary Canadians bearing up under the real stresses and hardships of life are dismissed exclusively because of their racial origin. Yet this is now termed as “anti-racism”.

“Actual happiness always looks pretty squalid in comparison with the overcompensation’s for misery. And, of course, stability isn’t nearly so spectacular as instability. And being contented has none of the glamour of a good fight against misfortune, none of the picturesqueness of a struggle with temptation, or a fatal overthrow by passion or doubt. Happiness is never grand.”
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

idpol“Fun trivia fact: as 1930’s Germany prepared the generation that would cause untold suffering, part of their indoctrination included the Nazi-generated concept of Soziale Gerechtigkeit , literally Social Justice…Exactly 100 Years ago a social justice policy called Eugenics was spreading like a cancer through western societies. It was inserted by the elite class of the society during a time historians call the “Progressive Era”.”…..




The Trudeau Liberals have deep ties and owe their ascent in 2015 was in large part directly due to the American democratic Party and its operatives and their involvement in warping Canadian politics seems to go back to the Mcginty /Wynne era

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 6.52.06 PM

The Democratic takeover of the Liberal Party of Canada seems to begin in earnest at the turn of the new century. Dalton McGinty’s disastrous rise to power in Ontario was engineered almost entirely by US Democratic party political operative David Axlerod. Axlerod would go on to lead Barrack Obama’s rise to power in 2008. Alongside our friend Gerald Butts he is credited with McGinty’s win. Gerald Butts, also worked in the Liberal leader’s office when Axelrod was offering his wisdom to McGuinty from 2000 to 2002. It is very interesting that these two have such a long acquaintance.

The campaign against the Canadian Conservative Party Started at least as early as 2008 when sock puppets started springing up and taking advantage of the unpopularity of the Harper Government. Remember the “Stop Harper Girl”

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Ms Depape also had a very happy journey into adulthood. While her peers at university worked part time jobs and watched their student debt mount Ms Depape had been the Happy recipient of a Loran Scholarship. Now this is not easy to get as their website illustrates. The reason for the difficultly becomes apparent once you understand this doesn’t just pay tuition, it pays 100 000 dollars for a 4 year term of study. Nice work if you can get it. Might also be a nice way to find someone to fill a role. It is worth noting that powerful Liberal Party supporter , Quebec’s Power corp, has a representative on the board of Loran along with many Banking and Big business execs, cause big business cares, they really do.

These groups formed close relations with the Liberal Party of Canada

Millions and millions were spent to ensure a Liberal Party of Canada Victory

Most Canadians assumed these were actual grassroots Canadian groups.

Leadnow.ca was investigated by elections Canada

Open society linked groups put on conferences for members of the media

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 4.09.05 PMOpen Societies linked groups donate money and resources throughout the Canadian Union movement

The mainstream Canadian Media and a plethora of “grassroots” alternative media attack the Harper Government ceaselessly

Unions attack the Harper Government ceaselessly

Tides Canada in cooperation with a senior US Democratic Party Operative also moved to take over British Columbia and Vancouver civic politics.

Don’t buy the bullshit #DavidEby and the #shutdowncanada protesters “storming his office” are being paid and organized by the same people
Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 1.24.14 PM“He also started a relationship with David Eby in 2010 when Eby is head of  the British📷 Columbia Civil Liberties Association, He bankrolls Ebby’s 2013 election to the BC Legislature. This will pay off later when Ebby becomes Attorney General of British Columbia in 2017 and creates Joel Solomon’s B Class corporate creature. To this day BCCLA continues its interference with Canadian energy policy under the guise of Human Rights….Joel Solomon is a Billionaire class Yankee carpetbagger who has used “philanthropy” to distort politics and economically sabotage Canada. Our intrepid Yankee shopping mall trust fund baby has managed to shut down Canadian energy imports through his management of Tides Canada. He went on to take over Vancouver politics with his disastrous front-man Gregor Robertson and the Vision sock-puppet. He has recently managed not only to help put the N.D.P./ Green Party cabal in power over British Columbia but got them to create a whole new class of corporation that makes corporate political/social interference an entrepreneurial activity.”………


September 2016 the Trudeau Liberals win the election. Sunny Days indeed.

tides butts     Gerald Butts most powerful man in the new Government from 2008-2012 he was the chairman of the Tides funded World Wildlife Fund. He got an excellent severance package to go and run Justin.

Since election the Trudeau Government has consistently implemented policies designed to weaken Canadian Sovereignty and economic Independence in real terms.

The U.N. Migration pact actually pushes to eliminate Canada’s ability to control our borders

Objective 17 of the pact requires strict control of the media when discussing Illegal migration.

Unifor announces a campaign to fight the Conservatives

One Open Society sock puppet went on the CBC to promote the idea of Canada’s population being pushed to 100 million

The Liberal Government recently announced 6 million in funding to media

Bill c69-Bans pipelines destroying our ability to either sell the resource to sustain our resource based economy or ever use it to be self sufficient.

Bill c-48 Bans only  Canadian Oil bearing tankers from the West coast

The hundreds arriving from Saudi Arabia are apparently not an issue even with their huge carbon footprint and the Fact that the money goes to a middle ages Wahab Islamic dictatorship.

Motion 103 or the Anti Islamophobia makes it nigh illegal to criticize any part of a religion who’s practices include female genital mutilation, the codified inequality of women, the covering of women, child marriage.

Ontario Law almost allowed some Sharia courts

There is now a Sharia Law Party of Ontario

The Canadian Government considers Saudi Arabia so repressive to women that it will automatically grant asylum to any female who asks. It is almost Illegal for Canadians to express that same opinion on the streets of our cities.

We also sell Armored Fighting Vehicles used to suppress the Saudi population and destroy the Yemen. But we have been very careful not to Misgender anyone.

Since the election of the Trudeau Liberals there has been the most radical shifts in the tone and content of Canadian public dialogue ever. Social norms have changed incredibly fast. Canada is more polarized than during sovereignty referendums.

One of the very fist legislative acts of the Liberal Government was to copy paste Ontario’s changes to the Human Rights code in the form Bill C-16

These changes seemed to emerge from the Universities, the mainstream media, and the Government simultaneously.

It was normalized very quickly through saturation and repetition.

The use of algorithms and other tools by social media companies made it seem in the public discussion space that this ideology was the mainstream view, suppressing dissent artificially. Making it seem as if over nite this had become the accepted reality

Laws and “best practice” doctrine in our public functions have evolved more rapidly than in any time in our history. “Diversity” training is mandatory and usually delivered by the same charities and non profits that ensured the original legislative changes to make it mandatory for them to be “invited” in enforce the ideology on every sector of public function.

Teachers Unions introduced mandatory diversity training from Egale Trust and other groups and made diversity central to all curriculum.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 1.49.05 PM.pngIn 2016 the Ontario Elementary Teachers Association held a workshop on becoming “Fearless Gender Warriors in the classroom” An article by this title written by Egale was featured in their professional magazine. The poster for the workshop asseted based on figures from a paid UK marketing survey group that 50 percent of humans are LGBTQ++


Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 11.38.48 PM.pngResearcher Lisa Littman published a study severely questioning the role of social media and peer groups on the massive increase in Rapid Onset gender Dysphoria. The Transactivist community launched a massive crusade to have this peer reviewed paper suppressed.




2011 Egale a charitable group formed to fight for gay marriage is on the verge of financial ruin

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 9.04.03 AMSuddenly in 2012 the Wynne government starts giving millions of dollars to the Egalé foundation .

Money from the Ontario Liberal goverment was one of the main source of income listed on Egale public accounts.

Starting in 2014 Egale begins large donations to the Federal Liberals

It is certain that much of this money had come to them from the Ontario taxpayer as directed by the Provincial Liberals.

Egale also starts giving huge amounts of cash to student groups and Pride organizations.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 9.20.02 AMTheir publicly listed CRA accounts are somewhat murky, they spent 1.7 million dollars in a column listed N/A

Egale also starts setting up in Universities and carrying out “scientific” studies based on mail in self questionnaires the results of which are used to advance their ideology and set them up as the go-to for best practices and “diversity” training which is becoming mandatory across schools , police forces, the armed forces, and all other major centers of activity.


Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 1.48.43 PMSchools take teaching materials and curriculum prepared by them directly. This is what now passes for sex ed. This materiel is being taught to children as young as

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From “out in school” an organization funded by ARC. Information given to middle school children

elementary school and includes information on anal sex and bondage.






ARC Foundation another Gender based “charity” opened in 2007 on the West coast. Its policies are a carbon copy of Egale.

The chairman of Arc’s board is Robert Quartermain the president of a large mining company named Pretivm

There is evidence he donated a quarter of a million dollars to the BC NDP

Another Arc board member Wayne Hartrick  runs something called The Canadian  Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 9.47.10 AMMen’s Health Foundation. This organization is big on selling testosterone treatment to men. It was contracted to perform a study  on testosterone. At least one doctor commenting on the study called Hartrick and his organization a shill for big Pharma selling hormone treatments.

Gender reassignment creates lifelong pharma customers

On July 25th, 2016 bill was introduced, studied in committee given three readings and passed all on the same day. This bill changed the Human Rights Act introducing Gender as a protected category instead of sex and made the inclusion of ARC’s SOGI 123 indoctrination program mandatory in all BC schools. There was no public debate.

A BC court just held that a parent has no right to interfere in a minor child’s transition.

Almost at the same moment in 2016 copy paste legislation was introduced to change the Ontario Human Rights Code in the exact same manner

The Government of Alberta is in court against a coalition of, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh , Jewish parents for the right to hide information about their children, have non teachers take them off school property for Gay Alliance conferences. The NDP Government has threatened to de-fund schools that do not comply with the curriculum

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 4.52.05 PM.pngAt the same time the concept of “White Privilege” was inserted in curriculum across Canada.

Students in Ontario were lined up in class physically according to their “white privilege”

The concept of collective race guilt is normalized

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 5.46.11 PM

A poster in BC middle schools reminding “white” children of their shared Racial guilt


The connection children feel to their Nation and community is diminished

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 7.18.40 PM

This man is a highly privileged individual who has benefited greatly from Canada

“White ” Canadian children are taught that they’re history and voices mean nothing. that whatever obstacles they face they deserve because of their inherent privilege.

The message is constantly repeated.

Large swaths of Canadian History are no longer taught.

Books are routinely removed from Libraries.

Doctor Suess is coded Racist propaganda

The philosophers that laid down the basis of western thought are not taught because of their race

This woman is a highly privileged person by any standard . Heres her contribution to the racist white privilege garbage

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 6.46.09 PM.png

And guess who she works for, remember color revolutions work by co-opting existing grievances


Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 6.45.07 PMScreen Shot 2019-08-01 at 6.44.59 PM

Teachers Unions in Ontario have mobilized thousands of students to fight against the Ford Governments attempts to retake control of the education system by removing the ideological “sex-ed” curriculum written for the Wynne Government by a convicted pedophile, and end the mandatory student funding of the radical student groups used to advance the ideologies involved.

Open Societies Foundation

In the words of its founder;

Schwartz György aka George Soros

“This brings me to the most nebulous problem area, the question of values and social Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 8.31.09 AMcohesion. Every society needs some shared values to hold it together. Market values on their own cannot serve that purpose, because they reflect only what one market participant is willing to pay another in a free exchange. Markets reduce everything, including human beings (labor) and nature (land), to commodities. We can have a market economy but we cannot have a market society. In addition to markets, society needs institutions to serve such social goals as political freedom and social justice. There are such institutions in individual countries, but not in the global society. The development of a global society has lagged behind the growth of a global economy. Unless the gap is closed, the global capitalist system will not survive. When I speak of a global society, I do not mean a global state. States are notoriously imperfect even at the national level. We need to find new solutions for a novel situation, although this is not the first time that a global capitalist system has come into being. Similar conditions prevailed at the turn of the century. Then the global capitalist system was held together by the imperial powers. Eventually, it was destroyed by a conflict between those powers. But the days of the empires are gone. For the current global capitalist system to survive, it must satisfy the needs and aspirations of its participants.”


So in  his own words, “The development of a global society has lagged behind the growth of a global economy. Unless the gap is closed, the global capitalist system will not survive”  Whatever other flowery words he has spoken. Whatever altruistic motives the legions who take his coin and do his bidding, direct or indirect attribute to him. This is , and has always been for this merchant banker from the City Of London about bending our societies and lives to the Corporate wheel. I hope I don’t have to tell you that when he says, “it must satisfy the needs and aspirations of its participants” he is in no way speaking of 99% of the population of the planet. We are not participants we and our children have another role. Our children will be the docile servants of the Corporations that will create their history and identity, beliefs, and group identity as required by the “global market” that forms the actual basis for George’s concern.

This is a man who made 1 billion dollars by almost destroying the British economy. Again whatever covering niceties are used about “democracy” ,”equality”, “tolerance” they are exactly that empty words. The word that describes George Soros intentions is Dominance. Like all the emperors before him

The Important thing to understand if you still grasp on to the idea that all of this will lead to the socialist utopia need to find a way to explain that Open Societies is funded by the largest richest Corporations and and Family Foundations of the 0.01%. It should further be noted that some of Soros biggest donors are IBM, Ford, the descendant Corporations of Standard oil. These exact same actors backed another up and coming political movement with a charismatic leader once before in Germany. The men that conquered little Schwartz György’s country and set the world on fire under their high black boots were the result.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 6.13.34 PM.png

Click to Read Academic Denis Rancourts excellent academic Paper outlining Corporate sponsored “wokeness”

A list produced by open Open Societies listing European Parliament Members they influence


Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 9.49.14 AM.png

Click to see document


Canada is not the only western nation in the crosshairs

All those international NGOs such as Avaaz, Oxfam, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and many others have certainly one thing in common: their financial source, which is Soros. Their role has been, and continues to be, making the Italian people feel guilty if they don’t accept immigrants: legal or illegal, they must be accepted no matter what. So these NGOs, or modern Charons as I like to call them, have effectively – directly or indirectly – smuggled into Italy something like 700.000 people over the last few years. It must be understood, by all means, that something like this is a planned operation since its very beginning.“.Francesca Totolo  freelance investigative journalist and collaborates with a variety of Italian and international press agencies and websites. Her investigations have been published both in Italy and abroad.


Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada, the perfect (almost) Trojan horse

“Treason doth never prosper, whats the reason. For if it prosper, then who dare call it Treason”

Sir John Harrignton


Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 5.43.06 PM.png

George Soros Meets with Foreign Minister Freeland(who was slated to right the Soros auto biography right before deciding to run for office) and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  Davos, Switzerland, January 2016. Notice the relative postures of the participants in terms of authority.

The Liberal Party of Canada was to be the premier Trojan horse of the final move on all the democracies. The plan should have worked. The arrogance and self deluded ego of a two rich University friends so entitled they never though anyone would question them combined with the Honorable contribution of Judith Wilson Raybould  to give us the most narrow of chances. We must seize it.

Freeland Nazi good

Tides sock puppet Leadnow.ca is already gearing up for Our Elections in October 2019

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 7.15.17 PM.png


Our strongest move s to reach out and seal the divide in our people. talk to each other no matter how difficult and find common ground. This would not have been as successful if we had not become complacent about the actual issues in our society.

-Follow Mrs Wilson Rayboulds lead and use the rule of Law.

-Launch complaints to Elections Canada over every social media post made by Leadnow and the other sock puppets

-Protest at their physical locations and occupy their offices

-Launch Legal challenges to their operations

-Attack their social media platforms relentlessly by placing actual info about them on every post and tweet.

-Every time your child is told they are guilty of something for the color of their skin or that they have a magical gender fluid unicorn inside them launch simultaneous complaints to your provincial human rights board and your provincial education over-site body. Both these groups MUST accept and process each complaint. Any Parent can initiate a Charter of Rights Challenge under 2(a) of the Canadian Constitution

All parents, religious or otherwise, have the constitutional right under section 2(a) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to determine all aspects of their children’s education, including the moral education of their children. Like all rights, parental rights are subject to reasonable limits.

-Every time you or your children are forced to share a washroom with someone of an inappropriate biological sex launch a human rights complaint and a police compliant

-Launch legal challenges to any municipal bylaws that support these ideologies

-Ensure that whatever party you elect Federally or Provincially is willing to do the following

Decertify Teachers Unions and have them reformed minus the Ideologues

Use whatever means necessary to remove this monolithic Ideology and its draconian enforcement from our Academic institutions

Prosecute any person involved in the unnecessary medication or mutilation of children.

We must also

-Launch Legal challenges to CBC ideological bias, this can be done through the Federal Court for a 2$ filing Fee

the Federal Court can be used against any crown agency that follows these doctrines or acts against the interest of Canada.

-Ensure the utter and permanent political destruction of the Liberal Party of Canada

And what ever else you can think of.


We should consider ourselves to be at War. There is a foreign power working to literally dissolve our Nation out from under us. The enemy is within our gates. It is important to keep in mind that many of the people pushing this are our fellow citizens. Many of this dark ideologies seditious soldiers, including the black clad antifa shock troops, actually believe they are working toward a “more just and equitable world”. You will see them repeat this phrase mantra like across social media and in person.We must approach them and open dialogue no matter what bitter hatred they throw. We must be manipulated into ripping our own society apart. The French and English part of our nation have navigated centuries of tension without the loss of much life. This is our strength.

Our Canadian History

The 104th was a special regiment. Raised principally in New Brunswick, recruiters also beat the drum in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Upper and Lower Canada and in Britain. Recruits included sons of American Loyalists, Francophones from Lower Canada and the Maritimes, several Blacks and Aboriginals, British immigrants and nationals. It was both in composition and geography a Canadian regiment before there was a Canada. No other Canadian regiment was raised to the line during the war. No other Canadian regiment was this diverse. No other Canadian regiment did what it did – march on snowshoes up the frozen and snowed in banks of the St. John River, the Madawaska River and over the Temiscouata Portage to the St. Lawrence, a distance of 250 miles in sub zero temperatures. Then it marched some more – over better roads along the St. Lawrence – but still a journey of 130 miles to Quebec for a short rest and soon after another 380 miles to Kingston, Upper Canada. 700 miles (1,100 km) in 52 days.

For My part

Directly i would say to those of my fellow citizens who fight for this mistaken belief. However pure your base motivations you must look closely at where your ideology comes from and what its purpose is.  You must take this opportunity to re examine these beliefs.  I hope you can see clearly that division and veiled hate were never a way forward. But bear in mind beyond a certain point events will move to a place where you will have to suffer the fate of the side you have chosen.

To those Canadian citizens who take money directly from Tides or Open Societies. To Those Canadian citizens who advance this agenda in the full knowledge of its ends. To those who would knowingly sell my son and my fellow citizens to Corporate slavery. Open their homes and communities to destruction and the iron rule of the technocrats I say this. This Nation has never been defeated in Open Battle. We have never kept large standing armies. Our soldiers have always been the men and women of our society. We have defeated the most powerful nations on this earth. The United States, Germany twice, China. When called to defense of its values this Nations answer has always been thunderous. Every enemy we have met has feared us. So should you. This Nation has Laws against Sedition and acting as an Agent of a Foreign power. I will spend the rest of my life ensuring that you are sent for the remainder of yours to the darkest dungeons in this Dominion and that you will die alone and unremembered in the twilight.

To any foe, foreign or domestic, who seek to defeat us I give you the answer given by the soldiers of this Nation before they stormed Vimy Ridge  and landed on the beaches of Normandy.













William Ray


The Author in Medak Croatia as a UN Peacekeeper.