The U.N. Migration Pact demonstrates neither the U.N. or the Trudeau government believe in Climate Change

Authors note; Firstly as always please follow the links and do your own research. Listening to random dudes on the internet is how we got here. Also please consider the following. All civilization is based in a very real and direct way on energy. The energy to build, to travel, to shower, to cook, the energy to manufacture and distribute the necessities of life. The energy to light the darkness. You control energy, you control civilization.

You control energy, you control civilization.

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The movement of millions from the global south to the north should, according to the I.P.C.C, be Carbon-ageddon for the Arctic according to the IPCC, so why are they endorsing it?
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Because the United Nations is lying. This is made stunningly evident by two diametrically opposed United Nations pronouncements. The United Nations Pact on Migration signed on December 19 2018, completely ignores the dire warnings issued by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) just two months prior in October 2018, . Given the stark warning of the IPCC giving us only twelve years to control carbon levels before they say we face civilization-ending consequences, it is hard to imagine why the U.N. would put any process in motion that could cause the most major spike in terms of CO2 levels since the industrial revolution.  What it actually means is that the UN doesn’t believe the cataclysmic predictions the media is inundating us with lead by their stoic faced teen spokeswoman Greta. Here I will look exclusively at Canada but  other northern countries that the UN is pushing to take unlimited Immigrants would present the same absolutely inescapable result.

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The math here is very simple. Canada has the highest per capita energy consumption in the world.  So each individual inhabiting any northern country, the targets for the Migrant Compact, creates a much larger carbon footprint than those inhabiting the global south, this is an immutable, unchangeable fact because…physics. This is due to many factors but the main one that remains immutable is the intense cold experienced by most parts of Canada. As of this writing some parts of Alberta are still experiencing parts of the record cold seen in Canada this winter, with temperatures continuing to hover near minus 50 Celsius. The fact is even average temperatures in Canada and to some extent the rest of the global north mean that any mass migration to those areas would be disastrous according to IPCC data. The average energy consumption in Canada according to Statistics Canada was 302 GJ consumed per Canadian household in 2007. The number has risen since then due mostly to immigration as the Canadian population tends to be steady except for this factor. The levels being immediately proposed by the Liberal Party would increase Canadian immigration that would add 3 million persons. Therefore adding 906 000 000 GJ of energy, which run through a carbon calculator yields an increased carbon footprint of 54 559 000 tones of CO2 per year. Having this massive spike which would be unavoidable right beside the Arctic ice sheets is a disastrous move according to the data of the IPCC itself. There are groups in Canada mostly funded by the Tides Foundation or its affiliates that are pushing for Canada to have a population of 100 million  by 2100.  The carbon footprint of this would be completely off the scale and an absolute death sentence according to the UN’s own figures. This would add 18 120 000 000  Giga Joule for 60 million extra people and a heart stopping 1,091,000,000 tonnes co2 per year. I would note all these numbers are low on the Impact side because I made all calculations for Natural gas, the cleanest heating energy by far, with only half the Carbon foot print of other methods.

   Unless there are serious flaws in the IPCC Data the Migration Compact could increase the knock on effects of carbon levels to the unimaginable levels, and far beyond the dire predictions that give us only a dozen years. Every massive spike to Canada’s population will have massively magnified effects on carbon emission. Any thought that this could be generated by renewable energy lacks any understanding of our geography and weather. We cannot escape the heating energy levels, and solar , wind could in no way replace this because of our weather and geography. Having heat in January in Flin Flon or Churchill is a basic necessity of human life. The only way to generate this incredible amount of extra power would be to dam the rest of our mighty rivers and trample Indigenous rights. The carbon footprint and ecological disaster brought on by the construction is hard to fully calculate. The issue in stark relief.

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The energy requirements in the global south by comparison are incredibly low. Argentina has for example a consumption rate of 79.57 Giga Joules per person as Brazil 60.3 GJ , Cameroon 18.5 GJ, Indonesia 35.71 GJ. So a person now residing in Indonesia creates 2.15 Tonnes of Carbon. This same individual in Canada would produce 18.19 almost ten times as much.

Again what this means is that the UN obviously is being motivated by something besides climate change.  You can check the Numbers yourself use the figures here and the calculator here

But if there is one scientist who knows more about sea levels than anyone else in the world it is the Swedish geologist and physicist Nils-Axel Mörner, formerly chairman of the INQUA International Commission on Sea Level Change. And the uncompromising verdict of Dr Mörner, who for 35 years has been using every known scientific method to study sea levels all over the globe, is that all this talk about the sea rising is nothing but a colossal scare story.

Despite fluctuations down as well as up, “the sea is not rising,” he says. “It hasn’t risen in 50 years.” If there is any rise this century it will “not be more than 10cm (four inches), with an uncertainty of plus or minus 10cm”. And quite apart from examining the hard evidence, he says, the elementary laws of physics (latent heat needed to melt ice) tell us that the apocalypse conjured up by
Al Gore and Co could not possibly come about”….

Increasingly it looks more like a move by the elites to centralize control and the energy that powers societies under their control.

According to Climate Home news

“The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad), which was founded in 1964 to help developing countries to access equitable international trade, called on governments to overhaul the rules of the international trade and monetary systems so that all countries – in particular developing ones – could carry out the necessary mass investments to decarbonize their economies.

Unctad secretary general Mukhisa Kituyi said meeting the UN sustainable development goals, which include reining in the heating of the planet, “requires rebuilding multilateralism around the idea of a global Green New Deal, and pursuing a financial future very different from the recent past”.

“The global economy does not serve all people equally,” said Richard Kozul-Wright, director of Unctad’s division on globalization and development strategies, who oversaw the report. “Under the current configuration of policies, rules, market dynamics and corporate power, economic gaps are likely to increase and environmental degradation intensify.”

“Echoing recent calls to create a European Climate Bank, authors also suggested shifting the role of central banks from taming inflation to aggressively championing climate finance. To checkmate tax evasion, it further called on the establishment of a global minimum corporate tax rate on multinationals between 20 and 25% combined with capital controls.

“This is a big public investment push,” Kozul-Wright told Climate Home News. “It’s not going to be done by the private sector. You need public banks to finance this, because we don’t think that the current financial system as it is currently constructed will ever deliver finance to public goods of this kind on the scale that we’re talking about.”

In the absence of such constraints, green finance could increase to around $1.7tn every year, according to Unctad estimates, generating at least 170 million jobs in the world and allowing a clean industrialisation in the global south.

Originally conceived in 2008 in London by a group of economists and environments, the Green New Deal draws inspiration from the New Deal, US president Franklin Roosevelt’s all-encompassing stimulus package to counter the effects of the Great Depression and reform the financial market. The Green New Deal envisages mobilising the state to tackle social inequality and carbon emissions as one.”

UN agency calls for global Green New Deal to overhaul financial system

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Guaranteed that money never reaches the poor. This is an effort to dominate human society by dominating all use of energy the vital ingredient to civilization.

The recent “petition by 1100 scientists” not quite as advertised

The Extinction rebellion also not as advertised, in the words of its founder

How A Canadian Taxpayer funded NWO meetup started a Coup against the US President

Authors note please follow the many links in the article, listening to random dudes on the internet is how we got here.

Every Year the New World Order holds a well catered meet and greet in beautiful Halifax. The power elites of Business, Academia, Law, Media, Security agencies, Civil Society groups and Government gather in conference to ensure their continued and absolute control. All of this is funded by the Canadian taxpayer. Our Armed Forces put on drill displays for break time entertainment before attendees get back to the hard work of tearing Canada and the rest of the western democracies apart to be replaced by extra-national organizations and their technocratic minions.

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Our partner in setting up this annual fascist cookout is the German American Marshall Fund. Set up in 1972 by Willy Brandt, German Chancellor from 1969 to 1974. He used money left over from the Marshall Fund, so in essence gifting Americans with their own Tax dollars.  Brant is a well documented tool of the “Deep State”. Here’s a quote from Willy to help you place him on the political spectrum;

“The New World Order is a world that has a supernational authority to regulate world commerce and industry; an international organization that would control the production and consumption of oil; an international currency that would replace the dollar; a World Development Fund that would make funds available to free and Communist nations alike; and an international police force to enforce the edicts of the New World Order.”

Willy Brandt

Well at least Willy was an honest fascist. The connections of the German Marshall fund to the forces of the oligarchical elites, now engaged in a life or death struggle for control of the West goes beyond its founder.

“Together with Bertelsmann Foundation, the Fund also organized meetings with young leaders at Tremezzo Hotel (Italy) and a Transatlantic Forum of Journalists in Brussels (Belgium). Participants were able then to hold discussions with some of the best US think tanks……In February 2003, the Fund created a Forum on Trade and Poverty. Personalities who participated in the meeting not only represented Europe and the United States, but also Brazil, India, Japan and South Africa. The debates were presided over by a six-member committee, which included Robert Rubin (USA) and Dominique Straus-Khan (France).”


Many of The German Marshall Fund  current directors are also charter members of some of the worlds most vicious globalist organizations.

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Lets meet one of the Funds senior Trustee’s, Steven Muller. Steve is a busy guy. He has a Phd from the Ivy league and among his many hobbies and interests lists, Trustee of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, Member of the Council on Foreign relations and the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Chair of the Education Committee of the Atlantic council.

Lets pause and “unpack” the Education Committee of the Atlantic council. The stated aim of this group according to them is;

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So without much translation the purpose was to seek out the leaders of tomorrow thought the western democracies, in every area of society. The fellowships would make sure they exhibited the required “solidarity among people of good conscious” over any other considerations when the time came.  And have we not all seen these people of “good conscious”, I believe they like to be called “Woke”, at work in our media, bureaucracy, academia and government showing “solidarity” by being absolutely on script  in  the imposition of the dictates of the joyous New World Order. In a highly coordinated fashion and with vociferous lethality  this whole of society operation goes after anything or anyone who questions or interferes in any way. Including the elected leader of the worlds oldest democracy. And in doing so he pesky notion of democracy itself.

Not a shock considering the Atlantic Councils other ties to the Coup against the US President

The Council is funded by and partners with Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that paid Joe Biden’s son Hunter $83,000 a month to serve as a consultant, despite the younger Biden having no experience whatsoever in the energy industry. Leftist establishment media outlet NPR has reported on Burisma’s extensive ties to the organization. Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky “continues to buy favor with his support for the Atlantic Council, a Washington think tank,” NPR reported on Oct. 4.

Kurt Volker, who resigned last week as the Trump administration’s special representative for Ukraine, is a senior adviser to the Atlantic Council. Volker’s role in the administration’s communications with Ukraine’s new government is now under scrutiny in Congress,” NPR stated.

“In September 2018, Vadym Pozharskiy, an adviser to Burisma’s board, attended Atlantic Council events in New York and met with Volker and former State Department officials, according to the company’s website.”

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Steve Muller is also Emeriti Director of ORC WorldWide. ORC worldwide is a derivation of the Industrial Relations Group started directly by oligarch John D Rockefeller to advise him on how to best solidify his absolute economic and political control. They would have been involved in helping him figure out how to hide the fact he was supplying the Nazi regime with chemicals vital to their death machine all through World War Two. Heres what ORC is currently up to.

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 11.06.09 AM.png

Defeat the “patriarchy” with Gillette, ensure your child has the newest “gender fluid” Barbie. You get the picture.

Despite its misleading guise as a “Security Forum” this is actually a whole of society “color revolution” planning meetup. The details of the brutal ideological  policies being used to disrupt our societies are worked out at Globalist events like the Halifax Security Forum. . From“Gender Identity” laws to “Combating Islamophobia” and the media/legal strategy to make questioning weaponized mass migration impossible. Much of it was worked out here. And we nasty racist Canadians paid for the high end catering and Limousines.

The Halifax International Security Forum opened in 2009 for the first time with an impressive, whole of society list of power elite players including;

The Rt. Hon. Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Canada

Krysztof Lisek
Vice Chairman, European Parliament

Dahlia Lithwick
Senior Editor and Legal Correspondent, Slate

Peter MacKay
Minister of Defence and Minister for the Atlantic Gateway, Canada

Susan Bonner
Washington Correspondent, CBC News

Julian Borger
Diplomatic Editor, The Guardian

and 295 other elite individuals

Again this is a whole of society exercise. Go ahead and Google Color Revolutions to get the base idea. Corporate, Political and Security experts work out the strategy and with their media counterparts lay out the propaganda plan over open bars unwittingly provided by the Canadian taxpayer.

At the exact same time MacKay announced the funding for this shindig he and the Harper government were starving the Canadian Armed Forces of equipment literally costing our young soldiers their lives in Afghanistan. They were also engaged in spending millions of tax dollars fighting Veterans so they wouldn’t have to give them a penny.

But this is a party for globalists of whatever convenient political stripe. The other half of Canada’s long running LIB/CON control mechanism are just as enthusiastic participants. It is no suprise the Liberals would facilitate a US Democratic Party Coup attempt the Liberal Party of Canada has been a wholly owned subsidurary of them and their Globalist masters for some time.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 6.52.06 PM

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.21.37 PMThe 2016 version was proudly hosted by our new, actually no shit Nazi affiliated, PM in waiting Christina Freeland and the Liberal Party. This little shindig will soon be making headlines because its becoming increasingly clear from multiple reporting and documentary evidence that it may have hosted one of the key first steps in a Coup d’état against the duly elected sitting president of the United States.

While they somehow failed to list their exiting and engaging seminar on “Coup d’état planning for fun and profit” on their event website they do list the Forum’s focus as the   Importance of multilateralism in developing lieu of the recent US elections. The coup attempt certainly seems to have involved national actors from the UK, Italy and Australia at least, so truth in advertising after all I suppose;

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 12.41.26 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.26.14 PM.png

Lets let the late US Senator McCain explain how this worked;

According to McCain, he didn’t recall ever having a previous conversation with Sir Andrew Wood, but may have met him before in passing. Chris Brose, a staff member on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and David Kramer, a former assistant secretary of state with Russian expertise, joined McCain and Wood in a room off the main conference hall…….After discussing Russian election interference for a few minutes, Wood explained why he’d approached McCain in the first place……….He told me he knew a former MI6 officer by the name of Christopher Steele, who had been commissioned to investigate connections between the Trump campaign and Russian agents as well as potentially compromising information about the President-elect that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin allegedly possessed,”.

Well isn’t this exiting. Indeed MCcain recalls Coups are heady stuff;

“Our impromptu meeting felt charged with a strange intensity,” McCain wrote. “No one wise-cracked to lighten the mood. We spoke in lowered voices. The room was dimly lit, and the atmosphere was eerie……McCain ultimately turned the dossier over to Comey in a meeting on December 9, 2016 that he said lasted about 10 minutes.”

“John McCain described how he received the Steele dossier that contains the most salacious allegations about Trump and Russia” ,  Business Insider,Mar 22, 2019, 2:27 PM

The result of this 007 hand-off was the beginning of two and a half years of completely false allegations aimed at overturning the result of the 2016 election.  James Comey now disgraced head of the FBI is facing possible prosecution, along with the former head of the CIA John Brennan and James Clapper former Director of National Intelligence, for using as a basis for FISA warrants the “Steele Dossier”. The world now knows without question this was a piece of paid for Democratic National Committee opposition research relying on Russian misinformation, collected partly through Ukraine, promoted by Australia, and delivered by a British intelligence official in a venue provided by Canada. Now that folks is multilateralism at its finest.

The Ukraine connection is interesting given our Ms Freeland’s inherited love of fascism.

Freeland Nazi good.png

At this time I have no direct evidence linking Freeland to the Coup  attempt in the US here’s some facts I do know. Freeland was heavily involved with a Ukrainian goverment put in power by the foreign funded “Maidan” coup. This government was openly involved in trying toScreen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.51.24 PM ensure Hillary Clinton became president. Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 2.00.18 PM.png

One of the Democratic National Committee’s biggest Ukraine Operatives in 2015-16 digging into the opposing candidate was a lady named Andrea Chalupa. Turns out she is a huuuge fan of Ms Freeland’s from way back. For the rest I await FOIA requests.

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 2.03.47 PM.png


Is it possible that in the coming months US Attorney John Durham will add Ottawa to the list of national capitals he has visited tracking the Coup’s origins? Lets hope so, it might be one of the only ways to remove the corrupt globalist Trudeau junta and save whats left of Canada

William Ray