Why the Progressive Left Needs to Stop Trolling Jordan Peterson’s Twitter and Have a Critical Look at Itself

“Dr Peterson’s massive and sudden notoriety is testament to the already huge and increasing numbers of reasonable people who are tired of a discourse that consists of pseudo-intellectual slogans being screamed at them. A mantra telling them how disgusting they are, and how, if they fail to acknowledge their putrid condition, they are inestimably worse.

Truth and Capitulation; A Canadian Colonizer’s prayer for the next 150 years

“We can, if we have the wisdom, light a fire in this place and time, so bright and clear that it will be seen by all the children of man. Many of whom still huddle in darkness and misery in every corner of the earth. Let our actions be a blazing beacon of hope in a world of Donald Trump and YouTube beheading videos. Let us be the example to our children of what is possible for humanity when people of reason and good will work together in good faith.”